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The WFFCW was created August 5, 2001 :: we're 17 YEARS OLD!

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"It's like a nightmare, isn't it?  It just keeps getting worse and worse." .... Keith McCready, in "The Color of Money"

"The only vaccine powerful enough to inoculate you from lies is the truth." .... Al Franken, famous author

WFFCW Quote Of The Second

WHAT IS THIS WEBSITE ABOUT?  Some of this is a personal website containing REBUTTAL, REPLY, and COMMENT to (primarily) public statements and accusations made by various self proclaimed "internet dog training experts".  The majority of the statements and accusations are FALSE, and refer to me, personally.  The nucleus of this website is based on verbatim quotes of public messages, most of which are archived with their respective lists.  Unless noted, nothing has been altered, other than formatting line length to screen width and changing the font style.  Other parts of this site contain OPINIONS, HUMOR, PARODY, COMEDY, and SARCASM which reflect my own personal sense of humor and viewpoints.  The First Amendment of the Constitution adequately, particularly, and specifically provides these rights.  This site is for educational and entertainment purposes.  This is emphatically not a "hate" site.  There is no hate, and never was.  Profanity is kept to a minimum, but it does exist.  If this website seems offensive to you, in any way, please leave now.  Please do not subject yourself to being offended.

TO THOSE IN FEAR OF THIS WEBSITE:  Websites can be terrifying places.  If you're afraid, we'll never understand why, but what can WE do?  You're allowed to be frightened of webpages, or anything else.  This website contains NO THREATS of any nature - no direct, indirect, implied, supplied, or personified threats - it never did and never will.  There is a lot of SARCASM here.  If you're afraid, our heart goes out to you - we don't WANT you to be afraid.  We want you to get help.  Dial 911, and scream for help.  If you wind up in a straight jacket, that's your problem.  If you don't, that's your problem, too.

COPYRIGHT © is clearly acknowledged where, when, and if applicable.  It's even acknowledged where it's not applicableThe USCO website.  This link contains verbatim United States Copyright Law, which clearly allows for rebuttal, comment, criticism, etc.  United States Copyright Law specifically states "COPYRIGHT DOES NOT APPLY TO FACTUAL INFORMATION".  (Read the law - see for yourself.)  Rebutting falsified "factual information" is not a violation of copyright law.



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LEERKOPF™'s "skilled researcher"

Steve's message to the Skilled Expert Researcher Closed Doors K9 Concepts Chef

Will ("intimidated") Rambo - legendary "dog trainer expert" and "skilled research expert" - has been Frawley's puppet for quite awhile.  Not only is he a GOOD puppet, he's also a powerful "moderator" on Frawley's "web board", and he takes his job seriously

He's written nearly THREE THOUSAND MESSAGES on LEERKOPF™ Frawley's "web board" alone, if the count below is accurate.  This is some intense message writing - Voodoo Louie Castle can't EVEN claim THAT kind of number.  Rambo must spend 18 hours daily typing his messages on just ONE "web board". 

Do you think he's on salary for this much bullshit effort?  Maybe Rambo's the ho, and Frawley's his pimp?  Maybe he gets paid by the message? 

The page below is a screen capture from Frawley's "web board", and it illustrates some unusual "facts".  Rambo - exactly like LEERKOPF™ Frawley and Voodoo Louie Castle - can't even determine facts before writing their public bullshit.

As anyone can see, the purpose of Rambo's messages is "Defamation Of Steve Leigh".  This has nothing at all to do with Gene England.  So why is the topic "Gene England"?  Why didn't Rambo ("mr. moderator") just change the topic to "Defaming Steve Leigh"?   



Steve Leigh's text is BLUE

DO NOT TRUST ME.  PLEASE DO download the screen capture so you can compare the original to this edited copy, just in case I'm "forging" or making up anything.  It's 11Kb - you'll have it in a second. 

August, 2008: I was right - just as expected.  There was a LINK here to the page.  All links to LEERKOPF™ Frawley's online messages disappeared.



Does it make you proud of yourself to be caught in one LIE after another?

Do you feel GOOD about lying, and having this webpage that proves you're a LIAR?

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Michael DelVecchio


Reged: Fri
Posts: 79
 Gene England
      #130205 - Wed Oct 13 2004 09:06 AM


Im just curious what the people here think of Gene England and his training services? Someone in my club just returned from one of his seminar and I want some opinions..


