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Dog Breaker


Donovan K9 has been infected with another real dog professional.  This one calls himself "alfaandomega", his name is Jay, and he's a borderline illiterate.  I named him "dog breaker". 

After some reflection, a better name would be "Chimp" .... kind of a cross between chimpanzee and chump. 

dog breaker wants to impress people with his skill.  That's kind of like impressing people with your brand new Rolls Royce - the one you don't have.  "Skill" only exists in his mind - knowledge doesn't exist at all.  He's just a dog breaker, another wannabe with a cheap bite suit and an empty head.  I left out "big mouth".  As you'll see, it's a good name.


Somewhere in all of his babbling messages, dog breaker claims the dog tried to bite his FACE in the first video.  (That one was conveniently removed.)   Careful observation undeniably proves dog breaker is a liar.  The dog went nowhere near his face or upper body.

dog breaker fed the left arm to the dog in each bite.  At no time did he walk in and allow the dog to bite his own target. The target was fed - the dog never had a chance for any other target.  I strongly suggest you watch very, very carefully, and watch more than once.  Small details can go by pretty quickly, so repetition can help you really see what's happening.  It's a shame these videos can't be viewed frame-by-frame. 

UPDATE: I converted these videos to .mpg files - and they can be viewed in SLOW MOTION, using the PLAY -> SPEED option (Ctrl-Shift-S) in Windows Media Player.  Download here.

Super-brave dog breaker felt the need to go find a motorcycle helmet for his second thrilling video show.  Presumably, he wanted to "protect" his little chimpanzee head from being bitten by that "rough" dog that he'd already repeatedly knocked into submission.  The more I watch these, the stupider dog breaker looks.

dog breaker can't spend all his time breaking dogs, so he learned more about being a REAL dog trainer as shown in this video.  dog breaker is so proud of his accomplishments, he happily supplies links to "see him in action!"

"C'mon, jay .... c'mon jay - you can do better than that!"

dog breaker jay provided some other links in his chimpanzee message to see some other superb experiences with "dogs"




one real bull and about 150 "little bulls with no balls" - some great sport

Fool that I am, I tried to help dog breaker, and so did several other people on Donovan's message board, including Dom, Jen, Sammy, and others.  I learned (once again) that some people will not learn, and helping them is only a waste of time and energy. 

My text is BLUEdog breaker's text is RED.  Here are some of my messages to dog breaker.  Excuse my excessive use of CAPS - Donovan's message board doesn't provide bold or italic text.

"Alfa" Dog Breaker
Posted on March 28, 2008 at 03:23:40 PM by Steve Leigh

Alpha "Helper":
I just studied those two videos EIGHT times each.

First of all - that's a coated Shepherd MIX. The white paws, square frame, and gay tail indicate that clearly. I'd take a wild guess that there's some Chow back behind that dog someplace. Gay tails like that on a "Shepherd" (curled, not straight up) are as rare as $17 bills.

Secondly, I find it amazing that ANYONE who has the nerve to call himself a "helper" would go in on a dog for THE FIRST TIME and make the dog a *LOSER*.

That is *precisely* what you did, Jay/Alfa/Dog Breaker. You willfully made a LOSER out of a dog that COULD have had an *excellent* first experience in bitework. You didn't "make a mistake" once, you repeated it more times than I could even count.

You didn't LEARN from the first moment the dog showed insecurity that you were overpowering him - you didn't even RECOGNIZE the insecurity. I watched VERY carefully, and the dog could have easily - SUPER EASILY! - been strengthened in about THREE MINUTES. That would require a helper that could READ the dog.

You are not a helper, and you can't read the dog.

Maybe your friends in Spain think "you're the man" - they obviously know nothing.

I don't know why you would even put a video like that in public. You've only illustrated that sane people should keep their dogs far, far away from you.

As to your ranting diatribe "challenge" towards Thomas, I'd like to offer YOU a challenge. DON'T go to Spain - go to Rotterdam. I'll hook you up with Ap vd Werff. He'll loan you a suit, you can take a bite, and you'll get your neck *broken* by a 75 pound dog when he bites you in the shoulder (hoping he doesn't face bite you) and puts you into the dirt. You can put on your macho act for as long as it took to get you into an ambulance, but you #### SURE wouldn't be overpowering any dogs over there!

Your videos are a disgrace to the skills of REAL helpers. REAL helpers *live* to build a dog up, not break him down.

You ought to be ashamed of yourself, Jay/Alfa/Dog Breaker.

