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I sent you a private message about 3 days ago, but have received no reply.

Possibly you'll respond to this message.

I have a page capture from your forum, in which Louie accuses me of multiple acts of insane cruelty.
I wish to REBUT and DENY these false accusations on my own website.

Do I require your permission to use that single message from Louie on my website?

Thank you,
Steve Leigh 
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Voodoo Louie mixed it up with Matt Hammond - an experienced TABLE TRAINER - and wound up in a meat grinder.

So Lyin' Ryan, the "administrator" of the "Dog Chat" board, hid or deleted those messages.

Lyin' Ryan's messages are BOLD


Voodoo Louie is a MESSAGE WRITER, not a dog trainer. 

See UPDATE at the bottom of this page

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Topic: Positive Vs E Collar Training  (Read 17217 times)

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Re: Positive Vs E Collar Training

« Reply #1209 on: Today at 04:47 PM »

This is and will be the last time I say this. Freedom to debate the use of the e-collar is permitted. Making accusations about people abusing animals IS NOT. A further breach and I'll have no option left but to ban.


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Lou Castle


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Re: Positive Vs E Collar Training

« Reply #1210 on: Today at 04:47 PM »

If you're one of those people who judge the value of a post by first checking it's length, go no further.  If OTOH you're someone who's interested in truth and care about dogs, please read on.  If you have a weak stomach, you might want to skip this. 

K9media wrote


Accusations of dog abuse is pretty serious

I agree that accusations of abuse of a dog is very serious. 

With that in mind, unless of course he returns with more lies and nonsense or someone else quotes him, this will be my last word on the cyberstalker Steve Leigh. 

That'll never happen.  Louie's always got "more words".  Almost all of them are lies. 

One of the many reasons that he's been thrown off so many dog training boards is that he used and still advocates the use of a training tool known as a "training table."

The reason I've been removed from boards has nothing to do with dogs, tables, training, or anything associated with them.  The reason is very clear:

I made captures of Voodoo Louie's messages, and copied them into my own website for rebuttal



If Louie can prove differently, let him prove it.  I CAN and DO prove it, with messages from list administrators.

Like any tool this device has its proper uses and is subject to abuse.  When this tool is abused and there's evidence to believe that Steve did so,

WHAT "evidence"?  There is no evidence to believe that I abused anything.  Surely, somebody would have reported me to the police if Voodoo Louie's insane lies were true.  I used tables for 11 continuous years.  In the past, 8-10 police K9 officers regularly trained here - day after day, week after week.  There is no doubt I would have been locked up if Voodoo Louie's lies were true.

Here is unideniable VIDEO evidence to prove facts.  Maybe Louie can provide his "evidence" someday.  It's only been 5.5 years, and Louie provides nothing but insane messages.   

it's one of the most horrid forms to torture of animals that exist.

Messages from Louie are just messages, filled with insane lies and assumptions.  

I've never met Steve, never seen him train and have never seen any dogs that he's trained.

Amazing!  Then how could Louie possibly describe WHAT or HOW I trained?  Did he have "spy satellites" focused on my training facilities?



I've asked for years for him to back up his claims that he's trained dogs, but as you can see, he pretends those requests for information don't exist. 

My "claims" regarding dog training are visible to anyone who visits the WFFCW.  I've never applied for a job with Voodoo Louie, I never will, and have no need to supply him with blood or urine samples, fingerprints, credit history, qualifications, social security number, DNA samples, applications, or any other information.  Louie will not interrogate me until he acquires the authority to do so.  Voodoo Louie will never acquire that authority.

Some dogs simply do not have it in their temperament to bite a human being.  Yet many owners of those dogs want that kind of training.  (This is not meant to invite discussion regarding that mentality, if you wish to do so please start a new thread).  Those who engage in table training and have no regard for animals use that tool in this fashion. They place the dog on the table and attach a chain that connects the pole rising out of the center of the table to the dog's choke chain.

As the many photos and videos on my website show, the dogs wear heavy LEATHER buckle collars, not choke chains for bitework.  Many photos show the collar just stays with the table, and is always there for anyone to use. (see not only Voodoo Louie's pages, but also view photos in Ed Frawley's section - "Vivid Photographic Proof".  Search around and you'll find plenty more photos.) 

They approach wearing protective gear in a manner known as "agitation" whereby they use threatening body language to place stress on the dog which can be relieved by biting. 

