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This was a direct LINK to this "table info" - it seems they've deleted my messages, while retaining some of my select quotes.

As of June 6, I've been deleted from this thrilling, informative "message board".  The "moderator's" hormones got out of control, because I captured and rebutted 2 of Voodoo Louie's messages right here.  She doesn't approve of me "calling Louie names".  (See bottom of this page).  And that's a real pity. 


  If you want to download the complete, unedited screen captures (2 pages) from the Working Dog forum CLICK HERE   

If that's not enough for you, CLICK HERE for 11 more pages of (mostly) "defense table" nonsense


Voodoo Louie's text is RED

Steve Leigh's text is BLUE

NOTE:  I made some of Voodoo Louie's statements BOLD to emphasize his complete lack of knowledge.

Table Training - (Note: Everything was intentionally deleted from this screen capture except my original message and Voodoo Louie Castle's babbling responses.)

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Steve Leigh

Joined: 01 Jun 2006
Posts: 4
Location: Tampa, FL


Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2006 2:40 pm    Post subject: Table Training


Hello All,

My name is Steve Leigh, I ran a dog training business for 21 years, beginning in 1981.

In 1991, Gene England invented table training. Within a few weeks, I built a 1000 sq. ft. room for tables.

I used tables constantly from 1991 to 2002. I've trained well over 1000 dogs on tables (under contract), and tested/worked ~ 5000 more dogs.

For those of you wallowing in utter confusion, TABLES ARE NOTHING. They're inert wooden/metal pieces of equipment - which rely 100% on what the "helper" chooses to do or not do.

Consider this concept: tables are NOT tables - they're ecollars. Anyone who desires can get their hands on them. What they DO with them is the entire issue.

Go to my website -
***MOD EDIT***...this is the direct link to the videos

( Not anymore it's not!  The link is GONE.  The "moderator" is full of shit - just as expected.  Anything written by me has been modified, deleted, or edited.  If you care to read this WITHOUT the rebuttals or deletions, CLICK HERE )

and view videos of numerous dogs being trained (wrecked) on the round table.


I can't wait to hear the responses .... if anyone has the nerve to view the videos and respond.

Steve Leigh

Lou Castle

Joined: 04 Apr 2006
Posts: 52
Location: Los Angeles, CA


Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2006 11:45 pm    Post subject:


Mr. England did not invent table training.

Pure Voodoo assumption.

He may have popularized it in this country in recent history but I've heard of dog trainers from Germany talking about using tables 40-50 years ago.

Voodoo Louie's "heard of" more "training" than anyone alive - but he's never SEEN anything.

It's probably older than that.

There are many forms of the table. It's used for bite work, actually there are a couple of different shapes it takes,

How the hell would you know?  Other than RUMORS, you've never experienced table work.  You're NOTHING - just a puppet that repeats rumors.

it's used for OB work (especially with small dogs - to save the handler's back) and it's used for training the forced retrieve. There are probably other uses as well. One way it works is by limiting the dog's options.

The WHOLE WORLD learned about "limiting options" a million years ago, when the "leash" was invented.  They learned it again in 1991, when Gene invented table training - not this old 1938 "retrieve table" trash - TABLE TRAINING REAL table training, for biting dogs. 

Like any tool it can be used properly or it can be abused.

What a profound remark. 

When abused it takes the form of agitating a dog who really doesn't have what it takes

How the hell do YOU know, Voodoo?  Ever been there to see?

to bite and when he fails to engage, the decoy knocks him off the table.

THAT is a physical and mechanical impossibilityA dog cannot be knocked off a bite table - either the square or round.  So much for your "knowledge" of "bite tables". 

Why don't you explain how you KNOW about tables for bitework, Voodoo? 

(a) Where have you used tables? 

(b) How many dogs have you personally trained on tables? 

(c) How many years have you been using tables on a daily basis? 

(d) What's a rough estimate of the number of times you've put a dog on a table and actually done any bitework?

(e) Did "a friend" tell you all about tables, thus making you the new "table expert", Louie?

Got no answers, do you Voodoo?

The dog can't get back on it and he strangles.