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Will Rambeau


Reged: Sat
Posts: 2959
Loc: Southern U.S.
 Re: Gene England
      #3767774 - Wed Oct 13 2004 12:22 PM

For everyone's personal safety ( and I'm not kidding here in the least )

"Safety"?  This website is DANGEROUS, Rambo?

I'm going to suggest that ya'll PM Michael with your opinions about Gene, both good and bad.
Gene currently has a fan named Steve Leigh, who is severely mentally ill

If Rambo says it, then it must be true - right?  Rambo only provides accurate facts

And I'm 20 feet tall, too.

You will have an opportunity (below) to watch Rambo commit Factual Suicide with his "facts".

Please read that small part carefully (further down this page) - and make up your own mind if Rambo does or does not provide facts.   

- if you speak poorly of Gene in any way, Leigh will actually start an entire web page on you, including personal information and pictures of your house and kennel. This has recently happened to a Nationally ranked SchH competitor that occasionally posts here.

There are no pictures of anyone's house or kennels on my website - just my own - and a few of LEERKOPF™ Frawley's pigsty kennels.

That's some scary crap, but that's exactly why he does it - he is one seriously disturbed person.

Dr. Rambo, The World Recognized Psychiatric Expert, has given his diagnosis.  Worthless, but who cares?

Unless you enjoy being Cyber-stalked by a nut job, you need to be careful here - and may I note what an effective method of quieting any dissenting opinion about someone that the nut job has put into place.

You got it backwards, Rambo.  YOU are cyber stalking ME .... Until this page, I never wrote one word about YOU - but you've been cyber stalking me for ages.  I think YOU'RE the nut job.

Of course, smart people may wonder why someone would be driven to such an extreme length and do a little research of their own - then they might uncover things in the past about said nut job that might have lead to those extremes of behavior...

You never can tell about extreme behavior. 

And actually, if you just post long enough on this board, you'll end up mentioned on Leigh's site, simply for posting here. He's already sniping at Kevin Sheldahl and Karmen Byrd, along with the long list of people that he feels the need to attack

You got it backwards again, Rambo.  I don't attack anyone - I defend myself against YOUR (collective) attacks.  I ILLUSTRATE YOUR LIES.  You (collective) write your lying bullshit about me - I respond - by REBUTTING your lying bullshit. 

Somebody threw the first punch - and it wasn't me.  It was LEERKOPF™ Frawley and Voodoo Louie Castle.


Although you may think you're intelligent, you're just delusional.  Consider this: if YOU had not written these lying, bullshit messages first, this rebuttal to your messages couldn't exist - I'd have nothing to rebut.  That means this page would not have even been writtenToo difficult for your delusional mind?  Too bad, Rambo.   

Lou Castle said it best when he commented that Leigh's website says a lot more about Leigh than it does about the people he attacks on it.

Of course it does.  It says that I'm accurate and truthful.  That's a LOT more than Frawley and his puppets can claim. 

But Voodoo Louie Castle "said it best" once too often - Louie and his famous shock collar are now a part of LEERKOPF™ History.  He's recently been "shockingly" disposed of.


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Will Rambeau


Reged: Sat
Posts: 2959
Loc: Southern U.S.
 Re: Gene England
      #3767775 - Fri Feb 11 2005 07:27 PM

Actually, I've chosen to open this topic for just a post to say something.

You actually waited 4 MONTHS, and just couldn't hold it in any longer, Rambo?  FOUR MONTHS?

And I'm writing this as a poster and a dog sport person, not a Moderator.
These are entirely my views and in no way represent Ed or Leerburg in *any* way.

Is this the HO protecting her PIMP?

We had a brand new poster today ask about the Leigh fellow that we've discussed in the above thread,

That doesn't look like "we've" discussed the "Leigh fellow" to me.  It doesn't look like a "thread", either.  It looks like a message from you, Rambo.

however an another Moderator removed that thread within an hour of it being posted.
I wrote this long , and hopefull factual reply which I didn't get to post to try an inform some of the people new to the site. 
Then, lo and behold, I recieved an E mail to my business site that I have listed in my signature from Leigh. There was nothing in the E mail but a reprint of my post directly above this one.

Want to forward that email to me and PROVE the contents of it, from top to bottom?  Want me to forward that email to YOU and prove the contents of it?  I saved it, Rambo.
What a cowardly attempt to try an intimidate me.