Now here come the lies, fabrications, and proof that Voodoo Louie has no concept - none - of what REALLY happens on the table.

If the dog won't bite they shove him off the table

No, Voodoo Louie.  A dog cannot be shoved off the table.  As long as he's tied to the spinner, it's a physical and mechanical impossibility.  If he's not tied to the spinner, then all your "strangling" and "hanging" stupidity go out the window.

This table has been constructed so that the dog's rear legs can just barely touch the ground

These pictures don't agree with Voodoo Louie's lies.

The table is exactly 19.5" tall, slightly lower than knee height.  (This is visible in all videos and photos.)  Your eyes do not lie - the videos show this clearly.  I'd suggest watching all of the videos - see for yourself how ALL dogs were treated around here.  Voodoo Louie doesn't have the nerves of steel to watch these videos, but you do.

Consider this: just for fun and games, I trained my former attorney's dog - a 4 year old black female, approximately 10-11 pounds, named Pluto, on the round table.  She was a miniature poodle.  The dog was approximately 10" tall.  She had no problem at all going to the table, and getting her front paws on it, so we put a cardboard box there to help her jump up.  After a few jumps with the box, she didn't need it anymore.  She'd constantly hop on the table, barking for me to come and get started.  This is fact.  He'd also seen about 100 large, working dogs trained on the tables here, including Tampa's Police K9 unit, and he's quite positive about what he saw with his own eyes, on dozens of occasions.       

Probably some of you have seen the photos on Steve's site.

Just look above.  The photos prove without a doubt that Voodoo Louie is an insane liar.

The dog is left hanging by his choke collar

There are no photos of a "dog (is) left hanging by his choke collar".  Except for rare occurrences, (with my own dogs), a wide, LEATHER AGITATION COLLAR was always used for bitework.  Pictures and videos clearly show this.  Occasionally, with my own dogs, the snap was connected to a link of a fur saver collar: no choking possible. With my 10-12 week old puppies (on the table) a nylon buckle puppy collar was used.  Photos and videos don't lie.

which tightens around his throat and he can't get back on the table.

The dogs just step right back up if their hind legs slip off.  The pictures and videos show this.

Video 3 shows a 7 month old Mal (5x on table, never had a sleeve bite) step off the table. 

Video 10 shows a 4 month old GSD (2x on table) go off the table - twice.  Watch them and SEE.

How did he GET there?  Was he shoved off?  By whom?  Did he slip off?  How long did it take for him to get back on the table all by himself?  How much "strangling" do you see?  In 10, the dog's owner was Air Force Military Police.  Personally, I know that if I harmed his dog in any way, he'd have broken my jaw - and then called the local police.

When you watch video 10, consider that fact that the puppy is four MONTHS old.  This video shows his second time on the table.  He'd previously had an estimated grand total of ~15 minutes on the table.  Like all dogs, he learned very quickly the size of the tabletop, and rarely, if ever, slipped off the tabletop again.  Also consider the difference between a four month old puppy's coordination, and that of an adult dog.  With an adult, the dog's paw slips off and is back on the table faster than the video can catch it - video 3 is a good example.  

He's strangling.  Slowly dying.

This is another insane Voodoo Louie lie.  Another lie which ANYONE can see with their own eyes - click on the pictures.

Matt Hammond recently sent me a few pics of how the dog "STRANGLES" on the table.

He "STRANGLES" while he's "SLOWLY DYING". 

See how they "throw him off the table"?

See how he's "hanging by his choke collar"?

See how they save him, "just before the dog passes out"?   


This is allowed to continue until, at the last minute, just before the dog passes out, he's lifted back on the table and allowed to recover.

Voodoo Louie invents these insane lies and expects anyone to believe him without any proof at all?

Then the agitator comes in again.  If the dog won't bite or doesn't bite hard enough, the dog is shoved off the table againAgain, he's strangled until he nearly passes out from lack of air.  Again, he's lifted back on the table.

The problem with Voodoo Louie's lies is simply that he can't prove one word of what he's lying about.  But I can prove almost EVERYTHING he writes are lies - and it's not limited to tables.  That's why the WFFCW is world famous.  That's why Louis Castle is known worldwide as "Voodoo Louie".   

