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Tables Force Dogs To Bite


Steve's message to LEERKOPF Frawley

Thanks to "table expert" Ed Frawley, we've learned the secrets:  table training forces the dog to bite because he is in "survival" mode, and it's either "fight-or-die". 

He knows the safest place to be is on the sleeve.

Read LEERKOPF'S™ "discussion" all about Gene England


Above is Corey, my own dog, trying his best to survive being on the round table.  It was very, very hard, he actually fainted from fright (as shown), but he made it.  This "fight-or-die" shit is HARD on a dog!  He was so nervous and insecure, he brought his big red Kong ball up there, just in case something really terrible happened. 

Above is another of my dogs, Klint at ~8 months.  It's obvious this is a survival, fight-or-die situation.

Below is a 6 month Mal bitch being worked for the fourth time.  It's a live-or-die type thing, and this bitch is in fear for her life.  So is her handler and everyone else in the room.  They drove 180 miles round trip (twice a week) to train on the tables.  And they brought LOTS of money.  Do you think they believed that whole "table expert Frawley survival, fight-or-die" idea?  Well maybe somebody should have warned them. 


Below:  Here's vivid proof.  I stopped, because we didn't want her to loose control of her bowls.  We already had some bowls in the room, and didn't need any more.  The poor bitch was afraid, we were ALL afraid - it was a fear filled night for everyone, simply terrifying.  Notice that WHIP laying on the floor?

Below:  The insecure, weak, frontal fear bite is pretty obvious.  It was caused because the dog was in "survival, fight-or-die mode", as "table expert" Frawley has taught us.  Anyone can see - this lil dog couldn't get far enough away from me.  That's some DEEP "avoidance", Yessuh!  Hey - if you're wondering, that's really a WHIP in my hand.  

Below:  This little bitch absolutely doesn't want to bite.  We discussed hanging her by her neck to FORCE her to bite, but I went into avoidance, submission, and flight.  I don't know why we couldn't get a confident full mouth grip.  Maybe it was the whip.  I considered shocking her on her testicles, but I ran into a VERY BIG problem there: no matter how hard I looked, I couldn't see them.  (Actually, this young bitch had enough grip that I could drag her AND the Goddamn table 10' across the room - and did regularly.)

Below:  When the terrified young bitch finally escaped the torture of being on the table, I was hiding in the tool room.  After wrecking the door for awhile, she got me out.  So then I forced her to bite again.  This was because all she could think about was surviving the tables.  Just like the "table expert" Frawley has taught us:  "The experience is like a women getting rapes. THEY DO NOT FORGET THIS - NOT EVER !!!!!"  Dig it - NOT EVER !!!!!  This little bitch didn't forget either, and we forced her to bite for about a year, but we never "rapes" her - honestly.  Meanwhile, the money just kept coming in.  (We used to replace our doors about every 12-18 months.  Part of our training process was to hide behind doors, let the dog use his/her nose, and "dig him outa there".)             

Below is a page from Women's Self Defense Magazine.  They sent a crew here to do an article about protection dogs, so I had a chance to show the whole United States (and maybe even the world!) exactly how to torture a dog on the table.  No matter what, we couldn't get a calm, confident full mouth bite out of this little dog.   

What's NOT shown here is how he got on the table - you might notice in the first pic that he isn't tied to it.  I sat on the photographer's lap, John sent his dog for a bite, an out, a recall, then a re-attack.  We intentionally let Tupac knock us out of the chair, (four people "pretend fell" on the floor with the lawn chairs flying around), plenty of gunfire, and during the bite, (about 3 minutes), we went up and over all the tables - long, square, and round.  We climbed all over that room, everybody and everything in it - drug boxes, people, dog crates, organ benches, coffee table.  (Around here, ya gets a SHOW wit' yo' money.)  He damn near dislocated that poor gal's arm.  But she had a ball, and took a buncha bites. 

Tupac went THROUGH sleeves.  Anything softer than a barrel sleeve, and you walked away bleeding every time.  This from the smallest Mal I've ever worked: about 45 pounds.  Hey!  That's another whip, laying on the table - I'm really into beating dogs to force them to bite.  All my clients knew this - that's why they kept coming back - and bringing more money.  Just like "expert" Frawley predicted, these poor clients bought the sales pitch, baby!

If you look very carefully at these pictures, you might see that tall square table in the background.  And 20 or more whips.  And about 60 sleeves.  I didn't buy them for myself, I bought all those sleeves so I could put them on table legs.  Then the dogs could have a safe place to be - on a sleeve - just exactly like "expert" Frawley taught us.

The dog shown below is 12 weeks old.  He is in survival mode.  You can tell by his glowing eyes.  This dog's eyes never, ever glow unless he is in fear for his life.  When he was tied on the table, he couldn't escape.  So he climbed up the walls, smashed through the window, and even walked around on the ceiling.  (Can you see the pawprints?  Look very carefully.  There's your evidence.)  So then his eyes just kept glowing brighter and brighter and brighter, until the survival mode completely took over.  Then he was forced to bite, as shown.

Below, another dog is completely stressed out on the round table.  He has entered the survival mode, and realizes it's fight-or-die time.  He's ready to escape to safety, but first he wants one more hotdog.  When you're forced to fight for your life, you really need a lot of energy.  As anybody knows, surviving with hotdogs is better than surviving without hotdogs.

Fight-or-die has never been more obvious.  This dog is saving his life because he's escaping.

As shown below, the dog has no choices left in the world, so he fights for his life.  He didn't "loose control of his bowls" (spelling courtesy of Ed Frawley), but maybe he will the next time he goes on the table.  If he survives this time.

The "dog" shown in these pictures is known as "Scamp".  In real life, he's a semi-wild, male grey fox - approximately 8.5 pounds, and 23 weeks old - and he does do bitework on the tables!  (In a very limited way, of course.)  He lives and hunts outdoors, and comes into the training room pretty regularly for bites.  (Really, he comes in for some food and to hang out and play with his "humans".  The bites are for our amusement.)  Because he's a very private type guy, he only trains when no other dogs are nearby.  He's pure hell on that burlap twitch, but he will literally kill mice, lizards, and chickens.

Recently, Scamp refused Frawley's exclusive $3.29 contract offer to star in "Vidz Fer Kidz" latest series of kiddy video tapes  ......  "How I Survived Tabletop Training".  Scamp's verbatim comment:  "Nah - I think this Frawley guy is immoral and he's a psycho.  He can't even spell!  How do I know he won't write me bad checks?  You seen his insane messages?  I ain't doin' NO business with him.  Period."

And there ya have it  - Outfoxed again, Frawley.