What a cowardly attempt to define my actions and reasons .... I don't have the slightest interest in "intimidating" you or anyone else.  I never had and never will.  Besides being a liar, you have a WILD imagination.  Maybe YOU'RE the one who is "severely mentally ill".

I know what I've said on this site, and while I have strongly held opinions, I'm not embarrassed about anything that I've written here.

There's a sure sign of your stupidity.

I've done fairly well in the dog world, and with the exception of a few psycho's, I'm fairly well liked. 
I've previously discussed Leigh being a cyber stalker and I've stop posts because of his mental illness. If you'll look at what has just happened to me,

Exactly what "has just happened" to you, Rambo?  Were you hospitalized?

that pretty much shows that this Leigh guy must moniter the forum's literally 24/7 to catch a post that is only up for an hour. That's one *scary obsession*, folks.

Many, many "loyal Leerburg members" send me emails about the defamation that goes on from you, LEERKOPF™ Frawley, Voodoo Louie, etc.  PLENTY of "loyal Leerburg members" have been laughing for years - sending me emails, links, and complete webpages containing your (collective) LIES, discrediting, and badmouthing.  This is a prime example - this page was sent to me by one of your "friends" at Leerburg.
My unprinted & hopefully educational reply:
Sorry ****, this is old news
The fellow running that site is severely mentally ill, and you can look through his main site to find really detailed instruction on how to kill yourself,

You are a LIAR.  Provide the page link and prove this LIE.

and along with a lot of his anguished writings about his deceased wife. Reading that stuff, I almost feel bad for him. Almost..

Regarding your offensive, tasteless disrespect - why would you even mention Rebecca, my wife? 

You can't confine your problems to me? 

Do you have issues with my deceased wife - who never even heard of a lying scumbag named "Will Rambeau"?   

You deserve for someone to SPIT (or SHIT) all over your LYING face, Rambo.  But it won't be me.  Maybe your MOTHER, FATHER, and GRANDPARENTS would be kind enough.  I'll certainly send them thank you cards.   

Rebecca died in my arms, after a 34 year marriage that began when I was 19 years old.  I wrote a Memorial section in her honor - Rebecca deserves honor and respect.  If you ever happen to experience a marriage, maybe you'd feel the same about your wife as I do for mine.  I loved Rebecca with all my heart.  I still do. 

If that makes me mentally ill, then I'm proud to be mentally ill, I prefer to be mentally ill, and I WILL CONTINUE to be mentally ill.  That will never change.  If Rebecca had lived another 75 years, I'd still love her with all my heart.

If I'm so mentally ill, why haven't my own doctors diagnosed me as mentally ill?  What are THEY waiting for, Rambo?  Permission from a LYING, disrespectful scumbag like you?
Among his other writings on his main site is a detailed boast of him stealing from construction sites at night to build his music studio. Yeah, there's something to be really proud of.... :rolleyes:

I did PLENTY of things when I was younger that I wouldn't consider ever doing again.  MOST people have.  Why don't you go play LEERKOPF Space Invaders, get some tattoos, and BE somebody.  I have a suggestion: be Frawley's MAIN HO.
The guy is a cyber stalker.

Sure .... you wrote it .... but what are you?

When folks are banned from this site for whatever reason, he immediately tracks them down

How could I do THAT?  I don't know who gets banned or who doesn't.  Frawley doesn't consult me.

to get a negative comment about Ed to add to his site. He goes to them, they don't come to him - he has to search out those comments, which immediately tells you something.

It tells ME something.  I've been receiving emails regularly for well over four years, from people I've never heard of, commenting on the WFFCW.  They generally say it's great, they laugh, and they bookmark it so they can come back and read more. 

I don't NEED to "track down" or "search out" people who have opinions of Castle or Frawley.  The search engines do it FOR me - and have been - for over four years now.  Try Google, Yahoo, AOL, Earthlink, MSN, or ANY search engine - see for yourself.  The WFFCW is in ALL of them - usually in the top 10 listings, very often in the top 3. 

And now, so is Will Rambeau - Frawley's MAIN HO.  Google Will Rambeau and see for yourself.

And he does this to basically anyone that disagrees with him. He's cyber stalked female members of this board, and he's gone so far as to post pictures of those members *houses* on his website, for simply disagreeing with him. Gee, I wonder if he does that in an attempt to intimidate people?

There are no pictures of "member's houses" on my website.  Where would/could I get pictures?  HOW would I get them?  Whose houses?  What page(s) are these imaginary pictures on? 