This is repeated until the dog realizes that unless and until he bites the agitator very hard, he's going to be strangled until he's nearly dead.

Voodoo Louie has clearly illustrated that he doesn't have the slightest idea about tables.  He doesn't know how high the table is, has no clue about the dimensions, the height and purpose of the spinner, doesn't even know what kind of collar is used for bitework, and doesn't understand the reasoning behind the length of the chain - the chain that makes it physically impossible for a dog to "strangle" or be "shoved off the table".  Voodoo Louie's "table expertise" is entirely based on "a friend told me".  Louie has never seen tables.

But his endless lies aren't really about tables - they're directed at me, and the imaginary "torture" that "a friend told him about."  You might notice that Voodoo Louie never has anything to say about tables, unless it's an opportunity to make his false, insane accusations regarding me.  

This is what I believe was part of Steve's regimen of dog training

Voodoo Louie can "believe" that he's Jesus Christ.  That doesn't make it fact.  Voodoo Louie HAS no facts - only lying, worthless messages.

I could type 80,000 messages accusing Louie of FRYING dogs until they're nearly DEAD with his shock collar - but I have no proof.  I don't even know if Louie HAS a shock collar.  For all I know, he doesn't even own one.  He's probably never trained a dog in his entire life! 

and if he was still training today, he'd be doing it regularly

This is another insane Voodoo Louie lie.  Louie has no PROOF, because none exists.

It's almost universal that table trainers build their tables indoors, where a casual passer-by can't observe their training.

Louie's moronic statement is just another of his insane, delusional ASSUMPTIONS.  Having never even seen tables, (a statement made by Voodoo Louie), Louie has no idea of what's involved in moving them from place to place.  I'd LOVE to see him try to move them!  I'd pay $200.00 just to watch him try to move the top of the round table.  When it fell on top of his dumb ass, he could be DISABLED AGAIN!

I'd highly recommend he call 911 first, and tell them to send the ambulance - and a psychiatrist, too.  (Also, I'd like to know where he'd PUT them when they weren't out on the training field, being destroyed by rain?  See this to get an idea of the SIZE of the tables.  One person cannot move these tables around by himself - they're just too large, bulky, and heavy.)


* square table weight: approximately 175 pounds (plus approximately 30+ sleeves on its shelf)

* round table weight: approximately 275-300 pounds

* long table weight: approximately 250 pounds

Point 1: My home/training facilities are located in a neighborhood in the county, not in the city, where each piece of land is 1 or more acres.  There are no "casual passer-bys" around here.  For reasons unknown to me, people don't wander around the streets aimlessly in this neighborhood.  I guess all the "casual passer-by" street wanderers from the Tampa area moved to Louie's neighborhood, so they could "casually observe" Louie's "dog training" (if it exists) as they wander all around his house.

Point 2: My training field, office, and training room are located behind my home, on the largest part of my property.  I would estimate that my front yard and house utilize 25% of the 1 acre, and the remaining 75% was used as our training field.

I suppose I could have demolished my house, removed all the trees and shrubs, and lived in some cardboard boxes out back, so those non-existent "casual passer-bys" could see my entire property, but I didn't feel the need.  Or, I could have built my house, office, and training room entirely out of glass, but that didn't seem very logical to me.  

During my 21 years in business, neighbors and strangers by the hundreds have come to the gates, buzzed the intercom bell, and have been invited right in - to visit, watch training, drink a beer, or do some training with their own dogs.  And, many people driving by saw our "Canine Training" sign out near the street, and dropped in to talk about training.  Very often, these same people were still here 8 hours later, with mad dashes to the corner store for more beer and snacks.     

Point 3: Even if my tables were left outdoors for 11 years, the view into my back yard is rather limited, due to my (non-glass) house blocking direct line of sight.  Many people suffer from this same traumatic, upsetting situation - people wandering around the neighborhood just can't see what's happening in people's back yards.  This may have even happened to you once or twice.  Do you wander into people's back yards to see what they're doing back there?  If you DO, have you ever had your ass kicked for it?  

Point 4: It's amazing that Louie claims to know "WHY" anyone would do anything.  Did he consult me prior to building my training room?  He leaps to his insane false conclusions, and expects logical people to believe him?

