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Live April Las Vegas SMACKDOWN
starring Fred Hassen's "PET DOGS"
along with K9 Trainer Deluxe: Don Yarnell
and the U.S. Marshal Service "REAL WORKING DOGS"



Don King Productions
The event that Las Vegas and the World have been waiting for ....

Bigger than Ali's “Thrilla in Manila” ....
More powerful than a Mike Tyson ear bite ....

The event so big, they had to have it outdoors!

April 14th, 2002
Hills Park in Summerlin


“My Transmitter Is Bigger Than Yours”

This Promises To Be The Most
“Electrifying” Experience In
Dog Training!


Special thanks to the four people in Las Vegas who had the foresight to videotape this once-in-a-lifetime event.  As the videos arrive and speak for themselves, I'll add more to this page.

Preliminary live phone reports indicate that it was a rough day in Las Vegas for the Marshal's dogs, and even tougher for world class K9 challenge expert, Don Yarnell, who claims to have "trained" these "real working dogs".

Yarnell is famous for his incredible "K9 Guidance System" video, in which he demonstrates no technique at all with an electric collar, and systematically reduces several dog's "combat drive" to nerve twitching, handler biting, confused behavior as "low stim" is applied.  Yarnell's highly advanced electronic techniques demonstrate clearly how a dog's drive to bite can be removed in just a session or two.  Predictably, exactly the same dogs that "starred" in Yarnell's famous video were the dogs shown in Las Vegas.

Yarnell thrilled a crowd of over 1000 spectators when he announced, "These are real working dogs, not pets.  These dogs don't chase Frisbees." 

For those that can see, these dogs don't bite, either.  But there are reasons and excuses galore for that, including rain, sun, video cameras, heat, magic, and even voodoo.

For the past 3 years, Fred Hassen and the Las Vegas Marshal's office have been asked to be the demonstrators at the annual "Wag-A-Tail" walkathon.  This event raises money for the local humane society.  Fred has never complained about the Marshal's office being there, and likewise, the Marshal's office has never complained, either.  Fred has done his "off-leash" presentation with no problems, year in, and year out. 

The only difference in this event, was that Don Yarnell was present at the demonstration, inflating his ego as part of the Marshal's demonstration.  He was not at the event in years past.  This event came about because both parties were invited.  The talking was soon going to stop, and the action was about to begin. 

The phone just kept on ringing.


In the BLUE corner:  Fred Hassen

Early in the day, Fred Hassen, along with several of his clients and co-trainers, put on a demonstration with their "pet dogs", showing what the word "CONTROL" looks like on four legs.

Fred brought 2 of his personal dogs, a 5 month old Mal puppy, and a Labrador.  The footage starts with Fred blowing whistles with his Labrador, and starting, stopping, heeling, and doing all kinds of stuff in the middle of distractions everywhere.  Tails wagging the whole time. 

But - the action is temporarily halted, as Yarnell makes an effort to have Hassen put his dogs on leash, because the whole place is watching.  Yarnell doesn't realize that ALL demonstrators are supposed to have the dogs off-leash, since they're demonstrating TRAINING and CONTROL.  Naturally, OFF LEASH control is part of this, but somehow, Yarnell overlooks this elementary fact.  Straight over his head.

His attempt to halt the crowd's amazement (and the Marshals observing this) is quickly thwarted. 

Hassen then brings his trainers' dogs out for bitework.  A Malinois was followed by a Pitbull that was bought from a petshop.  Precision everywhere, biting every time, enthusiasm, and not a peep out of any of the dogs - no vocalizing whatsoever.  Fred is waving sending dogs to retrieve in the middle of the bitework, and flying other dogs past the biting dogs.  He then brings his Labrador out for some bitework, and it's biting every time as well, calling off, and redirecting.  He also brings a student's dog from his school to perform some biting, and it does everything on command, as expected.  Very, very nice response from the crowd.  After about an hour of this, it's time for Yarnell's grand entrance.  Fasten your seatbelts.

