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I've seen stars, and I've seen studs

THIS list is star studded!

ED FRAWLEY .... world table training, breeding, dog, and copyright expert

VOODOO LOUIE CASTLE .... world table guru, internet disease, world K9 expert - a pathological liar

WILL RAMBEAU .... world expert researcher - facts? few. lies and bullshit? endless.

STARS .... the WFFCW stars

PEDIGREEDATABASE SEWER .... it's not a message forum - it's a pigsty

DOG BREAKER .... alfalfa, jay, alfa - a genuine ghetto "helper" - make the dog a loser, pump up your ego

BERNHARD FLINKS .... well known Bundessieger competitor

SUPER TROLL .... catherine amodeo - reno's everything expert

DON YARNELL .... world police k9 challenge expert

HEIKO .... there are plenty of dogs, but there's only one heiko

MOLLY GRAF .... a blatant LIAR

STEVE LEIGH .... sarcastic non-expert that doesn't take shit 

DOGS ON TABLES .... video clips






















 .... world class table training expert idiot

in German, "leer" is empty, "kopf" is head .... LEERKOPF™

What do you do with this junk?  Throw it in the garbage pail.  Are they originals?  NO.  Are they duplicates?  YES.  Are they copyrighted?  NO.  Can anybody duplicate them?  YES.  What can LEERKOPF™ Frawley do about it?  NOTHING.

  how crazy is frawley?  DUMBCAST!  ◊  MAY 18, 2006 COPYRIGHT© UPDATE  ◊  LEERKOPF™ Frawley FAN CLUBS:  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11 12 13

  frawley's NEW 2010 TRAINING VIDEO -  (frawley's in the center)

frawley uses his head and tries some brand new training
  eddie meets the mafia  how frawley built his vast empire - warning!  profanity on this page
  let's help ed frawley have a heart - it's time to help ed
  eddie's anthem  sing along - it's all sarcastic fun
  livin for the money  sing along - it's all sarcastic fun
  LEERKOPF™ video service  the service you've been waiting for!
  THE world-famous table training article  the article that started the ball rolling  READ THIS FIRST
  vivid photographic proof  baby, your eyes do not lie 
  steve leigh attack  frawley's psycho messages that helped create this web site
  fred hassen attack

the expert's "seminar expose" of fred hassen

  LEERKOPF™ table attack real table facts from REAL table experts
  training techniques  learn from an expert as ed "the expert" frawley explains how
  psychotic phone call the threats and accusations escalate - you'll love this
  LEERKOPF™ law suite EVIDENCE  here's the evidence - legal action, the LEERKOPF™ way!  The fact is ....
  LEERKOPF™ privacy statement  copyrights?  who owns what?  read this and learn something - plus - "terms of use"!
  kicked out of texas  frawley just never learns
  frawley's new target non-stop LEERKOPF™ - this time it's dominick donovan
  they call this table training?  watch out, bubba!  the table (?) gets fritzed!
  table training torture world's first video of torturing a dog on a table
  LEERKOPF™ breeding disaster   can the world go on?  what will happen now?
  LEERKOPF™ kennel page  all about kennels and cages
  frawley castle: the chew toys      letters from their adoring fans

Why would HONEST Ed LEERKOPF™ Frawley steal the name of one of Germany's most well known, famous kennels - vom Lierberg - the home of VA Bernd and VA Bodo v. Lierberg - two of the world's most famous breeding dogs - and change TWO LETTERS to name his kennel "Leerburg"?  Is THAT some fraud or what?  Why would HONEST Ed LEERKOPF™ Frawley constantly advertise about mass-breeding approximately 2500 puppies, and breeding out of untitled dogs?

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THE INTERNET DISEASE .... culver city's self proclaimed K9 expert

  voodoo louie infects pdb  •••  more voodoo lies on pedigree database
  voodoo louie's video review   louie clearly explains LEERKOPF'S video
  the voodoo louie official report   voodoo louie writes two webpages about steve leigh
  OUR HERO - voodoo louie   read this page
  voodoo louie lies to dogchat.uk  •••  voodoo graphically describes table training and florida weather
  voodoo louie - living a life of lies   voodoo louie never stops lying
  voodoo louie - world table guru  •••  voodoo louie - the NEW world expert on table training
  court is in session   this is how voodoo louie STARTED with steve
  my life as a K9 martyr   the voodoo sick book rider
  louie of voodoo castle   a video fairy tale starring voodoo louie
  voodoo louie castle "talks" to the bouvier list    more lies and fabrications from voodoo louie
  voodoo louie castle lies UNDER OATH   voodoo's terrified because little stevie frightens louie
  introduction to voodoo louie  meet sgt. louis c. castle
  BANNED from ecollar list   whoops - bye bye, louie (and "sam")
  THROWN off frawley's "web board"  •••   too much "theory" - THE FACT IS - voodoo's history
  malinois board attacks   plenty more voodoo louie abuse
  voodoo's train wreck  voodoo louie made a BIG mistake:  he publicly hung himself
  louie lies about lapd   voodoo lies about los angeles police k9s
  the jack attack   jack's in big voodoo trouble
  secret EVIDENCE pictures   these pictures were a well kept secret until august, 2007
  greatest hits   voodoo louie castle's very best quotes
  unlicensed voodoo   "dog training business" - check voodoo's falsified "experience"
  brand new lou!   8/04 and 9/04 - voodoo never, ever stops
  voodoo LiveJournal   voodoo louie's greatest from LiveJournal
  where in the world is voodoo louie?   we searched the world for a voodoo seminar
  voodoo freak  is uncllou a freak?  check the links - you decide
  pure sarcasm  one of the secret voodoo pages that isn't a secret anymore
  voodoo louie's shocking invention    an amazing invention from the internet ecollar expert

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 .... world class police k9 challenge expert

  take the yarnell challenge and lose WIN!
  review of don yarnell famous "electric" video no order blanks on this page, people
  live! las vegas smackdown    yarnell's world class expert k9 challenge materializes
  yarnell's mouth takes over that arrogant ego prevails again

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 .... sarcastic non-expert that doesn't take shit from experts

  steve's arrest the crime that was not processed
  stand in judgment  feel free to judge me - it's OK .... judge yourself, too
  some thoughts on training plenty of reading - it might make you think
  table training for internet message readers you want table training knowledge?
  what if?  what if ........ an appetizer on "turn on-turn off"
  how to build a round table  finally!  a serious page for serious people
  steve leigh's fun page  a page of fun with the dogs, and some interesting stories with Gene
  pitbulls and rednecks stray pitbulls, damage control, target practice, and baton technique
  the big lie something to think about
  comments about this website read it and weep
  steve leigh's updated resume  with this background, why the hell be humble?  you'll be astounded
  the internet expert page how "internet experts" are born
  schutzhund barbie  have you met schutzhund barbie?

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