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Voodoo Louie's Train Wreck

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Keep on typin', Louie!
Steve's message to Voodoo Louie Castle

Voodoo Louie's text is RED

Steve Leigh's text is BLUE

I was looking through Voodoo Louie's Malinois board attack page, and noticed something interesting.

Here's a quote from Voodoo Louie, who claims to be "The Department K9 Trainer" in Culver City, CA, for 15 or 20 or 25 years (nobody can figure that one out - years are thrown around like confetti with Voodoo Louie.)  One call to Culver City PD proved there is no position of "Department K9 Trainer".  The position doesn't exist.

"We’ve used outside vendors for most of the handler’s basic training and then I rode with them for several weeks teaching them how to do police K-9 work."  This quote is right here.

That's it, folks.  That's it right there! 

In one sentence, Voodoo wrapped the rope around his own neck.  But in a different message, (highlight and underline by me), Voodoo claims,   

"Training means working with handlers on a daily basis for 6-12 weeks, riding along with them, working with them, fixing problems and teaching them everything that a handler needs to know."  And this quote is right here.

In the second sentence, Voodoo Louie hung himself.

Louie claims he works with handlers on a DAILY BASIS, for 6-12 weeks?  What about his REGULAR JOB assignment?  Does he just tell them, "I'm busy playing with the K9 dog now - see you in about 6 or 12 weeks!"?  How does this Voodoo work? 

"Outside vendors" do "MOST of the handler's basic training"?  Then who does the rest?  What does this shit actually mean?

"We've used outside vendors ..... [blah, blah] ..... and THEN I RODE WITH THEM ....... [blah, blah]".

"Several weeks" is now magically interchangeable with "on a daily basis for 6-12 weeks"? 

And all this is occurring while Voodoo Louie is DISABLED, as Louie himself fully explained right here?  He's prancing around with his pillows and his pumps, his velcro and his shunts, on his crutches for OVER TWO YEARS, and he's Culver City's "Department K9 Trainer"?

Obviously, we have to think this over a little, and here we go. 

OK - here's a dog.  He's been tested, he'll work, and he's going to be a police dog.  Culver City Police Dept. has authorized payment to an "outside vendor" to work with this dog and handler, (unless Voodoo is claiming that the "outside vendor" only worked with the handler, and they left the dog at home) and do what Voodoo Louie carefully and slyly terms "the handler's basic training". 

This plainly indicates that Voodoo Louie was NOT involved in the "basic training" - the "outside vendor" was.   

Now let's consider what that actually means in plain English - but we'll have to do it in reverse.  We'll have to start BEFORE Voodoo Louie claims he "rode with them for several weeks teaching them how to do police K-9 work." 

Voodoo Louie isn't the only one who knows about smoke and mirrors - but we'll just use a mirror.

So let's start back closer to the beginning, when Culver City Police Dept. committed to buying and training the dog for police work. 

Exactly who ("outside vendor"?  Voodoo Louie?  Elvis Presley?  Ike Turner?  Rodney Spicer?)  Who taught the dog and handler how to function together as a working team?  WHO instructed them in:

Voodoo Louie makes it perfectly clear that AFTER the "outside vendors" did "most of the handler’s basic training", THEN Voodoo "rode with them ...... [blah, blah]".

To me, it sounds like the dogs and handlers were ALREADY TRAINED by the time Voodoo "rode with them for several weeks". 

The training had to come from SOMEPLACE, didn't it? 

How much training can you do inside a moving vehicle?

Voodoo Louie just stated that it didn't come from HIM - so he openly admits that he didn't TRAIN the dogs, an "outside vendor" trained them.

Read a few other Voodoo pages, where I've commented (at length) on Louie's various surgeries and disabilities, and also covered the fact that - in my estimation ....

You can't TRAIN dogs inside a moving car 

While Voodoo Louie is pretty sly and clever, I think he wrecked his own train here.  That's what LIARS do.