In the RED corner:  Don Yarnell

Yarnell's supershow starts with one of the Marshals telling Fred Hassen not to move around with his video camera.  We certainly don't want any movement which might distract these "real working dogs", or disrupt this world-class demonstration.  After all, nobody moves around "on the street, in the real world", do they?  In just a minute, they'll screw things up anyway, without any help from anyone.

Yarnell starts with his big speech:  "These aren't no frisbee catching dogs .... these are serious working POLICE DOGS with COMBAT DRIVE.  Very serious dogs."  (Yeah, yeah Don - how about some action, cause the talking gotta stop pretty soon.)

Butch Martin's famous dog "Caesar" is up first.  The FIRST bite is not too bad at all .... but the show ends fast for Yarnell after that.  Much confusion by the dog, numerous refusals to bite, and the directional work is all over the place.  A fancy double call-off, followed closely by more serious bite refusal.  Yarnell is shaking his head, but even the pet audience crowd isn't fooled by Yarnell's lackluster dogs.  Yarnell lamely follows with, "Well, it's pretty hot out here."  Did somebody forget to turn the thermostat down?  Yep - heat will do it every time!  (Naturally, Fred Hassen worked his dogs much, much longer in the heat, and Yarnell's dogs have been relaxing in the air-conditioned vehicles the whole time, awaiting their grand approach.)  Moving right along ....

SERIOUS Muzzle fighting (Yarnell style)

Yarnell gives his big SERIOUS WORKING DOG speech again, and tries to get the crowd imagining these COMBAT driven dogs that he is about to give them the luxury of seeing.  The only thing missing was LSD in the drinks, so everyone present could hallucinate what these dogs were supposed to be doing, while they weren't doing it.

The dog comes out in a muzzle, and goes after the guy .... followed by a really impressive fake fall-down by the decoy, and some sorry ass muzzle fighting, lacking any intensity.  The bitesuit wasn't even needed, nobody uses a suit for muzzle work - but it looked very impressive.  The crowd isn't fooled at all, and Yarnell is now 2 for 2 in weakness.  Time for Phase Three ....

The Old Dog

Yarnell sees by now that no one is impressed, and he's going nowhere - fast.  It's time for a change.  On the last dog, he wises up, and sets it up by telling everyone that the dog is 7 years old, so don't expect too much.  This is World Famous K9 Challenge Expert Don Yarnell, remember?  In any case, it must have been "too hot" again when the dog doesn't bite.  Yarnell quickly follows that with an exciting "runaway", and the dog does bite this time!  Then he doesn't bite again, possibly "too hot" once more.  Maybe these dogs could use some snake oil - or some "pet training". 

Maybe Yarnell should bring some well edited videos next time, instead of live dogs?  Or - even better yet - bring dead dogs, so everyone can easily accept the fact in advance that they won't be seeing any kind of "combat drive" or control training. 

Even after Hassen's outstanding performance, Yarnell doesn't let the opportunity pass to take yet another shot at Hassen, before falling flat on his face.

Yarnell needs to take some pointers from his own supergroupie, Voodoo Louie.  If you ain't got shit to show, at least be smart enough to leave the dog at home!

Predictably, the only vocalization that came from any of the dogs, came from one of the "Yarnell" dogs.  Again, that's consistent with his video.  In fact, Yarnell was very consistent about EVERYTHING.

I would suggest that anyone reading this do some research into how many "real, live, combat" bites these "real live, combat drive" dogs actually have?  That might give you some "real, live" answers.  The answer will probably be filled with excuses as well.  I can't possibly imagine these dogs REALLY biting anyone.  Hell, if they won't bite a guy in a suit that they bite every day, with their handlers telling them over and over again, my guess is that they sure as hell won't do it on the street. 

I could be wrong though, they may get the chance to send them when no one has the audacity to have a distraction like a video camera, and the weather is "just right".  Possibly the Marshal's office has a "no-moving around in the summer" rule for the public. 

It takes an expert like Yarnell to reduce some nice dogs that have been Schutzhund titled, and graduates of police dog school to this.  Not just ANY trainer could do that.