BUT - suppose I DID leave my tables out on the training field?  I could have had a really great time with clients and friends trying to train in the dark, or in 105 degree heat, quitting when the rainstorms came, watching the tables being wrecked by rain .... and they'd be outdoors!  They wouldn't be "HIDDEN"!  That might make insane Voodoo Louie Castle happy!  But I couldn't care less if Voodoo is happy.

The scaling wall, 1 portable jump and 1 permanent jump were left outdoors for 21 years.  Nobody from the street could see them, either, due to my house blocking the view.  A person would have to enter through my gates to see what was being done on the training field.  Presumably, in Voodoo Louie's insane mind, I "abused" dogs on the scaling wall and jumps, too. 

Maybe I should have bulldozed the house, and done all my training in the FRONT yard - so the non-existent "casual passer-by street wanderers" could see everything I did?         

Sometimes, as in Steve's case, they build a special building around the table where none existed before.  Sometimes they have a building and put the table inside of it.

How would Louie KNOW what I did, or why I did it?  He's stated he's never been here, never met me.  Yet he claims to KNOW all about me.  Not only about me, but also MY REASONS for things I've done!  Is Louie, the Internet Disease, a Voodoo Mind Reader Psychic, too?  I built the training room in 1991 - 10 years before I ever heard of Voodoo Louie Castle!  Hey Voodoo!  WHY did I paint the training room grey and blue?  Surely you have an insane answer to THAT one, too.

Louie also claims I built a "special building" around the table.  But the photographs on a different page prove this is ridiculous.  The pictures don't lie.  Voodoo Louie can't stop lying.

When I've asked Steve the reason for this he's said that it's so that the wooden equipment (the table) is protected from the weather.

Louie is a liar.  He's never ASKED me a thing - he's publicly TOLD message forums about his insane, delusional assumptions with no factual basis.  When someone emailed me the link, I rebutted Louie's ridiculous accusations, and captured the pages from Working Dog Forum.  I was promptly deleted from that message group.  The rebuttal and "admin reason" is right here

(You guessed it - I captured a page WITHOUT ASKING PERMISSION!)  

Louie does this for only one reason: to degrade and defame me.  Why?  Because Voodoo Louie, the Internet Disease, is a STAR on the WFFCW.  The Voodoo pages are famous around the globe, just like his name: Voodoo Louie. 

Unfortunately, Louie's defamation has been failing for 5.5 years, while the WFFCW has been hit millions of times.

Of course this is absurd, a coat of paint will give the protection that's needed.

One look at the pictures of my round table(s) clearly show considerable ($450 worth of) steel work, machining, fabricating, welding, roller bearings, and (approximately $120 worth of) astroturf.  Paint is not used on these items.  Paint was always used on the wooden framework. 

But if Voodoo wants to PAINT CARPETING, I think he should go right ahead and do it - to his OWN carpeting.  He ain't painting MINE!

(see below to learn all about Voodoo Louie's version of "Florida weather")

Consider the relative cost of painting a few square feet of wood to that erecting a building.

Voodoo Louie's insane, idiotic opinions and assumptions don't even enter the picture.  Since Louie didn't pay for the building, who cares what he assumes?  His assumptions are worthless.  When Voodoo Louie PAYS, then he can decide what gets painted, what gets left outdoors, and he can make ALL the decisions.  I built a training room in 1991 (10 years before the WFFCW existed) because I wanted a training room.  Incidentally, it was used for many reasons in addition to protection work: drug training with no less than 100 dogs, obedience, a workshop, and as a classroom, too, complete with a blackboard.

Won't that building need protection from the weather as well?

All my buildings have a very popular component.  It's known as a "roof".  Looking out the windows, I notice that all my neighbors also have a roof on their buildings.  That's astounding, isn't it?

Another response is it that will enable the equipment to be used during inclement weather.  Steve lives in Florida, where there's little "really" inclement weather.

Voodoo Louie now attempts to explain the WEATHER in Tampa, FL?  Is there anything that insane Voodoo Louie isn't an "expert" about? 

Any research will prove that enormous lightning and rainstorms occur here constantly.  Tampa Bay, and the entire west coast of Florida is famous for this.  Homeowner's insurance rates have tripled in the last 5 years because of weather damage.  

Yes, hurricanes blow through but they're rarely more than an inconvenience and probably his area has not suffered any major damage for decades.

Now Voodoo "Weather Expert" Louie is attempting to define "hurricanes in Florida"?  This really is insanity.

