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On Thursday, August 21, 2003, at 2:45pm, my wife of 34 years, Rebecca, died in my arms in an emergency room.

The last words we spoke were in perfect synchronization: "I love you with all my heart."




when you snooze you lose

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Grizzly G4027 Milling machine w/X axis power feed  

Extra spring loaded table stops

Quill quick stop installed

Original tool box, tools, all docs, manuals, test data, and paperwork


This machine is a Bridgeport copy.  It was purchased new from the factory in July, 2004.

It has had less than 5 hours of useIt has never cut metal - it has only cut wood

This milling machine is in 100% pristine, brand new condition, not even a paint chip can be found.  The machine is equipped for fluid cooling, if desired.  The machine has been kept in immaculate condition and surfaces oiled regularly, although it hasn't had use.  There is no rust or discoloration anywhere.  All functions work smoothly and perfectly (ie; all table feeds, down feed, auto down feed stop/return, etc.) and it runs very quietly.  Although it is belt driven, speed changes are extremely fast and simple, due to the very open design of the head.  Typically, moving the belt takes about 15 seconds.  Changing from high to low range takes about 2 seconds.  Variable speed heads are available to bolt up to this machine, as well as power drawbar kits.

This machine was used to square and bore one block of wood, as shown here.  (I machined several other blocks, but they were done on a different milling machine.)    

From this .....   to this .....   to this .....   and finally to this .....



R8 spindle

Quill: 3.375

2 HP motor, 220vac single phase, TEFC (can be wired for 110vac)

Meehanite cast iron

Speeds (low range): 80-135-210-325

Speeds (high range): 660-1110-1750-2720

Spindle travel: 5

Power down feed rate: .0015 - .003 - .006 - micro adjustable stop

Quick pushbutton quill stop

Head swivel: 90 degrees both ways

Head tilt: 45 degrees both ways

Max. spindle to table: 18 3/8

Min. spindle to table: 0

Max. spindle to column: 23

Min. spindle to column: 6

Table size: 42 x 9

Table travel (w/power feed): 26.75

Table cross travel: 12

Knee vertical travel: 16

One shot oiling system

Multiple table and knee locks

T-slots: 3 on 2.5" centers - 1/2" studs


I want to sell everything as a complete package.  Almost everything in the package was purchased at the same time as the mill.  Many pieces have never been used. 


The complete package includes:

Newall C80 digital readout - X and Y axis - installed and calibrated

Kurt D-675 vise (6.75" - moving the vise jaws increases vise capacity)

2 piece split vise - infinite clamping

Slotted angle stop block

Clamping kit (52+ pieces)

1-2-3 blocks (2 sets)

Parallel bar set (1/2" - 4 pair)

R8 x 5/8" drill chuck

R8 x " keyless drill chuck

End mill set

R8 tool holders 1 3/8

R8 collet set w/rack

Dial indicator set w/magnetic base and fine adjustment

Alignment (test) indicator w/pivoting stylus

Single fly cutter and extra HSS cutters

4 head cutter (carbide + extra cutters)

Magnetic base air or fluid clearing w/hose and barb fittings

Custom chip shields

Center and edge finders

R8 cleaner stick

Extras for machining/milling - squares, rules, etc

Calipers: 12 dial, 6 digital, 6 plain

Rolling toolbox included

Many extra parts, tools, etc.  



Located in N. Tampa, Florida.


I have over $8800.00 invested in the complete milling machine package.


Asking price for the complete package is $6000.00 or best offer - let's work together - I'm READY TO SELL.