You sure can WRITE your LIES - but you can't back them up.

Supposedly he ran a guard dog business in the past.

Not me.  I've never run a guard dog business.

Rambo is about to commit Factual Suicide

Now Rambo's "facts" are going to get INCREDIBLE. 

His "research" is now SO tangled up, he's never getting out of THIS. 

Please read this part word-for-word - TWICEThis is priceless. 

click small link pictures for full size view

He went over to Germany, bought a SchH III already titled dog, and repeated the SchH III. He flashes the German newspaper article of that around quite a bit, since he really has done nothing else in the dog world, as far as anyone else can see.

The German newspaper articles (plural - I have several of them) are from 1986.  The name of the dog in the articles is Clint vom HamskampAnyone can see that Clint's NAME is printed in the articles - and so is mine.  Clint was given to me (that means GIVEN, as in free) as a SchH II.  I titled him for his III.  I never repeated SchH III with Clint.


He came back to Florida and showed the dog ( named Barkasse ) *once*, in a DVG team trial seminar in Orlando ( Paul Hombach flew in to train the club ) in Jan. of 1982, where he scored a 86 in Ob.

I'll copy your text again, without any comment, so we can carefully review your "Expert Research Facts".  To clarify your LYING, juvenile, ignorant, uneducated style of writing, I'll just make your important "facts" bold.


He went over to Germany, bought a SchH III already titled dog, and repeated the SchH III. He flashes the German newspaper article of that around quite a bit, since he really has done nothing else in the dog world, as far as anyone else can see. He came back to Florida and showed the dog ( named Barkasse ) *once*, in a DVG team trial seminar in Orlando ( Paul Hombach flew in to train the club ) in Jan. of 1982, where he scored a 86 in Ob.

You just claimed the dog's name was Barkasse I don't see the name "Barkasse" anywhere in the newspaper articles.


"He came back to Florida" from where

You just claimed I brought a dog back to Florida FROM GERMANY - BEFORE Hombach's Orlando seminar in January of 1982.

In 1982, I hadn't even BEEN to Germany yet!

My FIRST trip to Germany was in 1984

You just claimed that Barkasse was a SchH III German import


(and I'm PROVING it - over and over again)


You just claimed I REPEATED a SchH III, IN GERMANY - BEFORE Hombach's Orlando seminar in January of 1982. 

Clint was born on 26 Oktober, 1983 - about 21 months AFTER Hombach's Orlando seminar in January of 1982 (Click the picture - Clint's birth date is visible.)


Rambo?  How could a dog that wasn't even BORN be a (repeat) SchH III - and attend Hombach's Orlando seminar in January of 1982? 

I scanned one of the newspaper articles.  But I apologize.  My scanner won't take a 21" long page from a newspaper.  I don't have a kingsize scanner.  I had to make two scans. 

In this scan, the DATE is in the upper right, in case you can't find it.  German dates are formatted DATE/MONTH/YEAR, unlike the American format.  Thus: 10. Oktober, 1986 is interchangeable with October 10, 1986. 

I hope the concept isn't too difficult.  Maybe the word "Freitag" is overwhelming.  Any online translator will show that "Freitag" in German is "Friday" in English.  You'll notice a group of people on the page.  The scan only got their heads, but cut off their bodies.

Here you'll notice the same group of people, without heads.  Maybe you can see they match up with the picture above. 

So tell me "Research Expert" Rambo: WHEN was I in Germany?  WHAT was my dog's name? 




Can you explain this, Rambo?  You just claimed I bought a SchH III dog and repeated the III.  Why doesn't Clint's scorebook show the repeat, Rambo?  If you can see, you'll notice that Clint failed his first try for a III in August, 1986 with a 0 in tracking.  I watched Clint fail tracking. 



Are they the same dog?


Why don't you take a look?


This picture was taken near Chattanooga, TN, on the way home from a Western Kentucky Schutzhund Club trial. 

I could have repeated SchH III on Clint OR put a SchH III on Bar - or both! 

But I just didn't feel like it.

Barkasse d.Hanswurst was a mongrel I bought in 1981 in CA, from a dog pound.  He'd never been to Germany in his life.  Unregistered, no papers, no tattoo, just a receipt.  I applied for his DVG scorebook after moving to Florida. 

