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The EXPERT Police K9 Challenge

Yarnell Spews Cop-Shit

World class police K9 professional, Don Yarnell, has an apology to make to the Working Malinois list.  He attacked Fred Hassen, a civilian dog trainer, and now it's APOLOGY TIME.  Yarnell, with his mid-range mentality, is not a very accurate speller.  Because I feel sorry for his condition, I'll help him with the spelling errors.

Yarnell's text is RED

Some of Yarnell's text is HIGHLIGHTED

Steve Leigh's text is BLUE

Laughter is audible

(Roger Warner, the shithead who runs the Malinois message list, erases messages whenever he wants to, so going to see the original online is probably impossible.  It could be archived somewhere, but I don't know.  I saved a plain text copy with all the "board header command" stuff on it.  If you want the original, download  


Posted By: Donn Yarnall <>
Date: Monday, 17 December 2001, at 11:45 a.m.

I wish to apologize to this board for starting what has been an opportunity for some to employ terrorist like tactics. I had no idea that inviting a few people to one training session would turn so ugly. I agree with most members that this is no place to exhibit one's delusional paranoia or insecurities. I apologize for my role in this debacle. I never in my wildest dreams thought someone would launch such an offensive attack over what they percieve (perceive, idiot) as tgheir (their, idiot) home turf. I never meant to challange (it's challenge, idiot) anyone. It was just a simple invitation to dog friends to meet and have some fun.

This is what they call an "apology" over there in Yarnell-ville.  As this exercise in lies and cop-shit goes forward, I'm particularly interested in remembering some of Yarnell's words:

"I wish to apologize to this board .... "
"I agree with most members that this is no place to exhibit .... "
"I apologize for my role in this debacle."
"I never meant to challange (it really IS "CHALLENGE", idiot) anyone."

The reason to remember, is that each of these statements is a blatant lie.  It's 100% cop-shit.  He's not apologizing, he's not sorry, he wants to "challange" and he's exhibiting his ass off.  The debacle is just beginning.


I have dedicated the better part of my life to working with dogs and have paid many dues trying to achieve levels of performance that enhance the abilities of our law enforcement officers and SAR handlers. It has not come cheap, but I would do it all over again. I have had the most wonderful life and have been blessed with good friends - dogs and people.

Now we get a chorus of the "K9 Martyr song and dance", explaining about paying dues, his most wonderful life, being blessed, and damn if Yarnell wouldn't do it all over again.  Are you all misty eyed?  I am.  It's time for Sinatra's "My Way" right about here. 

(If anybody cares to help locate some of the dog handlers that worked with Yarnell, we're going to hear some stories that will put Yarnell and his attitude in proper perspective - and they'll make your hair stand on end, too.  Mark Mooring is my choice as a real good place to start.)

I also apologize for letting that guy get to me. I know better than to be baited - I had a brain fade and got sucked in. I will sincerely try to never let him push another one of my buttons. I have to keep reminding myself that although little gnats are annoying with their constant buzzing in your ear and general pestering behavior. They are really of no significance in the big picture and eventually just fade away.

What a ridiculous load of cop-shit.  As you'll see in a moment, "Brain Fade, Sucked In" Yarnell "apologized" so he could get right to the REAL AGENDA of this dishonest "APOLOGY" message:


Do you really think for one second that Yarnell couldn't have sent this message privately?  Sure he could have.  But he didn't want to.  There's no audience that way.

On the other hand, the little gnat is puffing up his chest because I seemingly did not accept his challange (I TOLD you - challenge, idiot) to a duel on the training field. I wasn't near the computer to respond to this childish bravado, and in retrospect it was a good thing. The only reason anyone knows this man's name is because he interjects his advertisements all over the net, and I certainly do not wish to give him more oppertunities (opportunities, idiot) to baffle us with foolish statements and unanswered questions. However, perhaps now is the time to address the challange.  (how many times you need to be told?  CHALLENGE, idiot)

It looks like Yarnell's got his testosterone up to full charge.  I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't load up on Viagra.  500 x 100mg tabs can have a hell of an effect! 

Now he's ready to "address the challange" (Yarnell really oughta address a spell checker, too).  In his ego bloated delusions, he thinks he's gonna dictate the TERMS OF HIS MORONIC CHALLENGE!  This jive cop-shit is not only ridiculous, it's also hysterical.  "Perhaps now is the time" to tell Yarnell he's not well.  "Go see a psychiatrist, Yarnell.  GET HELP."