An "inconvenience"?  Hurricane Donna, Hurricane Andrew, Hurricane Gordon, Hurricane Allison, Hurricane Erin, Hurricane Opal, Hurricane Georges, Hurricane Floyd, Hurricane Irene, and another Hurricane Gordon - little, unimportant "inconveniences"?  This is only the beginning of the list.

Anyone ever heard of Hurricane KatrinaDecades?  Katrina happened in August, 2005.  Millions of dollars worth of damage occurred in the Tampa Bay area, with massive evacuations to schools, churches, and other shelters.



Dead people are "rarely more than an inconvenience"? 

Katrina totally destroyed New Orleans the following day.  "Decades"?  Voodoo Louie is delusional AND insane.  Every year - I've been in Florida since 1981 - there is tremendous flooding and storm damage in the Tampa area.  We've gone without electricity and phones for 3-4 days at a time.  "Rarely more than an inconvenience"?  Tell THAT to the 2.6 MILLION RESIDENTS of the Tampa Bay area, Voodoo.  (population current as of July 4, 2005)

Feel free to exhibit your "expert knowledge" on the weather in Florida, Voodoo - but do it with FACTS.

If you want FACTS, check this link - have a look at what the Tampa, Florida area has survived through.  These are FACTS from NOAA, not ridiculous, insane lies and assumptions written by moronic Voodoo Louie.

In any case, dogs trained to bite, whether for sport work such as SchH, for police work, or for the military work in all weather.  Competitions that test those dogs are held in all weather.  The police and military dogs go to work, no matter what the weather. 

Fortunately for myself and my clients, we had a well lit, indoor training room, enabling us to not only train in a dry environment, but as late into the night as we desired.  Obviously, Louie can't differentiate between "training" and "working".  ALL of my clients were happy that I built the room.  Most of them helped with construction.  

Voodoo Louie is - as always - a delusional liar.  I've heard of and been to several trials and USPCA certification tests that were cancelled due to rain and lightning.  As a "Florida weather expert", Voodoo Louie is falling flat on his insane face here, too.

And let's not forget that many clubs of many kinds have wooden agility obstacles that are left outside for years.  This "protection from the weather" excuse is just so much nonsense. 

The nonsense is Louie's lies.  The tables are not "agility obstacles".  Unlike "agility obstacles", they have steel, roller bearings, astroturf.  (stated above)  Rust and destruction of the steel and astroturf are why they need to be protected from water.  Our jumps and scaling walls (exterior wood and aluminum) stayed outside, on our training field, for 21 years.  They were designed and built to remain outdoors, and were painted and repaired when needed - usually annually.

The real reason that these tools are used indoors is to prevent anyone from seeing the torture that the dogs are subjected to.

No, Voodoo.  The REAL REASON is much more logical - to sane people.  CONVENIENCE for the dogs, trainers, clients, friends, and visitors.  CONVENIENCE for EVERYONE.  A COMFORTABLE, DRY, WELL LIGHTED ENVIRONMENT - for everyone.  And, we weren't eaten up by mosquitoes, either. 

That's not all .... a refrigerator, plenty of lawn chairs, coffee tables, air conditioner, bathroom, a large stereo system, several video cameras (wall mounted and tripod), video playback equipment, police lights, enough room for at least 12 dog crates if it was raining - ALL THAT and more, thanks to an indoor training room! 

Plus - wall racks full of every kind of sleeve imaginable, muzzles in every size and style, every type and size collar you could dream of, body suits, dozens of replacement cuffs - enough training equipment to almost compete with Ray Allen!  All indoors - at our fingertips!       

My office was "indoors", too - and we did plenty of bitework in the office.  Your insane Voodoo mind probably assumes that an office means there's something "hidden" in there, too.  It even has a bathroom - all those non-existent people wandering the streets couldn't see inside the bathroom! 

JUST THINK, Voodoo!  Sofas, desk, computers, chairs, phones - all those things in my office - HIDDEN from the "casual passer-by street wanderers" - that didn't even exist!    

Voodoo Louie is assuming and fabricating insane lies again.  No dogs were ever tortured here.  This was witnessed by countless police, deputies, civilians, newspapers, magazine, and television news crews.  Also witnessed by the former Director of Animal Control (who frequently came by to watch and even take some bites), Tampa's (former) Chief of Police, State Attorneys (and families), Public Defenders (and families), DEA agents, U.S. Postal Service mail carriers and supervisors, among thousands of others.  Nothing has ever been a secret - visitors were ALWAYS welcome here.  We loved visitors - they frequently led to MORE new clients.


