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Steve's message to Voodoo Louie Castle


Voodoo Louie's World Tour

Deep inside Voodoo's bullshit, lives his lifelong fantasy of being a super training seminar showman.  Louie advertises his bullshit seminars on Frawley's "web board" because Frawley's the only one who will let him get away with advertising.

Louie's famous "3 Punctuation Mark Emphasis" technique rubbed off on me today!!!  Can you tell???

Voodoo Louie's text is RED!!!

Steve Leigh's text is BLUE!!!

You gonna LOVE this!!!


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Lou Castle 
Member # 131 

Member Rated:

posted 07-17-2001 06:50 PM Profile for Lou CastleSend New Private MessageEdit/Delete PostReply With Quote

If anyone is interested in learning about modern methods of using Ecollars I’m offering the following seminars. 

Who the heck am I to be teaching this stuff???

That's a damn good question!!!  Let's see your answers!!!

I was a PSD handler for five years and I’ve been training police service dogs for about 20 years,

How is that possible???

and using Ecollars for about 17 of those years.

Using shock collars for 17 years!!!  That isn't very impressive.  Even less impressive is the number of dogs that Voodoo Louie has actually been involved with for the last 20 years. 

I’ve been doing both police and SAR seminars around the country for several years now and at most of them doing an introductory short course of a couple of hours, on the Ecollars. 

Well that LOOKS pretty impressive in a message, but as we go along here - any second now - we'll see what happens when some TIME gets mixed into the voodoo.  Ready?  Comin' right up!

My law enforcement experience includes 25 years on two police departments with assignments in Patrol, Detectives, Special Investigations, Personnel and Training, Traffic, SWAT, Field Training Officer, Rangemaster, Field Training Supervisor, Vice, Narcotics, Sergeant, K–9 handler, K–9 Trainer/Instructor. 

OK!!!  Now that we're getting down to some of Voodoo's public facts, let's do some adding and subtracting.  This'll be FUN and EASY!  We don't even need a calculator!!! 

Culver City PD is a small department with ~117 employees, some of which are not police officers.  There IS no "Department K9 Trainer" position in Culver City - that position doesn't exist. 

So, were you PAID as the "Department K9 Trainer"?  Was it a JOB ASSIGNMENT???  And, as "Department K9 Trainer", who was your supervising officer?  Who were you accountable to, Louie???  Sgt. Brain Dead?  Lt. Comatose???  Chief "Cooke(d)"???    

If we were assigned to patrol, then we weren't training police dogs, right?  So how long didn't we train police dogs out of the alleged 25 years experience while we were in PATROL???  Would that be 1 week?  7 months?  16 years? 

Now how about when we were in detectives?  Are there K9s in the DETECTIVE division?  No???  Then we weren't training K9s while we were assigned to detectives, is that right??? 

You're cleverly leaving out how we spend our ON DUTY, WORKING time, Louie.  I'm referring to the time you were PAID for, meaning the ASSIGNMENTS you were PAID for when you weren't disabled, and riding the sick book.  You LIKED riding the sick book, didn't you Louie?   

And SPECIAL INVESTIGATIONS is the part when we stacked up ammo boxes, right?  Or were we training K9s AND stacking boxes in an armory?  And they all fell down on top of you, injuring you again, so you could get some more disability???  Did the boxes fall on the K9s, too??? 

How about those PERSONNEL and FIELD TRAINING assignments?  Did we train K9s in the personnel office???  How did we spend our ON DUTY, WORKING time, Louie???   

What about SWAT???  Are there K9s in Culver City's SWAT unit???  Did we train SWAT K9s???


Voodoo, according to YOU, you've been assigned to EVERYTHING  - except washing police cars!!! 

Now Voodoo - just think about it: each one of these assignments simply means LESS TIME working with K9s.  We all know about "overlapping" - SWAT isn't FULL time, Vice/Narcotics are essentially the same unit, FTO is nothing more than breaking in rookies, blah, blah, blah.  

So what happens if we take your 25 year claim, deduct for all these assignments that have nothing to do with K9???  What does that leave over, Voodoo???  11 months???  7 weeks???  9 minutes??? 

I'd like to know how you spent your ON DUTY, WORKING time, Louie.  Were you PAID by the Department for this self-invented "Department K9 trainer" "position" you claim you held for 15, 20, 25 years?  OR DID YOU JUST DO IT FOR FREE???     

And how about all those surgeries???  Eight???  Your K9 MARTYR page is your OWN WORDS - YOU WROTE THEM.  You clearly explain about the 2+ years we spent on crutches, and EIGHT surgeries, right???  The Lidocaine pump?  The atrophied arm???  Want to explain WORKING TIME, Louie? 