At SCO's Hombach seminar, we didn't do too bad for my/our FIRST practice trial.  Bar NEVER retrieved over a jump in his life until that Saturday.  On Sunday we made 86 OB points.  If we didn't blow 10 points on the jump, Bar would have done a 96.

That was the last we ever saw of him in SchH, and I've got every DVG magazine & SchH USA magazine going back into the very early 1980's,

Who is "WE"?  Are you the spokesman for a group?  Since you CLAIM to have every DVG/SchHUSA magazine - then what about reading them? 

Hombach's DVG practice trial resulted with Bar making a 99 point protection score, HIGH SCORE of the practice trial, plus 1ST PLACE AND 2ND PLACE teams.  Bar was a completely UNTITLED dog.   

If you found the 86 OB score without any help, just finish reading!  It's right there, in front of your eyes, on the same page!  Are you BLIND, Rambo?  READ!  You'll instantly see who went home with the MOST ribbons and awards THAT day. 

FACTUALLY - it was my little mongrel dog named Bar.  The little red coated dog that cost $25 at a dog pound.  The little mongrel that people raved about.  Everybody who ever saw Bar loved him.

I guess I have to scan the pages for you.  You must be incompetent, unskilled, fat, lazy, or incapable.  What a coincidence - I just "happen" to have that DVG America magazine. 

text scores

Keep "researching" your mildewed magazines, but you need somebody to HELP you. 

The following month (February, 1982) Bar made VB and WH in 2 days at North Florida SchH Club, in Jacksonville, FL.  The German DVG judge was Horst Leideker.  I just "happen" to have that DVG America magazine and both Urkunde certificates.  I also just "happen" to still have plenty of my S.V. scorebooks. 

YOU claim to be the "skilled research expert" - so why don't you do some RESEARCH, Rambo? 


Does it make you proud of yourself to be caught in one LIE after another?


What do you call this, "research expert" Rambo?  I call it ME doing YOUR research for you.  I'm a much better researcher than you are.  I come up with facts.  You only come up with lies.


and the old UFO newsletters, which were the first of the SchH newsletters ever done - we're really going back there with those. I can find no further mention of him published for any trial or seminar, nor do I remember him in any way.

I don't remember you in any way either, Rambo.  I've been around a LOT of Schutzhund.  I never heard your name until you started writing your LEERKOPF LIES about me.

It's very easy for me to check this stuff,

Obviously, it's not.

I'm an excellent record keeper

Obviously, you're not.

and I've been doing this sport * a long* time. Plus, I have pretty good research skills.

Obviously, you're delusional.  Your "research skills" are PITIFULYour LYING skills are superb.

Meanwhile, back to Bar and your manufactured, blatantly ridiculous "research". 

Go "research" the 1984 SchHUSA SE Regional Team Championship in Birmingham, AL - two or three weeks before Gene's trial.  Western Kentucky SchH Club had one team, not multiple teams.  Gene (tracking with Gillo v.Kirschental: 100 points), Sandy (obedience with Jorda v.Windweg: 98 points), and I (protection with Bar d.Hanswurst: 99 points), wrecked the place.

Bar scored 99 in bite, high protection score of the event.  The judge, Bill Fields, told the crowd he rarely gives 100 in bitework, but this was a 100 point dog.  The championship was held at Gary Hanrahan's place - I think it was Jefferson County SchH Club.  Get busy - go "research" it, Rambo.

We demolished everybody in Birmingham that weekend.  Our team made 1ST PLACE.  I think the 2nd place team was only about 24 points back.  I have the 4' SE Regional Team trophy here - need a photo?  Bar had NO SchH titles (only VB and WH) at that point.  I'm pretty sure that was published in SchHUSA, but I don't remember.  I'm not the "research expert", you are.  I'm not the liar, you are.  Go do your "research".  Or are you too "severely mentally ill"? 

Bar made SchH I in Bowling Green (Western Kentucky SchH Club) with a V score (96) in bite, and decent but mediocre tracking and obedience scores.  The German S.V. judge was Werner Ploeger.  Bar was 1ST PLACE SchH I.  Your "research skills" should enable you to verify that.  Need a photo of the trophy?  The trial results were published in SchHUSA - maybe somehow you "missed" that, too, right?  I thought you claimed, "It's very easy for me to check this stuff".   