It's very easy to prevent anyone from seeing the "torture" that insane Voodoo Louie invented


What is my evidence of accusing Steve of this form of abuse?  Steve tells us that he learned table training from a very successful (many titles to his name) trainer that I won't drag into this.

Why not, Louie?  You "dragged" Gene's name into this in 2001.  The trainer is Gene England, who invented table training.  He's won everything imaginable in the U.S. in the sport of Schutzhund, as well as World competition.  He's helped thousands of sport people and thousands of police officers with their dogs.  Gene is a LIVING LEGEND in the dog world - unlike Voodoo Louie. 

Louie is just a message writer, not a dog trainer

But that's really some astounding "EVIDENCE", Louie!  You can really come up with "PROOF"!  Got any OTHER "proof"?

One moment before you (can't) answer, Voodoo.  Suppose I learned to speak German from a person with a heroin addiction.  Does that mean I'm a heroin addict?  Or that I could only speak German if I used heroin? 

You are insane, Voodoo.  But you know that.  Your insanity didn't start yesterday.  

Years back Steve told people on a forum (during one of his personal attacks on me) that I had accused this trainer of abusing dogs as I've described above.

And that is PRECISELY what Louie did in 2001, and repeated it here and here.  More is contained in the zipfile for download.  But Voodoo Louie's messages are not EVIDENCE.

I'd never done so and Steve, with his vast collection of my emails and articles has never been able to back up that claim. 

I have unquestionably "backed up that claim" in numerous places, YEARS ago, on this website.  Check the above links.

I phoned that trainer who described Steve as "a bit of a nut" and "a different kind of person"

Anyone who cares to contact Gene England in Scottsville, KY is certainly welcome to do so.  (just use Google for "Gene England")  Gene and I started training dogs together in 1983, when I was invited to his home to clean up my dog's tracking problems.  It should take about 3 seconds to discover how truthful I am - just ask.  I spoke with Gene the day after Louie called him, years ago - all he did was laugh, and tell me if Louie has anything to say, he can say it to his face.  But insane Voodoo Louie won't ever confront Gene.

Gene knows I'm a "different kind of person".  I tell the truth.

and told him that I'd never said anything of the sort, that since I hadn't seen him train, that I couldn't and wouldn't make that accusation. 

But you DID, Voodoo - and the message captures are at at the above links.  Without any question, undeniable, no way around it - they're YOUR WORDS, Voodoo.

AND - you have never seen ME train, according to YOU, Voodoo - but you've accused ME dozens of times of "abuse".  YOU ARE A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR, VOODOO.

I did say that people I know and trust have told me that THEY HAVE seen him do this.  (Strangle dogs on the training table).

People "told me"?  We already know you don't see anything for yourself - your never ending song and dance has always been "a friend told me". 

Elsewhere on this site is a completely different version of Louie's 1-2 minute "phone conversation" with Gene, written by Voodoo Louie.  It's doubtful Louie can tell the same story twice.  It's hard for Voodoo Louie to remember all his lies.

He got very quiet and replied, (to the effect), "Well we've all done things in our past that we wouldn't do today."

I don't believe ONE WORD of this Voodoo Louie bullshit.  I'm 99.9% positive Gene never said anything like it. 

Gene is known worldwide as a straight talking, sincere man.  His honesty and integrity are famous all over the dog world.

My 29+ years of law enforcement experience tells me that this is an admission that he had, in fact, strangled dogs on the training table, that he now knew it was the wrong thing to do and that he wouldn't do it again.

Nobody cares what your insane lies "tell you".  You leap to false assumptions because YOU want to - not because they're true.  Louie's 29+ (claimed but unproven) years in law enforcement mean nothing.  Louie invents his lies, then invents more insane lies to embellish his assumptions.  But Louie never SEES or PROVES anything.  He just writes messages.

Since Steve tells us that he emulates this man, at times engaging in near-hero worship of him, it's reasonable to believe that he too, has repeatedly strangled dogs on the table.

That's really some undeniable "EVIDENCE", Louie!  It's "reasonable to believe", because you said it's "reasonable"!  You need to have me prosecuted with this kind of "reasonable, undeniable proof"! 