Should we deduct a little time from the 25 years you claim you've been "Department K9 Trainer", "training police K9s", for these little minor details???  What about the fact that Culver City PD doesn't have a "Department K9 trainer" position???  Got an answer, Louie? 

I’m a former contributing editor to Dog Sports Magazine, in the field of police K–9’s. I’m a former instructor for DAD/DAC (Dogs Against Drugs/Dogs Against Crime). 

Big deal.  I wrote an article for Dog Sports, too.  It was all about inventing your own dog titles.  If I would have known Voodoo Louie existed, I would have added a whole Voodoo title section in there, too.  I wonder a little about "former"?  They toss you out of Dog Sports, too???

I’m a California POST Certified Evaluator of PSD’s. I’m a founder and past President (current Vice–President of the LACPCA (Los Angeles County Police Canine Assn.). 

All that proves is that the voodoo and bullshit worked on some people who just don't know better.  A sucker is born every minute, as they say.

These seminars can be problem solving such as getting a call–off or an out for a biting dog, solving recall problems for pets or SAR dogs, working on aggressiveness towards other dogs, or working on dogs who chase animals such as cats, deer or skunks. Or the seminar can be just a basis for information for someone who wants to learn modern methods of using the Ecollar. 

They are hands on seminars, where there is a minimum of talking. Most of the time is spent working the dogs and explaining what’s going on as it’s happening. 

Yeah, right.  I've already heard volumes about the voodoo seminars.  Cake frosting and people shocks.  Jonni Joyce and the "slobbering fans"!!!  They're invariably train wrecks.  Besides, why waste time with Voodoo Louie, when PRO trainers are available to learn from???  Voodoo isn't even experienced enough to be a wannabe!!!

Here are the dates and locations for seminars that are currently established. If anyone is interested in sponsoring a seminar in their area, let me know and I’ll send along the details. 

Class space is limited for those who want to work their dogs so everyone gets a chance to participate. There is always room for auditors, people who want to come but just observe. 

Sure, class space is limited!!!  When 6 people attend a voodoo "seminar" EVERYTHING is limited!!!  Except the bullshit.  If the world was ending, I wouldn't let Voodoo Louie anywhere near a live dog.


Lou Castle, Los Angeles, CA
Remote Training Collar, Introductory Course), July 29, 2001, Lake Elsinore, CA 

Remote Training Collar, September 1–2, 2001, Lake Elsinore, CA 

Remote Training Collar (Introductory Course), Urban and Building , Thanksgiving 2001, Tampa Florida (Dates to be announced)

Posts: 125 | Registered: Jul 2001  |  IP: Logged  << HEY!  The IP address is LOGGED!

Voodoo Louie takes a few minutes to have some fun and enjoyment with a few little SAR practice bites

during his famous Nigerian "Maim The Blacks" SAR Seminar.

Voodoo Louie's Urban-Suburban-Bourbon Seminar in the AIDS district of Somalia.  Notice his thrilled crowd!

Voodoo Goes Nuts
On ECollarPlus!
(wow-it rhymes!)


Here are some messages concerning Voodoo's recent attack on Fred Hassen.  Enjoy raving lunatic Voodoo Louie at his best!  Louie can't take it if somebody says something nice about Fred Hassen, so he goes insane with the badmouthing.

Voodoo Louie's words are RED, original message quotes are BLACK, Steve's comments are BLUE.

His training for biting is nothing more than a forced retrieve.  Only instead of using a bumper or a toy, he uses a sleeve.  You can achieve OK results with that type of training but you'll never make it to the top.

If this approach to training for a bite is so ineffective, then why is it that Fred has placed in the top five in National Championships for both obedience and protection? If it's so ineffective then he shouldn't be even in the top ten.

Good point.  I personally think that  you get to "talk the talk" iffen you can "walk the walk", so I think we all anxiously await seeing Fred's critics *actually* compete with him.

I'd agree with you Bo except for the fact that Carlos started this thread with a huge thank you to Fred, Carlos was telling all of us how wonderful this trainer is and I ignored it until I couldn't any longer.

Since when can't Carlos (or anybody else) have an opinion of Fred?  Is "a huge thank you" a CRIME or something?  Voodoo COULDN'T IGNORE IT ANY LONGER??  Then he should have choked to death!