Voodoo Louie - who has experienced nothing - ABSOLUTELY NOTHING - is spreading his rumors and lies again.

At the point where he's about to lose consciousness, he's helped back onto the table.  If he still won't bite the decoy this is repeated until the dog learns that if he bites he doesn't get knocked off the table and he's spared from a near death experience by strangling.

The only "near death experience" with tables is reading your lying Voodoo Louie stupidity.  It's what we've come to expect from your infected mind, Louie.

Would anyone look at the above pictures and explain HOW a dog can be "thrown off" the table to "strangle"?

I've never felt the need to use one.

You haven't got the BRAINS to use a table, Louie - and it requires BRAINS to train with tables.  Your "need" is insignificant.

But I do have one question. Why is that that tables used for bite work are always set up inside of buildings where a casual passer-by could not observe how they're being used? If nothing untoward happens, why not do it in the open? That's where most other forms of dog training take place.

How stupid can one person be?  (1) the steel, chain, and roller bearings rust, (2) rain adversely affects the astroturf and wood.  (I had one of my round tables outside for several days - the astroturf didn't dry out for months.)  Outdoors, the tables might last 3 months at best - indoors, they last indefinitely, (3) weather has an effect on outdoor training - indoors, we train right through a hurricane, (4) a training room is well lit - no limits to when training takes place, day or night.

Voodoo Louie tries to divert your attention again!  How many "casual passer-bys" drop in to watch bite training?  How many glass fronted dog training schools (for bitework) are in your local malls?  How much bitework is exposed to the public in general?  Voodoo has no clue how many times schools have requested demos here - I gave annual demos constantly at my facilities, or the newspapers and magazines, TV news stations, coming out to tape, interview, photograph, USF college communications majors spending an entire week here, taping and interviewing, on and on.  Nothing is "hidden" - never was.

A Little Challenge For Voodoo Louie

Voodoo Louie will never accept this challenge.

Louie doesn't have the balls to accept this challenge - or any challenge.

Louie doesn't have the balls to make a phone call, an appointment, and a visit.

Voodoo Louie is afraid - terrified he might get hurt by watching some dog training.

Voodoo Louie will write his lying MESSAGES instead.

But Voodoo Louie will never discover the truth.

Because when the truth is in his face, Voodoo Louie will be forced to face his lies.

And Voodoo Louie doesn't have the balls to face his lies.

Voodoo Louie Castle doesn't have the balls for the truth.

Contact CESAR MILLAN ("The Dog Whisperer") in Los Angeles.  His phone number is easily available on Google. I first met Cesar at one of my Mesa, AZ, table training seminars, in 1994.  Following that, Cesar came to Florida (twice), both times spending 10 days, learning more about using tables - for bitework.  Cesar went back to LA and built several sets of tables.  In 1995, Cesar brought me out to Los Angeles to conduct a table training seminar for him, his staff, and several other local trainers.  He repeated this in 1996 for another table seminar.  Ask Cesar how many dogs were "thrown off tables to strangle".

These pictures show Cesar, who has had his own television program, "The Dog Whisperer", running constantly for years.  He has been nominated for Emmy awards. 

Unlike the Internet Disease, Voodoo Louie Castle, Cesar has established himself as a dog trainer, and is known around the world.  Voodoo Louie Castle has established himself as a liar

Cesar does not write internet messages by the thousand.  Voodoo Louie Castle writes messages by the thousand.  Cesar trains dogs.  Voodoo Louie Castle does not train dogs.

As you can see, Cesar is using a TABLE for bite training.  These photographs are dated 1995 on the back. 

I'm sorry I no longer have the equipment to put live videos in this section as well.  I have some videos of Cesar, using tables, doing bitework, at my training school, and in Los Angeles.

Also shown in these pictures is Dr. Thomas Brown, the man who first introduced me to the world of Schutzhund, in 1976.  For several years, Dr. Brown was my teacher and mentor.


Lou Castle, Los Angeles, CA

Lou Castle

Joined: 04 Apr 2006
Posts: 52
Location: Los Angeles, CA


Posted: Sat Jun 03, 2006 10:50 am    Post subject:


Jose Alberto Reanto wrote:

The mishandling of a tool cannot be blamed on the tool itself....