But you should have done that in 2001, Voodoo,

while I still had a training business and used tables daily.

Try that insanity on a FL State Attorney, and see how far it gets you.  Maybe you'll get REAL lucky, and contact one of the THREE FL State Attorneys who trained their dogs with me - on the table.  Wouldn't THAT be a coincidence?   

Gene always - not sometimes - used MY dogs to demonstrate table training.  If anyone thinks I would have stood by and allowed Gene to "strangle" MY dogs, they are simply INSANE.  NOBODY harms my dogs - ever.  I trust Gene implicitly, since 1983.


Louie is again PUBLICLY accusing

both Gene England and myself of strangling dogs on tables

Louie denies ever making these accusations.  I have his published public messages from 2001, in which Louie makes these same insane accusations, along with "shocking testicles to train outs", "hanging to unconsciousness", and other sick acts of cruelty.


Voodoo makes the accusations, then DENIES making them!

I've asked Steve if he's ever strangled dogs on the table and his response has either been to ignore the question or to demand that I prove that he has if I'm going to make that accusation.  But I'm an eternal optimist so it's worth a try again.

I've already (years ago) provided proof all over my website that Louie is a liar.  After you've read a few Voodoo pages, it's obvious that Voodoo Louie is just an insane, chronic, pathological liar, and can't tell the same story twice without lying at least once.

Steve, have you ever strangled a dog on the training table? 

No, I never have.  Have you? 

That's a silly question - you train with shock collars, according to you.  Have you ever FRIED a dog's brains, until he was nearly DEAD with your shock collar, Louie?  How many dogs did you KILL with your electric shocks?  It's reasonable to believe that you have abused many, many dogs with electric shock.

Have you ever SEEN table training - or did a "friend" "tell you about it"?  (Screen captures are right here on this website, Louie, to refresh your defective memory.)

I have your own words, direct from the LEERKOPF™ forum, among several others, to help you out here, Louie.  You wrote them, you can accept responsibility for them. 

For those that read and look - one thing is obvious .......

Voodoo Louie Castle Is A Disease That Infected The Internet

This has to be a world record, even for Voodoo Louie Castle.  The number of LIES in just ONE MESSAGE is staggering!



Lou Castle, Los Angeles, CA


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Re: Positive Vs E Collar Training

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Lou, point made an accepted. I have tried to be clear as crystal in my previous post. The next person to call another poster an animal abuser is gone. Really is as simple as that.


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Notice the TWO "warning messages" (above), from K9media - (Lyin' Ryan) the "administrator" of this message forum, written on January 11, 2007.  Then note the following quote from Voodoo Louie (in RED), written on April 3, 2007, on the same message forum.  (The screen capture can be downloaded here - the page inside the zipfile is named "running off.htm") 

I sent FIVE emails to the "administrator", Lyin' Ryan O'Meara, on April 4th, 5th, and 6th, 2007, bringing this to her attention, and received no response.

On April 3, 2007 Voodoo Louie wrote:

I don't need videos to know that you've abused dogs on your training table stevie.  The mere fact that virtually everyone (you included) who uses that tool does so behind closed doors after building costly buildings to hide what they do from public view; is plenty of evidence of what you used to do, perhaps what you still do.  The fact that you did all of this out of the public view means that there's no video of it.  That hardly means that you didn't do it. 

Tell us stevie, why else would you only do table training behind closed doors out of the view of the public? 

More evidence of this abuse is the fact that your hero, Gene England has all but admitted that he used to strangle dogs on the training table.  Since you worship at his feet, there's no doubt that you did the same.

It's quite possible that the real reason you won't supply references to your alleged police training is that you know that they'll tell the truth about what they saw, you strangling dogs and otherwise abusing them on the training table. 


both Gene England and myself of strangling dogs on tables.

 Q: When is a "rule" not a "rule"?  A: When LYIN' RYAN O'MEARA makes the "rule".

It's apparent that the ADMINISTRATOR - LYIN' RYAN O'MEARA - of this "dogchat" forum

(1) has an agenda of her own, selectively favoring "special" individuals,

(2) does not administrate or control her own message board,

(3) is just LYIN' RYAN O'MEARA, a windbag full of empty, meaningless "admin" lies - all mouth, no action.