I accept your challange, (will you ever learn? CHALLENGE.)  Fred. But let's make this a true test of one's abilities to train dogs. FIrst, let's move off that "field" you referr (refer) to and actually apply the tools we have given these dogs into something productive. No Ecollars or pinch collars allowed. I'm sure you will agree to this - it is standard for any trial or testing proceedure (procedure). Oh yes, and no burning the dog with juice just prior to the exercise. The dog comes out of the vehicle and goes to work - no "prepping" the dog. Handler skills also are a mark of a good trainer, so you and I handle the dogs in this "test".

You bring out your best bomb dog and I'll bring out mine. You hide the training aids for both dogs. You can even use your own aids to hide. "Can't be fairer than that". You bring out your best narcitic (NARCITIC? What the hell is that - a modified drug dog?) dog and I'll bring out mine. Same rules - you hide the training aids - use your aids if you like.. You bring out your best protection dog and I'll bring out mine. You decoy for my dog and I'll decoy for yours. We will use only a light hidden sleeve. If you have a problem with that, you decoy for both dogs ("can't be any fairer than that"). BTW, you means you personally. You bring out your best search dog and I'll bring out mine. I'll hide for your dog and you personally hide for mine.  we will test the dogs in both high risk area and building searches. The area search will include a track somewhere in the search area, but the start is unknown to the handler. You can lay both tracks if you wish, "can't be fairer than that". Then we will go to a live fire range at night where we will conduct tactical shooting exercises as dog handlers (that means you have to handle your dog while shooting for score, moving in a tactical manner from position to position). You can set up the course any way you want, "can't be fairer than that". And, you aare (are) more than welcome to bring your "staff", 6 vans, and any other groupies you want . However, you must agree to publish the entire video for all to see - "can't be fairer than that".

World class professional police K9 Sgt. Don "can't be fairer than that" Yarnell is totally over the top.

Here he is - THE PRO'S PRO! - Don Yarnell - the world famous police K9 professional - challenging Fred Hassen, a CIVILIAN! .... A GODDAMN CIVILIAN!  HASSEN - who's probably never even SEEN a bomb dog, who's most likely never SEEN drug training, and who probably has NO FREAKING CLUE what the hell a "live fire range, night, tactical shooting course" IS, what one looks like, how you get there from here, or what the hell tactical shooting's got to do with dog training!

And world class professional K9 police trainer Don Yarnell is telling him "CAN'T BE FAIRER THAN THAT"!  This man needs a psychiatrist - NOW! 

How many civilians would accept this idiotic cop challenge?  Even better, what kind of a deranged cop would challenge a civilian like this? 

Look at this, as Yarnell completely loses what he's saying, while he's saying it!

"The area search will include a track somewhere in the search area, but the start is unknown to the handler. You can lay both tracks if you wish"

 ROFLMAO!..If Fred lays both tracks, then how the hell could the start of the track be unknown?  Yarnell is insane!

Don "can't be fairer than that" Yarnell is afraid to make an HONEST challenge

("can't be fairer than that"!)

An OBEDIENCE test would be a fair challenge to BOTH.  ("can't be fairer than that"!)  They could bang their heads together and work out all the idiotic "rules", then step out on the field and see who's got what.  And how much of it, too.  Obedience and control tests would be easy to conduct, no dope, no bombs, no tracks, no articles, and no wrecked buildings are needed, and it would be easy to judge, too.  They could toss in some bitework, since they both do that, and give Yarnell at least a chance to fall on his face while making a complete fool of himself.  ("can't be fairer than that"!)

But then Don Yarnell wouldn't have his COP-SHIT ADVANTAGE over CIVILIAN FRED who's never trained, or claimed to train, "police bomb dogs", "police drug ("narcitic") dogs", "police night, live fire range dogs", "police high risk area dogs", or "police building search dogs".

And what about the dogs in this "challenge"?  Fred gets to bring his $100.00 pitbull, Maddy, and police K9 world expert Yarnell gets to bring (borrow) a $6,000.00 SchH III (trained/titled in Germany) import (that actually belongs to the Marshal's service), who had about 18 weeks of training (with his own handler) at San Diego police training school (without Yarnell, naturally), before Yarnell claims he "trained" him!  This is how you make a "true test of one's abilities to train dogs"! 

Is this fair?  Just ask the PRO - Don "can't be fairer than that" Yarnell

I think I'll go lay some narcitic, high risk, live fire, night tracks where the start is unknown.
"Can't be fairer than that"!

Maybe police K9 world expert "can't be fairer than that" Yarnell would like to accept MY challenge.  I've got some real tests for his ass.
I accept your challenge, Yarnell.  But let's make this a true test of your abilities.  "Can't be fairer than that"!  Let's actually apply the tools you imagine you have into something productive. 

