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Steve's message to Voodoo Louie Castle


Voodoo Louie's text is RED

Steve Leigh's text is BLUE

Voodoo Louie makes it perfectly clear:
Date:         Thu, 7 Jun 2001 01:44:39 EDT
Reply-To: Protection Dogs Discussion List              <PROTECTION-DOGS-L@APPLE.EASE.LSOFT.COM>
Sender: Protection Dogs Discussion List              <PROTECTION-DOGS-L@APPLE.EASE.LSOFT.COM>
From: Lou Castle <UnclLou@AOL.COM>
Subject:      [PD-L] Character Assassination  Was: {P-T} E-collar training videos

Steve is it OK if I forward your post to Donn???  I'm sure that he'd be gratified to hear from you.

I'm sure that since you're such an expert in these matters that you're familiar with the "K9 Wars" of the 1990's in Los Angeles.  That was when two lawyers backed by the ACLU tried to stop the use of K-9's by police agencies.  They were soundly thrashed and wound up winning, not even one, of the hundreds of suits they filed against both LAPD and LASD.
The lawyer who fought most of them for the City of LA credits Donn with those victories, not his own expertise.

Yep, you seem to know a bit about them.  But not much.

ROFLMAO.  There are several reasons that the wars were fought in LA and not in San Diego.  But the main one is that LA is a much more liberal city and therefore much more likely to dislike uses of force by police.  Another is that in LA at that time several members of the ACLU were on the Police Commission.  So your subtle attempt to hint that San Diego was a better unit, based just on just this one fact, is just pure BS.

But Steve Leigh makes it perfectly clearer:

OK - now it's my turn.  Here come a few FACTS.

Channel 2 News, as well as every newspaper within 500 miles of Los Angeles, covered the entire "Out Of Control" issue regarding LAPD's K9 unit.  Several other police agencies were included, in addition to LAPD. 

The "wars" weren't limited to Los Angeles, or even California.  The ACLU was trying to prohibit the use of police K9s within any agency in the entire United States. 

However, the ACLU's legal representation consisted of only two or three attorneys - a very small representation of the many, many, many attorneys involved in the entire "Out Of Control" issue. 

Furthermore, the issues weren't specifically limited to K9s, they focused on Use Of Force - this included dog bites, violence, beatings, shootings, and deaths.  From these hearings came many new regulations and laws regarding the use of force by all police agencies, not just LAPD.    

The Channel 2 News broadcasts were seen daily, for a week or more, by millions of viewers in the entire Los Angeles area.  Millions more read about these issues in the newspapers.  These are public facts, not just bullshit internet messages from some jive Voodoo "expert".

Los Angeles' K9 unit, consisting of approximately 12 dogs/handlers, under the direction of K9 Expert Don Yarnell, accumulated MORE LAWSUITS for improper and out of control dog bites than ANY OTHER POLICE AGENCY IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES.  And they managed to do this within a few short years.

LAPD Lawsuit Liability FACTS:

Research the Christopher Commission investigation. (this link is just the beginning - look further)

Amounts paid out by LAPD in lawsuit liability litigation:

1980 - $891,000.00
1990 - $9.1 million
1991 - $14.7 million


Now read THIS link.

In one instance, a young (and quite small) black teenager, wearing nothing but underpants, was hiding underneath a sofa located outside, in front of a house.  Three armed officers of LAPD, including one K9 officer, kicked over the sofa, and discovered the young boy hiding under it.  The dog was released instantly, and mauled the boy for quite some time.  The officers screamed "show your hands, show your hands", as the dog threw the boy around like a large chew toy.  After repeated commands to release the bite, the dog was finally choked, off the ground, until he released the boy. 

When Channel 2 newscasters interviewed the officers involved in this incident, they were shown a "private police video", (apparently there was a fourth armed police officer on the scene to videotape this event - have you ever seen a police officer that was NOT armed?), documenting the entire occurrence.  

That video was broadcast to millions of viewers that night on Channel 2.  Like the Rodney King "incident", the citizens were outraged.

At approximately this point, the Los Angeles Police Commission realized the city faced millions upon millions of dollars of liability, in hundreds of lawsuits pending against the Los Angeles Police Department, many of them specifically originating with the K9 unit, led by K9 Expert Don Yarnell

The Police Commission subsequently ruled that if LAPD wanted to continue to use K9s, the following directives must be applied immediately and unconditionally:

ALL K9s must wear a remote controlled electric shock collar at ALL times while on duty, ensuring the dogs could be removed from biting a suspect within seconds, not minutes.  (This may not be the case now, however, it was the ruling in the 1990s.)

MY note regarding this: electric shock WILL NOT ensure that a dog will release a bite.  Yarnell and his puppets may have convinced the Christopher Commission of this BLATANT LIE, but any real dog trainer knows better than to believe it. 