Steve Leigh
(who has forgotten more about bitework than you will learn in 10 years)

Re(1): For
Posted on March 29, 2008 at 01:57:07 PM by Steve Leigh


You've (gently) reinforced what I've tried to put into words.

I'll make this comparison, although it may seem silly.

A helper - in a way of thinking - is a doctor. He has the responsibility to diagnose and treat his patient *properly*.

In the medical world, malpractice lawsuits are as commonplace as Fords.

But in bitework, the (uneducated) dog owner is completely at the mercy of the "helper". The "helper" breaks down the dog, but half the time, the owner doesn't even realize it's happening - OR - if he does, the excuses come thick and fast, and the responsibility is suddenly shifted to reassure the owner. This is known as "transference".

Dom, I've never seen you do bitework. Something tells me you've been around FAR too long to intentionally (or even acidentally) break down a dog, overpower him, and PROVE to the dog that he's a LOSER.

We've all made plenty of mistakes. I know I have, and I guess that's an expected part of growing up and learning.

This "Alfa" person would do well by following my suggestions:

STOP. LOOK. LEARN and LISTEN. Put away your ego, Alfa - you don't have the years of experience to wear an ego yet. Rearrange your thinking: only ONE thing makes any difference: the dog. No matter what you have to do, the dog has to come away from every experience in bitework STRONGER. If you have to wear a pink bunny outfit to do it, then that's what you must do. Go find a pink bunny outfit.

By putting on a sleeve, picking up a whip, or confronting the dog to fight in *any* way, you have PERSONALLY ACCEPTED THE RESPONSIBILITY for your actions and the results of your actions. If you make the dog stronger, the owner should buy you a six pack or take you out to dinner. If you make the dog a LOSER, the owner should punch your lights out. YOU, ALONE are responsible for your actions and the results.

I've watched the videos again. They get worse every time I watch. Throwing the dog off a bite, kicking - it's wrong. And I can explain:

I'd *gladly* kick a dog around on a bite, pound him with a whip, throw him around, jam him into walls, and intentionally fall on top of him - IF HE WAS STRONG ENOUGH FOR THAT AMOUNT OF PRESSURE. I'm certain that any *real* helper would agree.

So how do you KNOW if he's strong enough for pressure? It's simple: YOU DON'T!

That's why you go slowly, carefully, and make baby steps to DISCOVER. You *experiment* very, very gradually. You LEARN the dog. You *TEST*!

You don't just walk right in and throw your s-h-i-t all over the dog in 5 seconds. It isn't done that way. You show respect for the dog. After all - YOU'RE going to make him or break him.

Put away your ego, Alfa. Learn something.

Steve Leigh

Dog Breaker
Posted on March 29, 2008 at 07:48:55 PM by Steve Leigh

Alfalfa/Dog Breaker,

I just read most all of your recent juvenile attacks on Thomas.

They illustrate you're even crazier than your videos show. Anyone with a drop of sanity wouldn't let you near their dogs. Your level of perception and skill are almost equal to guests in the local drunk tank. You haven't got a clue about dogs at this point in your life, and your ego is so grossly inflated, you probably CAN'T get a clue.

You don't belong in the world of dogs, Alfalfa, you belong in a bar, drunk, looking for fights with people in wheelchairs. That's your "courage" level.

I'll illustrate how ignorant you are with your own message:

Alfalfa: "I'm looking for a certain type of dog...I'm not trying to cultivate nothing"

There's your FIRST major error. In fact, yes - EVERY *real* dog trainer is constantly trying to "cultivate" (or "build" or "develop") desired behaviors in ANY dog they work with.

Alfalfa: "if I was I'd just go to the local pound and teach any mutt to bite."

You can't get much crazier. 99% of the dogs in a pound are little wee-wee beagle mixes, golden/collie crosses, and miniature mongrels under 40 pounds. Your videos PROVE you can't even teach a Shepherd mix to bite - even though the dog was WILLING!

How do you think you're gonna teach anything ELSE to bite? At your current skill level, you're not.

Alfalfa: "It's not hard."

That's right. With your skill, in your case, it's not "hard" - it's *impossible*.

Alfalfa: "I'm sure you understand this steve I mean you do dabble in sch."

Actually, my health has kept me out of working with dogs for almost 8 years. After *you've* had 2 strokes, you can tell me ALL about it, but don't waste my time until YOUR left arm/hand and side are about 60% functional and weakening monthly.