Fred may be fine for pets, unless you have a problem with someone using stim levels that are way too high.  I do.  I like dogs and don't feel it's necessary to hurt them to get them trained.  Fred is a salesman.  I've seen what he does and so I can speak to it first hand.  I've also heard from others that have seen excesses as well.  I don't need to go into any more details but I'm not the only one who feels like this.  Bo I know the facts about Fred.  I've spent many hours with him.  I know what he does and how he does it.  If you want to see a discussion that I, and others, had with him take a look at this link.  It's quite lengthy and turns ugly but you'll notice that he NEVER answers a direct question put to him by several different trainers.  He's famous on several lists for also never contributing unless it's one of his articles, or to advertise one of his seminars.  He did answer one question on the Mal BB a while ago.  His response was so rambling, disjointed and nonsensical that part of one poster's response was, "This is the biggest bunch of nonsense I have ever seen. I have been lurking for some time now, waiting for you to answer a direct question.

I don't like commenting on someone who's not here to defend himself but I didn't bring it up.  I haven't said anything here that I haven't said in his presence so I'm not too concerned.  Knowing what I know about Fred and having the experience and expertise that I do, I feel that it's my duty to let people know the damage that he can do.

Voodoo LOVES commenting on people - no matter where they are.  He thrives on badmouthing and looking for problems and conflict.

Lou Castle recently advertised a series of seminars he was offering, including one in Fort Collins. I requested an entry form from the contact person.  This morning I received a private email from Mr Castle (attached below) and attempted to respond. He has apparently blocked email from me, so I have included my response here (with the original headers deleted)  The members of this list, can draw their own conclusions from this exchange and the recent exchanges with others, on the subject of Fred Hassen (who isn't here)

My response to Lou Castles email follows

On 8-26-01 you wrote, "I'm at the point where, as soon as I see "Uncle Lou" as the sender I scroll past, more often than not."   If you can't even bear to read what I write, why would you want to come to a seminar?
I don't save all my emails, but if I remember correctly? This statement was made in the context of your penchant to personalize
disagreements. I believe the entire posting stated that, whatever valuable information you had to offer, was (IMHO) obscured, by your "other" issues
You've made it quite clear that you have no respect for me, my methods, or my friends.  Given these facts, I'd like to know why you would want to come see what I do?
It may be "clear" to you, but I have no opinion of your methods, because I haven't seen them yet. I don't know what "friends" you are referring to

Here's the bottom line: I'm open to any information I can use, from any source.  Fort Collins is close enough to be worth a drive up. I'm not looking to disrupt your seminar. If your methods are superior, prove it? I plan on bringing my bitch Dubheasa, she has several issues we could work on, lets see what you've got? If I see positive results, I'll be the first to state so.

This seminar is on a Friday? so it's not like everyone will be able to attend. I'm willing to pay my money. I've stated that I don't intend to disrupt the seminar. If it is your policy, to bar critics from attending your seminars, then state the policy on the lists, when you advertise

Thomas Barriano

*Text of Original LC e-mail with headers removed*

Mr. Barriano I've been advised that you have sought information about coming to the the seminar that I'm doing in Fort Collins.

I've just gone back through my files and read most of our exchanges of email.  They were anything but pleasant.

On 8-26-01 you wrote, "I'm at the point where, as soon as I see "Uncle Lou" as the sender I scroll past, more often than not."   If you
can't even bear to read what I write, why would you want to come to a seminar?

You've made it quite clear that you have no respect for me, my methods, or my friends.  Given these facts, I'd like to know why you would want to come see what I do?

Lou Castle, Los Angeles, CA

How about 20+ years of training police dogs?

That 20+ years only exists in Voodoo Louie's mind.  The facts prove much differently.

How about the dozen or so seminars I've done for police departments, SAR, pets, and the military?

Yep, how about 'em?  Cake frosting and people shocks.  Big deal.

And I've only been doing seminars for a few years while still maintaining my full-time job as a police officer.

Voodoo sounds like a broken record.  From his own explanations, Voodoo Louie has spent about 18 years disabled, 8 surgeries, endless doctor time, years on crutches, etc.  So that kind of knocks the bullshit "20+ years" story into the toilet.  (Go see Voodoo Louie's K9 Martyr autobiography - you'll understand.)

How about the hours I've spent with you on the phone?

Yep - top-secret Voodoo Training .... all done on the internet and phone.  Dog is optional.

What you've just said is that because of the circumstances right this second, that I'm recovering from surgery and all the police dogs that I've trained have retired, I don't know a damn thing!


Take note - Voodoo Louie wrote the above on Ecollar_Dog_Training_Plus in March, 2002Check this Now check this and this.

Son-of-a-bitch!!!  That's exactly what I was thinking!

Tell you what Carlos, next time you have a question, call Fred, not me.