The Christopher Commission was NOT populated with DOG TRAINERS. 

In my own 21+ years of training biting dogs, I am absolutely positive of this FACT.  

A SUPERVISOR must be called to the scene to determine if the K9 should be deployed.  This was no longer left to the discretion of the officer.  Thus, it became the SUPERVISOR'S responsibility if the K9 was deployed improperly, without reasonable cause for use of force.

The use of K9s was completely prohibited regarding car theft suspects.

MILLIONS of dollars were paid in out-of-court settlements to the victims of LAPD's dog bites.  Many of these settlements were in the amounts of $50,000.00 to $200,000.00.  Logically, as a result, LAPD saved many more millions of dollars by not taking the risk of going to court trial in these lawsuits.

Above, Voodoo Louie states that not even one lawsuit was won.  However Louie conveniently omits public facts regarding the majority of these lawsuits - they were paid off and settled out of court.   

The "victories" that Voodoo refers to were, in reality, defeats

In other words, many victims settled for $50,000.00 or $100,000.00 immediately, rather than waiting through years of delays and numerous court appearances, for a possible $1,000,000.00 or more. 

My opinion regarding "settling out of court" takes into account many of the victims' attorneys:  I believe many attorneys would prefer 20% of $50,000.00 or $100,000.00 in hand right now, as opposed to waiting, and preparing an entire court trial, postponements, motions, etc.       

Voodoo Louie then attempts to compare the San Diego Police Department's K9 unit to that of Los Angeles.  Such a comparison is absolutely ridiculous. 

This is a fact:  The city of San Diego had approximately 22 active K9 teams, and doubled that number to approximately 50 active K9 teams - right in the middle of these "Out Of Control", "K9 Wars" hearings.  San Diego had approximately 54 K9 teams at the time Voodoo Louie wrote his ridiculous fabrications.  San Diego currently has approximately 60 active K9 teams.  San Diego also has the largest K9 division in the United States, to the best of my knowledge. 

The authorization and budget for San Diego's K9 teams comes directly from the San Diego Chief of Police.  The City Manager has final approval.

Logically, it appears that Los Angeles' K9 teams, directed by K9 Expert Don Yarnell, created more problems and liability than the Los Angeles Police Commission could justify, in comparison to the benefits the K9s provided to the city of Los Angeles.

And, in the same manner of thinking, San Diego apparently felt justified in continually increasing the number of San Diego's K9 teams, by using the same basic formula:  benefit vs. liability to the city. 

(Factually, San Diego has never lost a lawsuit regarding the use of K9s.  This statement is current as of August, 2004.  Another fact is that San Diego is "dog bite city" - a criminal WILL be bitten after two warnings to surrender.  Thus, San Diego can probably claim more bites by their K9s, and less liability, than any city in the United States.)

This leads us to some very simple conclusions.  Los Angeles Police Department endorsed a K9 training program, under the direction of K9 Expert Don Yarnell, which produced both out of control dogs, and handlers who regularly used excessive force (ie; dog bites) in unwarranted situations.

In comparison, San Diego Police Department endorsed a K9 training program which produced dogs which were under control, and handlers who were trained not to use excessive force (ie; dog bites) unless the situation warranted a dog bite. 

Unknown to most people is the fact that Sgt. Thom Payne (now retired) founded, designed, and developed the San Diego K9 division.  Thom Payne attended extensive training classes with a gentleman who was then located in Bowling Green, Kentucky, named Gene England.  Ironically, I also went to Gene to learn to train dogs.  Thom Payne was exposed to table training through Gene.  Ironically, Gene taught me table training.  Thom Payne realized the potential of table training, and immediately implemented tables into his training program with San Diego's K9 unit.  Ironically, I recognized the benefit of tables, and built them, too - but mine were for use with civilian clients as well as police dogs.

Thom and I met in 1992 when I bought a young male, Corey, sired by his street dog, K9 Argus.  We immediately became friends, and I visited San Diego many, many times.  I was always welcome at Thom's home, and stayed with him each time I went to San Diego.  I worked dogs with many of SDPD's handlers, and I couldn't remember all their names if my life depended on it.  I did bitework with Thom's dogs, anytime, anywhere.  When Thom had K9 Benn, the dog slept in bed with me every night, and we did bites and outs each morning before going out on patrol.   

There are very few people in the world with the qualities of Thom Payne.  Thom is not only a superb dog trainer, one whom I've always loved stealing training ideas from, but he's the type of friend who flew across the country to be with me within 72 hours of my wife's death.  Like Gene England, Thom Payne is an honest, upright, straight talking example of what a trainer SHOULD be.  I'm privileged that men like Thom and Gene are my friends.