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WHAT IS THIS WEBSITE ABOUT?  Some of this is a personal website containing REBUTTAL, REPLY, and COMMENT to (primarily) public statements and accusations made by various self proclaimed "internet dog training experts".  The majority of the statements and accusations are FALSE, and refer to me, personally.  The nucleus of this website is based on verbatim quotes of public messages, most of which are archived with their respective lists.  Unless noted, nothing has been altered, other than formatting line length to screen width and changing the font style.  Other parts of this site contain OPINIONS, HUMOR, PARODY, COMEDY, and SARCASM which reflect my own personal sense of humor and viewpoints.  The First Amendment of the Constitution adequately, particularly, and specifically provides these rights.  This site is for educational and entertainment purposes.  This is emphatically not a "hate" site.  There is no hate, and never was.  Profanity is kept to a minimum, but it does exist.  If this website seems offensive to you, in any way, please leave now.  Please do not subject yourself to being offended.

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Yarnell Never Gets Enough
the arrogant ego yipyaps some more

Here is more (yes, more) Yarnell running off at the mouth and doing what he lives for: degrading other people.  Yarnell's life would be a total waste if he didn't spend massive amounts of time putting people down.  Like Voodoo Louie, Yarnell doesn't have a clue when to just shut up and keep his bloated ego under control.  Too much arrogance.  Too much ego.  Too much yipyapping at the expense of other people.

I won't leave out an elementary fact:  Yarnell fabricated this entire fantasy about one person, not several. 

He makes thinly disguised generalizations, but he's talking about one trainer.

The same trainer that made Yarnell look like a world class asshole at the Las Vegas Smackdown Challenge - Fred Hassen.

Yarnell's text is RED

Steve Leigh's text is BLUE

The laughter is audible


There now appears to be some pet trainers and snake oil salesmen about touting their magical abilities to cure all and fix all using an electric remote collar.

Wow - this sounds exactly like somebody named Don Yarnell and his pet groupie chump, Voodoo Louie Castle.

Anyone that works a dog in any type of scent work should stay as far away from one of these characters as possible.

And what about people who don't work dogs in scent work?  Are there any of those living in this world?

Electricity is a very powerful tool that can be a quick fix with long lasting, devastating consequences.

That's right.  Those devastating consequences are easily visible on Yarnell's own "expert" video, which is laughingly referred to as "training".

Here are a few clues that let you know you are dealing with someone dangerous:

Here are a few clues that let you know you are dealing with an arrogant REDNECK COP with an attitude problem:

1.  The "trainer" will never answer a question directly.  He or she will stick to their sales training and divert attention away from what you originally asked.  Do not let anyone that cannot explain his or her training techniques in plain language put an e-collar on your dog!

1.  If the "trainer" shows up with his dog(s), and you can't recognize if the training is good or not ..... YOU might be a REDNECK, too!

2.  It is human nature to want to believe in magic - but there is no magic in working dogs.  It takes years of hard work, trial and error, and a thorough understanding of what motivates a working dog in order for a trainer to keep the balance in your dog.  If the person does not have verifiable, extensive training experience in your field, do not let this person put an e-collar on your dog!

2.  If Yarnell never shows up with a dog that he can actually claim he trained, but you believe everything that he says anyway ..... YOU might be a REDNECK, too!

3.  Stay far away from anyone that disregards every accepted training technique and theory and wants to show you his divinely inspired methods.  If they tell you there is only one drive - "Because I said so!" drive - do not let this person put an e-collar on your dog!

3.  If Fred Hassen demonstrates his dogs, and you can't recognize that the training is a million times better and more consistent than Yarnell's "expert work" .....  YOU might be a REDNECK, too!

4.  If the person has never applied his techniques on actual deployments - or has never successfully trained a dog in your particular discipline -- do not let this person put an e-collar on your dog!

4.  If Fred Hassen has never done much police work, and his work is STILL better than Yarnell's, but you aren't bright enough to see that ..... YOU might be a REDNECK, too!

5.  If the dogs he shows are nervous, anxious, and or suppressed, or clearly anticipating control commands -- do not let this person put an e-collar on your dog!

5.  If you can't recognize that the dogs in Yarnell's famous video are exactly, precisely what he's just described above ..... YOU might be a REDNECK, too!