Did you "research" which dog - out of dozens - at Gene's trial was chosen by ESPN Sports to do the ending bites with ESPN's sportscaster, for the close of his show?  I've got videos of that, too - raw footage and broadcast.  They came here directly - courtesy of ESPN Sports.  That segment was broadcast all over the world, Rambo.  Two years later, in 1986, I saw a repeat broadcast, along with about 30 members of the dog club I belong to in Germany.  


Bar made SchH II in Citra, Florida, Rambo.  Go do your "research".  Contact SchHUSA and prove I'm a liar.


I'd LIKE you to prove me to be a liar, Rambo. 

But you can't do it. 

You're being CHALLENGED, if you didn't recognize it.  And you're too much of a DISRESPECTFUL, LYING SCUMBAG to deal with the challenge, come up with the truth, and retract your lies.

Call George Shumaker.  He judged that trial - he judged Bar.  We made 2ND PLACE SchH II in that trial.  And that was published in SchHUSA magazine, too.  I guess you also "missed" that, during your "expert research"?

Of 9 teams, we were the only team to pass tracking on that (1st) day of the trial.  Everybody else failed. 

That's right, "research expert" Rambo.  ONE dog passed tracking - Bar.  That included Steve Lino, with his 18x SchH III import that never scored less than 98 in tracking.  This isn't meant as a put-down to Steve Lino or anyone else at that trial.  Tracking conditions were rough for everyone.

Can you explain this, Rambo?  Being a world "research expert" specializing in Schutzhund, you ought to be able to make some falsified comments about this picture.  You're very good at falsified comments - most people call them "LIES".


Noticeably, we didn't make very high scores. 

Clearly - unless you're stone blind - I trialed Bar twice. 

Visibly, we made his I and his II.  I don't see any failures. 

Evidently, Bar was never trialed for a III, although you claim he was a SchH III import from Germany. 

Unmistakably, there's a seal and a scorebook number on this scorebook. 

Maybe that's a SchHUSA seal?  Right!  It's SchHUSA's approval to use a DVG scorebook at SchHUSA events.


Bar never was a SchH III.  I never trialed him for a III

Bar died on June 28, 1991.  His titles were SchH II, VB, WH.


Does it make you proud of yourself to be caught in one LIE after another?


If you're going to do your "research", DO ITTHEN write your absurd LIES.  I'm ready anytime you are. 

I was ready 20 YEARS before you were, Rambo.


Am I honest?  Let's checkLet's check againLet's check some more.


One thing I'm NOT - I'm not a LIARI am not LIKE you, Castle, Frawley, and the LEERKOPF™ puppets.  That's why people constantly describe me as honest.  I don't NEED to lie - I'm comfortable with honesty and truth.

I've got a list of other dogs I've trialed, titled, and done repeats, including two failures.  You can "research" them ALL, if you're capable.

What have YOU got, Rambo?  Some SHIT tattoos?  Your worthless messages - filled with LIES?  That won't cut it - let's get down to some FACTS.  You're the "skilled researcher", right?


Obviously, as illustrated above with scorebooks, newspaper articles, Ahnentafel, DVG America magazine, and photographs, you've failed in your pitiful, LYING "skilled research", Rambo. 

You're another "skilled LIAR" - just like Voodoo Louie and the LEERKOPF puppets.  


You scored a ZERO, and I'm just getting started. 

You should have stayed at home for THIS trial, Rambo.


Unlike you, I'm not a message writer who lacks facts.  It's easy for me to verify my claims.  I'm honest. 

You, Voodoo Louie, LEERKOPF™ Frawley, and the puppets, are not honest.  YOU ARE LIARS.


I'm not stupid enough to claim a mongrel from a dog pound is a multiple SchH III import from Germany. 

I'm not stupid enough to claim a dog is a SchH III about two years before he was born.

I'm not stupid enough to write yards of falsified claims, and state that I'm a "skilled researcher".


But YOU are - you are exceedingly STUPID.

Go play with your "skilled research", Rambo.  Come back when you have some REAL facts.

Rambo committed Factual Suicide

The guy had a forum, which was recently taken down.

Really?  I was using forum software that allowed hackers to send mass emails thru that software.  I removed it within hours of discovering the problem.  It wasn't very busy anyway, so I never put it back into operation.  That was "recently"?  That was over 3 years ago.  It was "taken down" by me. 

The majority of the posters were either people Ed had kicked off this forum, or famed idiot trolls of the dog world like "Captain" Haggerty.


Thank you, Rambo!  You've just come up with another perfect illustration of your blind "RESEARCH" stupidity. 