I was merely illustrating the horror that agitation tables can be when they're misused or abused.

When's the last time you SAW this "horror"?

I think it's far worse than when any other tools is misused.

How do you KNOW?  You have no EXPERIENCE.

Abuse or misuse is always the fault of the human involved. Tools are inanimate objects that by themselves can not do harm or good.

Mr. Leigh wrote, " . . . Gene England invented table training. Within a few weeks, I built a 1000 sq. ft. room for tables." (The first part of this statement had already been refuted.)

Oh, no, it hasn't.  Your dirt cheap message doesn't "refute" a thing. 

But why would it be necessary to "build a room for tables?" The only tables I've ever seen built outdoors are those for OB work or for training retrievers.

Those are picnic tables, Voodoo.

All of the ones that I've heard of built for biting dogs are indoors. Why couldn't they simply be put up on the training field like equipment for the other types of work? Why are they hidden from view of the public?

The answers to your brainless questions are right above.  When somebody spends over $400 for the steel work/machining for just one table, it's quite likely he'll protect that investment.  Tarps don't keep the tables dry - I've tried.  They don't stop the rainstorms, either. 

Have you ever seen a training video

Sure have - hundreds of them.

or even a website devoted to the use of tables?

Nobody who's serious about tables is going to develop a website to teach people about tables.  INTERNET TRAINING DOESN'T WORK.  Who cares what you, or others like you, think or understand about tables?  If you want to learn - do the same thing WE did - go someplace, learn, and PAY.  Education isn't free, no matter HOW many lying, moronic messages you write hourly.

I've seen bird dog trainers refer to their table many times. Magazines devoted to training those dogs often have articles about using them. I've seen a Dobbs video (more bird dog training) where he uses a table. TriTronics has a chapter devoted to the table in one of their books. I've seen many OB trainers talk about using tables. But I don't recall seeing a discussion about biting dogs where a trainer suggested that a table, even used properly, was the solution to a problem. Matt (in this thread) is the first one.

More Voodoo lies.  Numerous people on LEERKOPF's kindergarten board have had numerous positive things to say about tables for bitework.  Numerous people right here on this "Working Dog Forum" have tables, use tables, and say positive things about table training.  That's because they know - Voodoo Louie doesn't know a thing.  Absolutely nothing.

My questions are simple. If the tool is being used properly why the scarcity of information from table trainers?

BECAUSE OF THE INTERNET DISEASE - VOODOO LOUIE CASTLE.  I've been willing to share table knowledge since 1991.  There's no need to take your ABUSE as I tell the truth, while you spread your LIES and RUMORS.

THE INTERNET DISEASE - VOODOO LOUIE CASTLE, put an END to people like me HELPING people interested in table FACTS.

Why the secrecy?

"Secrecy" only exists in YOUR diseased mind, Voodoo.

Why are the tables built out of view of the public?

Clearly explained above - and "the public" was always welcome to come and observe - from the Director of Animal Control, to DEA agents, to any and all police officers - K9 or not - to the Chief of Police, among thousands of others.

Why did Mr. Leigh find it necessary for "build a room" for his tables?

Because I WANTED TO, Voodoo.  It appealed to ME to stay out of the rain, Voodoo.  I LIKED the idea of a lighted room, where I could work 24 hours if I wanted, Voodoo.  I just didn't know what to do with $18,000, so I built a ROOM.  I didn't even ask for your approval, because I don't CARE about your approval, Voodoo. 

Perhaps nothing untoward is going on.

Sure it is.  It's called "Voodoo Louie Castle - The New Table Guru Disease".

But these facts raise my doubts.

What FACTS?  Your lying messages aren't FACTS - they're MESSAGESYou have nothing to substantiate anything you say.  I'VE got photos, videos, facts, RIGHT ON THIS WEBSITE - you've got nothing except your lying, unproven messages.  I can substantiate what I say - you can't substantiate a thing.  "Someone told me" is your theme song.  You have no actual knowledge, Voodoo. 

I favor another highly controversial tool, the Ecollar. But I do all my work in public, where anyone can see what's happening. I've done seminars for rescue groups and had the anti-aversive folks present at them. No secrets, nothing happening behind closed doors.