6.  Anyone that uses stimulation to compel a dog to search or engage in combat is a dangerous fool.  Do not let this person get within 100 yards of your dog!

6.  If you can't recognize Yarnell's double-talk, you need only view his famous video.  Yarnell clearly and repeatedly demonstrates the use of electric stimulation to compel a dog to engage in combat.  If you can't see this ..... YOU might be a REDNECK, too!

7.  The trainer creates a "safe place" for your dog using electricity.  This safe place can be called anything and is usually applied to heeling, downing, the send out, etc.  If the trainer creates a "safe place" in any way, shape, or form - do not let this person put an e-collar on your dog!

7.   If Yarnell never brings his "work" with him, and you don't stop to question that ..... YOU might be a REDNECK, too!

8.  If the trainer achieves immediate, exacting precision with problem dogs, it is an indication that the trainer is using pure punishment techniques and is not interested in keeping the dog balanced.  Do not let this person put an e-collar on your dog!

8.  If you are looking for a trainer that shows the dog reacting poorly, and you think that is better ..... YOU might be a REDNECK, too!

9.  If you frequently hear vocalization or see overt reactions to the stimulations it is a clear indication that the "trainer" is using high levels of stimulation and strict compulsion.  Do not let this person put an e-collar on your dog!

9.  If you see the Yarnell video, and you can't tell that the dogs (1) don't bite, (2) vocalize, (3) are biting at the handler, and (4) are confused ..... YOU might be a REDNECK, too!

10.  If you happened to have let this pet trainer work your dog, you may be initially impressed with the control he has achieved.  However, a day or two later, when your dog has shut down, refuses to search, or searches and misses the easy find, you will be saying to yourself - "I shouldn't have let that person put an e-collar on my dog!"

10.  When Fred Hassen - a pet trainer with about 6 years of experience - publicly blows the socks off of Don Yarnell in front of over 1000 people, and you still can't recognize that Don's "training" sucks ..... YOU might be a REDNECK, too!

We put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, not to mention years, into training our service dogs.

Yarnell left out the key ingredient:  BULLSHIT.  Just one look at Yarnell's own video proves the facts beyond any question, beyond the shadow of any doubt.

It is difficult if not impossible for others to understand what failure means in police or SAR deployments.

If anybody cares, would they raise their hand?

We know how deadly serious our operations are.

That's why these clowns train "real serious working dogs" - and anyone who sees Yarnell's video can laugh right along with the rest of us, as he juices dogs until they WON'T do the work.

Be very afraid of anyone that has no or little experience in your area that wants to show you how he does it.  Remember, he has never done it.  Also remember that control is but a small part of the whole picture of a working dog.  What you do in obedience directly effects searching, man work, etc.

And when you have no control, then you use Yarnell's famous excuses, which are contained on his Vegas Smackdown page.

We all work very hard to select the dog with proper drives.

And then we go train with Yarnell and wreck these drives in a very short time.  Using the "guidance system" to create nervous, anticipating, collar wise dogs is "The Yarnell Way".  His own video proves it.

We all work hard to establish the intense working attitude in the dog, and using those drives to our advantage.

If Yarnell's "evidence" is "intense working attitude", then he is suffering from severe delusions.  The dogs shown in his video need Geritol - these are emphatically NOT "intense working" dogs.  They're complete, utter wrecks.

For someone to come along and destroy that attitude and motivation is a tragedy.

Yarnell now points the finger directly at himself, since he's responsible for the dogs in his video, and the famous Smackdown in Las Vegas, too.  These dogs are classic examples of too much electricity in the hands of an incompetent bloated ego.  With plenty of REDNECK thrown in.

Even more tragic, that lost little girl may not be found because you let someone unqualified in your field to put that e-collar on your dog.

Although my eyes are misty about that tragic little girl, this is a discussion about dogs, Fred Hassen, and how Yarnell just can't get enough of putting Fred down publicly.  THAT'S what this is REALLY about .... not "lost little girls" and emotional tragedy. 

Good try, Yarnell - it didn't work.  Let's stick with the subject at hand, and stop evading reality by manipulating reader's emotional thresholds with "lost little girls".  Let's take a look right here, and see what this "warning" is all about, and where it came from.

Regards Donn Yarnall