Captain Haggerty has been a full time, PAID, professional dog trainer since at least 1957. 

His first published dog articles date back to 1947! 

He's had well over 500 articles published nationally AND internationally. 

He's trained 400+ dogs for the movie, film, and TV commercial industry. 

Many years ago, Captain Haggerty WROTE the entire dog training section for the Encyclopedia Britannica

Captain never passed a Schutzhund trial - he never entered one. 

Captain judged Schutzhund and Police K9 trials decades ago. 

Captain's background is very simple to check: click.  "famed idiot trolls of the dog world"? .....

"Famed" is right, Rambo.  But if Captain's an "idiot", what does that make you?  Besides "severely mentally ill"? 

Captain chronically identifies himself clearly - he's no "troll".  Want to compare YOUR lifetime accomplishments with those of Captain Haggerty? 


There were some great psycho rants on that forum, with crazed accusations against law enforcement personnel ( including Kevin Sheldahl ) that were the stuff that would make a psychiatrist drool.

Apparently YOU read that forum, or how would you claim to know what was written there?  But you must have registered with a fake name, Rambo.  Why would an honest guy like you do something like that?  Are you ashamed of your own name?

It's OK, Rambo.  I understand why you try to defend Frawley and the LEERKOPF puppets - they sure can't do it themselves.  (Including Kevin Sheldahl?  Who the hell is he?  Another LEERKOPF "expert"?)   

Can you show me a drooling psychiatrist?  Maybe I'll put a picture of his house on my website.
Think about this for a moment.

You ought to think about this - for more than a moment.

What does it say about a person's personality and mental state that they will go to the length of actually starting an entire website and aggressively search out people to post ( most anonymously ) negative comments about someone because they disagree with your training methods?

This "entire website" was created by your and your friend's writings.  Anything that may be anonymous is at the request of the writer - to prevent further harassment from Voodoo Louie and LEERKOPF™ Frawley.  Those people have had enough harassment.

(Incidentally, three complete copies of this "entire website" will fit on one CD, with space left over.  It's absolutely enormous, isn't it?)

This website has almost nothing to do with TRAINING METHODS.  It has to do with your (collective) LIES.  Maybe that point will sink in someday.

Did getting kicked off Ed's forum so scar this guys mind

FACT:  I was never ON "Ed's forum", therefore I was never kicked OFF. 

But if you can prove differently, STOP YAPPING ABOUT IT, and DO IT

How many YEARS is it going to take you?  Frawley's only been trying for over FOUR YEARS - and hasn't gotten anywhere.  He can't even trace the user's IP that is LOGGED ON EVERY MESSAGE.  Maybe he needs another twenty or thirty years, PLUS the NSA, FBI, and a private team of computer investigators.  You're the "skilled research expert" - why don't YOU do it? 

Go read LEERKOPF™ Frawley's EVIDENCE.

that he spends dozens, if not hundreds of hours planning and plotting to "get back" at Ed for the horrible action of removing him from a internet forum?

That's just your "diagnosis" - and your "diagnosis" is worth even less than your idiotic "research" is.  You're showing you're just "severely mentally ill". 

What I AM doing is REBUTTING a few of your (collective) LIESYou (collective) manufacture your public lies about me, I rebut and contradict them when I feel like it.  It's pretty simple, really.
And he does the same thing on the Hammond organ boards on google, etc. There are plenty of angry rants to read there concerning him. He obviously gets off on this. The need in this guy's mind for him to be right, no matter what, pretty much rules his life. God, how sad is that? 

No point in commenting much on this.  If you could read carefully, you'd discover I'm fairly popular with many Hammond organ people on the net.  I help the majority of them.  The remainder get treated exactly like they treat me.  Your reading skills are similar to your "research skills" - endless LIES.
He has posted that he's out of dogs now, and that he's had a stroke and leukemia ( all things he's posted about himself in various forums ). He's pretty much just a bitter little old man, sickly and mad at the whole world ( and himself, if you'll read his posting ) . He has suffered from long term depression ( by his own account ) and now he's trapped behind a key board with his only outlet being the internet. If he wasn't such a jerk, I'd truely feel sorry for him.

I almost appreciate your "truely" feelings and your phony concerns about my health. 