That said, bash me all you want. And REMEMBER this - it can happen to you, too. And you WON'T be getting a card in the mail warning you before it happens. If you're lucky, you'll wake up in an emergency room. If you're not so lucky, you'll be in a funeral home in a day or two.

I think I've stated this before - I've forgotten more about training than your ego-blast personality will learn for at least 10 years.

Alfalfa: "I don't think you should have to teach a dog to bite"

OK, Alfalfa. It's all instinct. They just do it all on their own. That's why thousands of *real* helpers, worldwide, spend thousands of hours doing bite training, and thousands of dollars on bite equipment. They do it because they DON'T have to teach a dog to bite. They ALL just LOVE wasting the time and money for no reason.

Alfalfa: "not a young either wants to bite or not."

Possibly - until something like YOU gets in front of him. You've shown us with your own videos how easily you can make a young dog into a LOSER.

Alfalfa: "This ain't job is not to pull a bite out of a dog"

That's right. Your "job" *should* be to leave the dogs alone until you LEARN WHAT YOU'RE DOING.

Alfalfa: "my job is to push the dog to bitting me."

Another PERFECT illustration of your ignorance.

Alfalfa: "See my motivation is different."

That's quite obvious in your videos. WHATEVER your "motivation" is, it's destructive to dog training - so yes - your "motivation" IS different.

Steve Leigh

Re(2): Dog Breaker
Posted on March 30, 2008 at 01:49:11 PM by Steve Leigh

Alfa wrote:

"I have to dissagree respectfully with the posts. The only way to test a grown dog is def...this is my opinion."

Wrong, Alfa. The ONLY way to test a dog - any dog - is SLOWLY and CAREFULLY. Observe. See. Read. Listen to the dog - he speaks and tells you .... but you have to be ABLE to hear him. You have to be WILLING to hear him.

Alfa: "I mean really how hard is it to chase prey....I mean people really forget that fact. I'm not concerned about finding dogs who work in prey"

I haven't seen even ONE reference to "prey" work. Kindly stick to the subject, stick to the facts: the videos you provided are the subject and the facts.

Alfa: "this is a grown dog we're talking about here and plus it's a caucasian"

Absolutely meaningless. It's a *beginner* dog. It wouldn't make any difference if he was 10 months or 10 years old - he's a beginner. He requires patience. He requires somebody who isn't fueled up on his own ego, powered by MACHO.

Alfa: "but understand I'm testing the dog...I refuse to help any dog while i'm testing them"

That statement clearly proves that you shouldn't be near dogs.

Alfa: "Mark made the comment that that was the best grip he's seen on a caucasian...HE'S RIGHT caucasian naturally rebite terribly...but see most of you guys don't know this about caucasians"

(Sorry, Mark) This is a load of manure. Rebiting, "typewriter" bites in ANY BREED are a simple sign of insecurity. ANY experienced helper knows this and knows exactly how to resolve it. Don't try throwing this insanity on a "BREED" .... that jive won't work on experienced people, and you're making a FOOL of yourself. It's as ridiculous as saying Shepherds "naturally" *DO NOT* rebite. Or saying Malinois "naturally" bite ankles.

Alfa: "I respect all of you guys opinions but most of your opinions are wrong"

Your videos tell the truth.

Alfa: "what I suggest for some to do is to youtube caucasian bitework and take a look at the caucasians natural's not solid it's shallow most times and typewritterish"

This is more manure. Maybe the people that are complete novices or fools will accept your claim, but any dog - *ANY DOG* - that bites shallow only does so out of insecurity.

Alfa: "As for the people saying that I'm a young couldn't be more wrong"

Young, old, who cares? If nobody else will say it in plain English, then I will. *INCOMPETENT*. You made the dog a LOSER, and you did it repeatedly. Besides illustrating the worst "helper" work I've ever seen, you're foolish enough to continue to try and justify your actions. YOU REPEATEDLY MADE THE DOG A LOSER. *Real* helpers NEVER do this. So you keep on writing, Alfa, but YOUR videos clearly illustrate YOUR skill.

Alfa: "tell me what reaction you want me to get out of a dog without touching him."

I didn't see even ONE reference to "not touching him". Your problem is you won't read and listen. You won't learn. Once more, I'll TRY to explain to you: STOP. Slow down. READ the dog, and challenge him. Slow DOWN. 15 extra seconds won't hurt YOU, but it could wreck a dog permanently.

Steve Leigh

One, big, useless waste of time.  Alfalfa dog breaker knows more than everyone else.