First, let's take your live fire night range tactical shooting pistol and shove it up your ass.  Vaseline, or any lubricant you choose, is allowed.  "Can't be fairer than that"!  You will retain your pistol in your ass until instructed to remove it during the high risk test.  "Can't be fairer than that"

You bring out your best bombed dog and I'll bring out mine.  If I can't control my laughter, you will receive 50 bonus points.  "Can't be fairer than that"!  Then you lay 2 tracks where the starts of the tracks are unknown and the ends of the tracks are unknown.  If your bombed dog laughs at you, you will receive 100 bonus points.  If he is so bombed that he collapses with laughter, you will receive 500 bonus points.  "Can't be fairer than that"!

Now we'll move onto the field and make a true test of your abilities.  You will be issued a red 55 gallon drum and a Pooper Scooper.  You will clear the field of dog shit using the Pooper Scooper which was issued to you.  You will deposit each load of dog shit into your red 55 gallon drum.  During the test you will add plain water to soften the dog shit in the drum.  The dog shit must be soft and squishy.  You may climb in the drum and mash the dog shit if you choose.  Excess water will drain out of the 55 gallon drum through standard 1" holes at the bottom of the drum.  "Can't be fairer than that"!  There will be many, many loads of dog shit hidden on the field - far more than enough to fill your 55 gallon drum.  If you like, you can hide the dog shit, and you can even bring your own dog shit to hide.  "Can't be fairer than that"

When the drum is half full you will scoop up Voodoo Louie Castle and deposit him into your drum of dog shit.  You will then receive 1,000 bonus points.  "Can't be fairer than that"!  If you are skilled enough to deposit Voodoo Louie into the dog shit face down, you will earn 5,000 bonus points.  If Louie is unable to make a sound because his mouth is buried in the dog shit, you will receive 10,000 bonus points.  "Can't be fairer than that"

You will also insert a standard 1" breathing hose into your red 55 gallon drum for Voodoo Louie so he does not suffocate in the dog shit. 

(Note: we do not want Voodoo Louie to suffocate.  He will be used later, in the Camouflaged Dog Shit Test, the Disability Test, and other tests.)   

You bring out your best narcitic dog and I'll bring out mine.  Whichever narcitic dog shits first, you will scoop up the shit and deposit it in your red 55 gallon drum.  "Can't be fairer than that"!  If both narcitic dogs shit, you will scoop up both piles and receive 100 bonus points.  "Can't be fairer than that"!

You bring out your best protection dog and I'll bring out mine.  Wearing only a light hidden sleeve, you scoop dog shit off the field as the dog follows you around.  If you have a problem with that, don't wear the sleeve.  "Can't be fairer than that"!  BTW, you means you personally.  "Can't be fairer than that"!

You will continue to scoop up dog shit and deposit it until the 55 gallon drum is full.  After 1 hour, an electric shock collar will be placed on your neck if you have not completely filled your red 55 gallon drum with dog shit.  You will continue to scoop the field at a faster pace, with electric shock applied for "motivation" and "guidance".  (Just like in your professional "Yarnell Guidance Video"!)  "Can't be fairer than that"

When you have filled the red 55 gallon drum, I will open the door of your vehicle.  On a signal from Fred Hassen, you will lift your drum filled with dog shit (and Voodoo Louie Castle) off the ground, carry it to your vehicle, and place it in the back seat.  "Can't be fairer than that"!  No assistance is permitted while moving the red 55 gallon drum to your vehicle.  I'm sure you will agree to this - it is standard for any trial or testing procedure.  A competitor must perform the tests without assistance.  "Can't be fairer than that"

If you dump all the dog shit while you place the drum into your vehicle, you will receive 10,000 bonus points and a coupon for a free car wash.  A partial dump will earn only 250 bonus points.   

Using a large can of neon pink spray paint you will spray the words "YARNELL'S SHITMOBILE" on both sides of your vehicle.  The letters must be a minimum of 10" high.  Neat, legible lettering will earn 250 bonus points.  Next, you will spray paint a big pink heart on the entire hood of your vehicle.  Inside the heart, you will spray paint the name


Finally, you will climb on the roof of your vehicle and spray paint the following:


"Can't be fairer than that"!  This is the end of Phase 1 of the test. 

You will then begin a 30 minute rest period.  You may smoke cigars, chew tobacco, spit, and relax.