Big deal.  My school had an "open door" policy, too.  That's why ALL the news channels in the area, Women's Self Defense Magazine, and plenty of newspapers came right here - through those open doors - to observe, film, interview, and photograph.  It sure is a big "secret" when you're on Channel 44's news for a 3 day special on protection dog training.

Matt Hammond wrote:

I use tables to clean up outs and impove grips, it safes my back that is why.

Saving your back is a good reason to use a table to raise the dog up.

How would YOU know?

I've used a picnic table with a dog that had focused on biting only the legs and I wanted to make them unavailable.

THAT'S a perfect Voodoo Louie example of utter stupidity.  It takes a MORON to use a picnic table for bitework. 

I also had the decoy stand behind a small wall, but that's another topic and not the table training that is being discussed here. 

Matt Hammond wrote:

How tall was the table you saw Lou?

I didn't see the table, I was told about it.

Damn right!  Voodoo doesn't actually SEE anything for himself - he's "told about it". 

When the dog was knocked off the table was of a height that he was unable to climb back onto it and hung off it.

You were "told" wrong.

It's probably good that I didn't see it. I'd have been making arrests for animal abuse.

If you were on MY property, Voodoo, you would have been arrested yourself.

Abuse in the name of training is still abuse. Of course I'm not saying that all table training is abusive. But that method of using it is. I'll go so far as to say that any method that regularly has a dog being hung and choked into near-unconsciousness is abusive. It's one thing to choke a dog out to save your skin during an attack by the dog. It's quite another to do it regularly in the name of training.

Matt Hammond wrote:

Mine is like 2 feet off the ground most dogs will fall off and jump right back up with out missing a beat.

Then yours couldn't be used for the abusive method that was described to me. It sounds as if the main reason you're elevating the dog is to save your back. Is that the case? Nothing wrong with that, but it's not the main reason that table trainers use them

Since you're an authority on "the main reason that table trainers use them", maybe you'd exhibit your vast knowledge: 


Keep on entertaining us with your mindless lack of knowledge, stupidity, and non-existent experience.


Keep on typin', Louie! 

You make more of an idiot of yourself every day.


Lou Castle, Los Angeles, CA


Working Dog Forum
Working Dog Discussion for PPD, Sport and K9

Table Training - Late Breaking News UPDATE!  Steve Leigh kicked out of "Working Dog Forum"!
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Site Admin

Joined: 26 Mar 2006
Posts: 44


Posted: Mon Jun 05, 2006 6:42 pm    Post subject:


Steve Leigh will unfortunately no longer be posting on this forum.

The "admin-with-no-name" has rendered her verdict.

I like to think of this site as a place where we can all be open to discussing ideas without argument

Sure!  But what's the point in "discussing"?  Everyone already knows all the answers - or they just ask Voodoo Louie, and swallow his lies.

and agree to disagree when need be. When Steve originally posted here I was sure we could get a productive discussion going between someone who uses the tables to train, as we have gotten out of several "controversial" topics recently. I had seen his website before but gave him the benefit of the doubt

You gave me the "benefit of the doubt"?  Who the hell are YOU to stand in judgment of what I put on MY website?  I pay for it, not youYou're not going to dictate what is or isn't on MY website.

due to the nature of this forum and its acceptingness of training discussion. I don't care one way or another,

Then you're nothing but a hypocrite.  You care enough to remove me!

I have heard things pro and con of table training,


I've never done it,

That's obvious.

a trainer I work with and respect uses the tables, but I am sure that there's idiots out there misusing them just as they misuse other training tools.

You're just as profound as Voodoo Louie is.

Unfortunately Steve misused this forum to gain additional material for his website.

Damn right I did - when Voodoo Louie spews his lies, I occasionally capture them and make a page on my site bigger.  TRY AND REMEMBER SOMETHING: Somebody from YOUR location linked to my website - otherwise I never would have known YOU existed, (meaning your awesome, stupendous message forum), I couldn't have cared less, and never would have bothered to find it myself OR register.  Did you notice I was never there - until after somebody linked to - isn't that pretty obvious to you?  Just look at your member lists, "admin-with-no-name".  I'm assuming you can read. 