One good thing to be said for Yarnell and "his dogs" is that the consistency between the video and this incredible "live performance" is virtually identical.  In one word: pitiful. 

In the final analysis, Yarnell and these "real working dogs" made complete idiots of themselves.





September, 2008 - the Yarnell story has not been forgotten.  I captured this page from DonovanK9's message board for download, and removed all the images, which I didn't bother capturing.  "Can't be any fairer that that!"

[ Post a Response | donovank9 ]
    Re: Outrageous!

    Posted by Fred Hassen  (fredhassen) on September 14, 2008, 12:11 pm, in reply to "Outrageous!"


    Excerpt from this link with Steve Leigh and Voodoo Lou:

    Louie States: "His website also includes the same sort of nonsense about Ed Frawley, owner of Leerburg Kennels and Donn Yarnall, the founder and head trainer of both the LAPD K-9 Narcotics Unit and the LAPD Patrol K-9 Unit."

    I'd like to comment on this. Practically everything on Steve Leigh's site concerning Donn Yarnall, has to do with me as well. Here is a link to the page that takes you to the various Yarnell articles written by Leigh.

    Besides some comments by Leigh that are more than obviously sarcasm, and a second grader would notice that, all of the info regarding 'Yarnell' and myself are very, very, very, very, very, very accurate to say the least. In fact the only inaccurate thing is the spelling of 'Yarnell'....the correct spelling is 'Yarnall'. In fact, I personally contacted Mr. Leigh years ago to inform him of this misspelling, and he was aware that it was misspelled but he kept it on there anyway. Donn Yarnall spent quite some time running his yapper about me, even though he had never seen me actually train a dog, so when the time came that we actually did get to accidentally meet on the same field What Mr. Leigh reported here was actually off a video tape of the event that was sent to him. It is very accurate, besides Mr. Leigh's funny comments. If anyone wants to know why this tape was never made public, it was my decision, and not Mr. Leigh's, since I was involved in the event, and I felt that the embarrassment that was upon Mr. Yarnall at this event,and with our staff, students and thousands of onlookers watching, that this should have been more than enough for Mr. Yarnall to learn to keep his mouth shut about things or people that he knows nothing about. I personally told Mr. Leigh, that for that reason, I never wanted to see that go public because I'm sure Mr. Yarnall has done some good in the police world, and all of that had nothing to do with my experience with him. Mr. Leigh kept his word, and never released the tape. There were thousands of people there though including my entire staff, the Las Vegas Marshalls office, radio stations, and humane society's from Las Vegas, and Behesha Grist from Extreme K-9 was also there as she was going through our school at the time, so it's not like it was something done in a back alley. Mr. Yarnall knows the truth, I know the truth, and Steve Leigh knows the truth. I personally cannot say anything for a lot of other stuff on the site, because I wasn't there, but I have found Steve Leigh to be one of the most honest people that I have ever met, and yes, I have met him. He attended a seminar of mine a number of years back.
    For Lou Castle to imply that any of this stuff with Yarnall was made up in any way, shape or form, is rediculous at best. I believe there are also a couple of references towards me with accompanying text proof of emails with myself and Ed Frawley as well. None of that is altered, or less than 100 percent accurate. In conclusion, I cannot speak for the a lot of the other stuff on Mr. Leigh's site, as it has many things, and many pages of humor that I certainly have not had the time to read all of, but I have read a fair bit over the years. Maybe it's fair to say that Mr. Leigh is about 'out there', and has had a few problems in his life, as have all of us. It's also fair to say that maybe some of it is a bit obsessive also. Is it possible that Mr. Leigh got every single fact and link correct about me on this website and he just turned into a complete liar, and forged the entire rest of the website.........Not a chance. Let's make one thing perfectly, crystal clear, Mr. Leigh usually gets his facts more than straight, and if they were ever proven wrong, he'd delete it in a second. People that know me, know that I'm more than fair. I also have no problem with this being reposted, or reprinted in any way, or being placed on Mr. Leigh's site.

    Truthfully yours,
    Fred Hassen CEO/Owner/Founder
    Sit Means Sit Dog Training


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