We will move onto a different field for Phase 2, and make a true test of your abilities.  You will be tested in a high risk area.  "Can't be fairer than that"!  The area will contain many high risks, including poisonous snakes, piles of dog shit, abandoned mines, caves, burning vehicles, buried anti-personnel mines, mustard gas, and other high risk objects.  Buildings with collapsing walls and caving roofs are also part of the high risk area.  "Can't be fairer than that"!  You will be issued a red wagon with 50,000 rounds of live ammo.  You will remove your live fire night range tactical shooting pistol from your ass and conduct tactical shooting exercises.  You will be moving in a tactical manner from position to position.  You may walk, jump, jog, run, crawl, or do the Moonwalk - there are no restrictions on how you move.  "Can't be fairer than that"!  If a building or roof caves in on you during this exercise, you will receive 5,000 bonus points. 

Three of the six remaining tests require you to be alive to complete them.  The other three tests do not require you to be alive.  "Can't be fairer than that"!

You are more than welcome to bring your "friends", 6 vans, and any other groupies you want.  However, you must agree to publish the entire video for all to see.  "Can't be fairer than that"!   

The incredible Yarnell - Hassen K9 Challenge (above) didn't come out of thin air ...... so what caused it?  That's easy!  Some "Training In Las Vegas" caused it!

Check THIS!

The Big Build Up:

   MESSAGE:   (#21759) Re: Training In Las Vegas
   AUTHOR:    Fred Hassen <>
   DATE:      Friday, 14 December 2001, at 11:42 p.m.

   Reply To:  (#21756) Re: Training In Las Vegas
   Author:    Donn Yarnall
   Date:      Friday, 14 December 2001, at 8:58 p.m.

Donn Yarnall writes: One more thing, Fred. You have to promise that you will not tell,hint, or intimate to anyone that you trained me, that we are associates, that you are an advisor to me on training police dogs, or that you are some sort of special guest. No special guests will be there - only friends that like to work dogs.


Donn Yarnall

Donn, you have my word that I never have, or never will say that I am associated with you. I didn't realize that people could not bring their dogs to this seminar.

Fred Hassen

   MESSAGE:   (#21762) Re: Training In Las Vegas
   AUTHOR:    Donn YArnall <>
   DATE:      Saturday, 15 December 2001, at 1:14 a.m.

   Reply To:  (#21761) Re: Training In Las Vegas
   Author:    Fred Hassen
   Date:      Saturday, 15 December 2001, at 12:54 a.m.

You never cease to amaze me, Fred. Did you just throw down a gauntlet or infer that I am full of B.S.? Where I come from, those words are a callout. I can't believe you want that kind of war, Fred. But, if it comes down to that, I'm your Huckleberry!

Donn Yarnall 

Uh oh .... "Huckleberry" Yarnell is winding up ...... and here's the pitch .....

   MESSAGE:   (#21768) Re: Training In Las Vegas
   AUTHOR:    Donn Yarnall <>
   DATE:      Saturday, 15 December 2001, at 3:13 a.m.

   Reply To:  (#21763) Re: Training In Las Vegas
   Author:    Fred Hassen
   Date:      Saturday, 15 December 2001, at 1:31 a.m.

Anything I have ever said on any list has been to your face, Fred. It is you that talks all the shit, then either denies it, or double talks what you think is your way out. You rely on people having short memories, and unfortunately most do. Others chalk it up to trainers disagreeing. The problem is that your shit catches up to you Fred. Why wont you answer seemingly simple questions about your training or your accomplishments (or lack of). Why won't you answer the question about using juice to force a dog into combat? It's because that is what you do. No, I haven't seen you do it, but pleanty of people have - you know it is very wrong, but you get what you think are results. Wave the magic wand - to hell with the dog or the long term problems. Moving a dog from point A to point B is not even near the same league as tracking down armed felons. Of course, you couldn't know that - you have and never will be there and have no concept what kind of dog or training it takes. Nor are you interested in learning. It's really neat that you teach dogs to pick up trash, but finding a lost child in the wilds is a little something more. Of course, how would you know that? You think that sending a dog in a certain direction is all you need for a working dog. No need to know about scent or how to use it to your advantage. In this case, ignorance is not bliss - it will get somebody killed.

I have seen the product of your work, Fred. The police dog you were so oftern bragging about training was a basket case when you were training him. This dog was so confused he didn't know which way was up. The handler was using what you told him to use - high level 4 by multiple momentary stimulations. He balked repeatedly when sent for a bite, and wouldn't leave the handler's side. When he did bite, he would prematurely drop off and the handler. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure the dog knows where it is safe from the electricity - at the handler's side. Let me guess, Fred, to fix the problem you would stimulate the dog away from the handler towards combat, right? I know you won't give a straight answer to this but people have seen you do it. The number of vans and "staff" you have is mildly interesting, or the fact that you train in the street for everyone to see. Cut the crap, Fred - you train in the street because it eliminates overhead and you are likely to pick up clients from people walking by. This is nothing new - pet trainers have been doing this for many years before you came along.