But I don't really care.  This public message is so full of lies, discrepancies and misinformation, I believe you NEED to go do some "research".  A LOT of "research".  The S.V. is an email or phone call away, you already HAVE hundreds, thousands, or millions of SchH magazines, but your "facts" aren't facts

They're just bullshit LIES, Rambo.
I'm sure I'll be featured in his website for writing this, after all, I already got his feeble attempt at intimidation today via E mail. He must feel like such a man. :rolleyes:
I can't wait to see how he he'll take small bits of quotes out of context and spin them to make me look bad.

Really?  Is this "bits of quotes out of context"?  No, it isn't.  This isn't "SPIN", baby - THIS IS WORD-FOR-WORD.

FACT:  This rebuttal to your lies is VERBATIM.  You can verify every single word, right down to your own idiot punctuation and illiterate lack of grammar and spelling.  Just compare this page to your ORIGINAL LEERKOPF™ message.  Not even one letter, period, comma, or space has been changed. 

FACT:  I don't waste too much time or energy on the WFFCW anymore.  Why should I?  It gets so many hits every single day, people write me with laughter every few days, and frankly, it bores me.  I just sit back and check the log analyzer - and I LAUGH.  What you might not know is that every click, every page, every picture, every everything is logged on the WFFCW.   

FACT:  You claim I'm "intimidating"?  Are you "severely mentally ill"?  That's a REAL joke!  Two strokes, leukemia, disabled, housebound, my body weight is about 102 pounds - and I'm intimidating?  [September 2007: 98 pounds.  December, 2007: 90 pounds.] 

The last thing I want to do is intimidate anyone.  I hope this site isn't too "intimidating" for you, Rambo.  If you're intimidated, just call 911 and SCREAM for help.  Call the FBI and Secret Service.  Then go write more lies about me.  LEERKOPF™ Frawley will love you for it. 

FACT:  If you look bad here, just figure out WHY.  You made yourself look bad.  I didn't do it.  It's a result of your "skilled research" and your lack of factsI didn't write your messages, you did.  I've shown what the TRUTH does to your agenda.  I've illustrated your LIES.

FACT Fixing that is easy enough, if you can do it.  Get on the phone and call SchHUSA, DVG, and S.V.  Call Paul Hombach, Gene England, Wolfgang Kruger, Uli Knappe, Heiner Isselhorst, Remke Bravenboer, Helmut Raiser, Bernie Blawath, Walter Hoffmann, George Shumaker, Gunter Lanfer, Spoorwegpolitie, NRW Landespolizeischule.  Call anybody you want to call - call everybody.  Get busy and request past histories.

Go get some FACTS.  Who needs your speculation?  Who needs your assumptions?  Who needs your LIES

BE somebody - be Frawley's MAIN HO - and get some more SHIT tattoos. 
This will go straight over your head, but I'll explain something to you, Rambo. 

I've made my own choices regarding dogs, training, who, what, when, and where.  I did what I wanted to do in the U.S., and I did what I wanted in Holland, Germany, and Belgium.  If that meets with your approval, who cares?  If not, who cares?

So that's it, boys and girls. There are posters here that have suffered at this idiots hands,

Yeah, right.  I'm sure the hospitals are just overflowing with them.

so posts regarding him and his trashy little website will be locked or deleted.

My "little" website is "trashy" because it exposes your (collective) LIESYou all can't take it when somebody comes along and tosses your LIES back in your face.  You committed Factual Suicide!  
End of story.

No, just YOUR story, Rambo. 

YOUR story is lacking FACTS.

Your story is a collection of LIES.

But my story isn't.


Does it make you proud of yourself to be caught in one LIE after another?


GOOD NEWS!  Found on Rambo's Professional K9 Training Website

We at K9 Concepts of Georgia have closed our doors.

Will has been fortunate enough to be accepted into a prestigious national Culinary Institute and is pursuing his long-term dream of becoming a Chef. He will still be training dogs, but on a much more limited basis now.
He is still available for contact via the PM system on the forums at www.LEERKOPF™.com if needed.
To all our friends and past customers we say a sincere "Thanks! And happy training!"


News:  Looks like the World Research Expert Closed Doors K9 Concepts Super Chef - RAMBO - moved his fat, tattooed ass to IDAHO!  Now there's another lying idiot running loose in Idaho, disguised as an undercover potato.  RAMBO can take over Idaho's dog training business while he's cooking up his Super Chef Closed Doors K9 Concepts "prestigious" meals - culinary delights!  His "long term dreams" came true!