There's the best idea I've seen all year!  Fred knows from experience.  Voodoo Louie HAS no experience.  Call Fred.

ROFL.  Carlos how do you know that Fred has trained those dogs?

The same way we all know Voodoo Louie has trained even ONE dog!  WE DON'T KNOW!  But Fred's believable - Voodoo Louie isn't.

The ONLY measure of how good a dog trainer is, is how well his client's dogs perform, not how well HIS dogs perform.

Show us a few dozen Voodoo Trained dogs, and we'll make up our own minds.

There are dozens of people walking around with dogs that they say that they've trained, when they haven't.

You don't mean like Don Yarnell, do you, with those Marshal's dogs?

At the LA seminar Fred spent hours working his own dogs, one of which BTW refused to call off more than a dozen times, when he should have been working the dogs or those who had paid to get his training.

It's time for Fred to hire Voodoo Louie as his seminar director.  Then Voodoo can tell Fred what to do and when to do it.

As I said I've only been working with my dog for a couple of months.

Is the dog on crutches, too?

At a training session a few weeks ago we had some visitors come out.  They said that they thought that Ranger had been working for several years.

Hey, that impresses the shit out of me!  Who were these people?  Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse?  Your mommy and her next door neighbor?

I'd been training him for a couple of months and that was his (about) seventh building search.

It's all VOODOO.


Lou Castle, Los Angeles, CA


Here's a message from Capt. Haggerty, from a Pro-Trainer mailing list.  Voodoo Louie has been telling his delusional tales there, too.  As I often do, my comments to this message are in BLUE, and the original text is all BLACK.

To: "Steve Leight" <steve at sl-prokeys dot com>
Subject: Fw: {P-T} INTERESTING
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002 10:56:05 -0800

If you like you can post this on your Castle web site.

----- Original Message -----
To: pro-trainers
Sent: Saturday, March 23, 2002 5:21 AM

Cap writes:

He'd have you believe he is a straight arrow, tough, hard working police officer with a wide range of dog training experience in the PD as well as civilian life. He'd also try to convince you he is extremely honest.

I'm convinced of how much bullshit Voodoo Louie writes.  If Louie is "honest", then you're a Poodle, and I'm a Malinois.  It's pretty obvious what Louie WANTS people to believe, but it's all bullshit.

According to Lou Castle he has protection trained dogs for private individuals as well has having done guide dog training. To hear him talk you'd think he was in charge of a 30-40 police dog unit.

Voodoo Louie is in charge of his DISABILITY paperwork.

You'd also think he was out there risking his life to protect the citizenry.

Last I heard, Voodoo Louie was stacking boxes in an armory.  They all fell down on top of him, so he was disabled again and couldn't work.

It easier to cover the things that Lou Castle has not done. His fantasies of what he has done I will leave up to him.

He is NOT on the Los Angeles Police Department.

The Culver City Police Department is his department. According to a department member, "He is not, has not and never will be the dog trainer" for the department.

According to Louie, he's been "The Department K9 Trainer" for over 20 years.  But also according to Louie, his own Captain took over 2 years to "discover" that Louie was disabled and on crutches.  (Read all about it in "My Life As A K9 Martyr".)

The Culver City Police Department currently has ONE dog and handler neither which Lou Castle trained.

He has never heard a shot fired at himself in anger.

As to his experience training guard dogs for civilians and guide dogs for the blind understand that both those endeavors require licensing. He is NOT licensed for either.

This is just a minor detail for lying internet superstars like Voodoo Louie.  In his fantasy world, he imagines that if he types it, we believe it.

Well, you get the idea. I could go on and on. Should anyone want additional facts please e-mail me privately. I don t want to drive Sgt. Castle crazy. Are illusions of grandeur a form of insanity?

Louie has been over the top for a long time.  His condition is irreversible by now.



Thanks, Cap.  It's always good to hear the truth, especially from somebody who knows, worked, and lived in Culver City, California.


Watch Voodoo Louie Tell The Truth Again

Here's a quick example of Voodoo Louie's "honesty":

LC:  For the next 15 years or so I was the trainer for my Dept. and never once was a handler bitten by his own dog during training.

Then, a day or two later:

LC:  I had one of my dogs bite his handler once during a moment of mistaken identity, when the dog thought he was biting a fleeing suspect.  That was the only dog that ever bit a handler.


Lou Castle, Los Angeles, CA

It's pretty obvious, isn't it?  Voodoo's stories change from second to second.  Congratulations, VOODOO LOUIE!!!  This is just another opportunity to illustrate your Voodoo Magic.  Thank you for more of your Voodoo LIES!