Where did you get your training, Fred? I put my resume out on the web for all to see. If you are more than a legend in your own mind, put your training and experiences out there. It is there that the B.S. stops, Fred. It is what we have done, not what we say we can do that seperates experts from pet trainers. What experience do you have in training SAR or police dogs? probably none - yet you go out and give instruction to these people. You have no business doing any training with these people beyond obedience. Unless you have somehow received some type of divine knowledge, you have no experience and therefore can have no clue what needs to be done. Let us know what your experience is,
Fred. Prove me wrong. Police and SAR are very ruff business. But, you won't ever have to worry about that, will you Fred? You go to their seminars, zap a few dogs, and go home. You never see, and therefore do not have to acknowledge, the destruction you have caused. You are not there - but they are. When one of the SAR dogs you taught to "move" by electricity misses the lost person because the dog was "moving" rather than searching, and that person dies or is severely injured because of the miss, who do you think the family is going to sue? Or the cop who gets his ass kicked because his dog wouldn't engage in combat due to the extreme conflict you created? It will be you, Fred. And I know there will be a long line of true experts that will volunteer to help the plaintiffs.

Why is it that you always have conflict with established, respected trainers, Fred. Is it because they call you on what you say or do? Why is it that you are so far out of sync with all the other trainers? - people that have been around for many years and have been there, done that.

People want to believe in magic, and that is where you come in. There is never a post where you are not advertising or telling people they have to see it to understand it. Just like Sears, get them in the store any way you can and they will buy something. It's an old salesman's trick. Throw up enough shit and some will stick to the wall. You advertise everything you do on this list, yet never contribute anything about the Malinois. Have you ever even seen a Malinois, Fred?

Yes, Fred, you were on the A list of trainers when I wrote that warning to police officers. I make it no secret that I think you are very dangerous to police and SAR people. In my opinion, your force methods are destructive and counterproductive for working dogs. You have no experience and therefore no business in that arena. Do your homework - pay your dues like everyone else. You have to learn the subject before you can teach it.


Donn Yarnall 

Amazing what ego and testosterone can do in a message on the internet!

above:  Smiling Sgt. Thom Payne (with the purple shoulder), me, Remke and Ap (in front of us),

and some of the tired, friendly participants at a KNPV seminar.
By the time the camera came out, most of the officers had already left for home.
Some officers came from as far away as Sacramento, over 500 miles and 9 hours of driving.

In 1996, I helped organize a 2 day KNPV seminar for San Diego Police K9.  Present at this seminar were about 80 dogs and handlers from many different police agencies, from all over California.  Among these were teams from Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, California Highway Patrol, Riverside, Chula Vista, Orange County, and dozens more.  Some interesting, lasting observations have stayed with me since that time.

Both seminar days started out with meetings and coffee.  Discussions took place, in which several styles of training were compared.  I was amazed to learn that SDPD had over 50 K9 teams (currently 60) in service, while LAPD and LASD each had 10 teams.

It was during these discussions that I first heard the name Don Yarnell.  Whether or not you care to believe it, animosity and dislike filled the room instantly, just as soon as his name was mentioned.  It was like a tear gas grenade went off. 

My KNPV friends from Holland, Remke and Ap, found this to be quite humorous.  They voted for bringing Yarnell out to the seminar field to "assist".  That was vetoed on the spot.  Suggestions were made to use Yarnell as the helper - without sleeves or a suit.

On the training field, I observed that the dogs from Los Angeles were wearing electric collars, unlike dogs from any other agencies.  The dogs refused to release the bites with or without the use of electronic stimulation.  Invariably, these dogs were dragged off the helpers by their necks, throats, and flanks.  I watched this with my own eyes, and nobody will ever convince me otherwise.  In fairness, some dogs from other agencies refused to out, too.  By the second day, I had listened to a lot of horror stories from a lot of policemen with dogs - most of these horror stories contained the word "Yarnell".

Constantly apparent, was how much all the officers that had contact with Don Yarnell absolutely, totally, utterly despised him.  In stark contrast to this, everybody really liked Sgt. Thom Payne, and had nothing but friendly conversation, pleasant words and compliments for him. 

Makes ya think, doesn't it?

In my own "expert opinion", there must be a reason for this.