I would have been fine with a civil discussion on this forum, but taking it off this forum and resorting to name calling and personal attacks is where I have to draw the line, sorry Steve.

Don't be sorry - I don't care one bit.


Try and remember that, too.  He's infected message groups like a diseaseThey hate him everywhere - he's even infected RV message groups.  (Try and search their message forum if you think I'm kidding!) 

Louie has infected every dog message group imaginable.  VOODOO LOUIE is an INFECTION. 

Some people just ruin it for the rest of us. Anyway, I'm having to lock this thread down now. Not because I don't like the topic, or have any problem with the posts in this thread, but because I don't want innocent forum members to get dragged into something involuntarily.

Before this message, "admin-with-no-name", you can see EVERYTHING (above) has been deleted except Voodoo Louie's collection of lies.  I didn't drag ANYBODY into ANYTHING on this page - (you CAN read, can't you?) - your "innocent forum members" were SAFE - except lying Voodoo Louie Castle.  But now, since this message, I put both of your complete pages into a zipfile for download (see above).  Congratulations, "admin-with-no-name".

The thread will remain available for all to read as they wish.

Something says you're going to delete it anyway.  I doubt you keep your word.  (And I was right!  The link to this page is GONE.)
_________________ Administrator

Working Dog Forum
Working Dog Discussion for PPD, Sport and K9

Voodoo Louie's yapping again - but he has no knowledge or facts, so let's look at some pics, and see just how accurate lying Voodoo Louie really is! 

Voodoo Louie's words are RED

My rebuttal words are BLUE

Note: this message was edited, verbatim, out of page #5 (wdf05.htm) from the 11 page collection for download: CLICK HERE

Defense table
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Lou Castle

Joined: 04 Apr 2006
Posts: 75
Location: Los Angeles, CA


Posted: Sat Jun 10, 2006 8:37 pm    Post subject:


Thomas Barriano wrote:

Gene is a good old boy who says what he means. IF he had meant to admit that he had hung dogs off

 of tables. That is exactly what he would have said..

***MOD EDIT***...the Gene England speculation will stop. On both sides. Thanks. Give him a call to come over and talk...we need the dues! /Woody 

Lotsa luck, "MOD EDIT" Woody.  I'm sure Gene will be there by nightfall.

Thomas Barriano wrote:

ARRGGG. Very few Schutzhund clubs I train at, have their own field. Well built tables are heavy.

I bet you know of at least a couple of clubs or kennels that have their own facility or field where they keep agility equipment out in the open. How many do you know of that have a table out in the open?

 *** Voodoo Louie will now TELL you WHAT I did in 1991,

TEN YEARS before I ever heard of him, WHEN I did it, and WHY. ***

Remember Mr. Leigh's comment? 

Sure do.  It's right above, on this page.

It was (to the effect) "Soon after (he) first saw table training (he'd) erected a building to house (his) tables."

That should clearly indicate I already had tables - and they had to be somewhere.  So if my training room wasn't built yet, where were they?

Seems to me that if he was so excited about getting started with the work that first he'd build the tables so that he could use them. He'd keep them covered to protect them from weather until he could build his room for them. But that's not what he did.

It's not what I did?  Are you absolutely SURE about that, Voodoo Louie?

FIRST he put up the building and THEN he built the tables.

BZZZZZZZZ!  YOU LOSE, VOODOO!  The 7 pictures below DON'T AGREE with your lies.  In fact, they prove you're a habitual liar.  Where are YOUR pictures, Voodoo Louie?  Where is YOUR proof of ANYTHING? 

The only reason I can see for that is to keep the public from seeing what he's doing.

WHAT public?  Your thinking is infected.  Most habitual liars are like that.  It's a disease. 

Can someone suggest something else?

Sure.  I'd suggest that some FACTS and TRUTH would be excellent, in place of Voodoo lies and speculation.  No matter what "seems to you" - you're dead wrong - as usual.  You're a HABITUAL LIAR - A DISEASE THAT INFECTED THE INTERNET.

(Click pics for larger view - if you don't check out the pics, you're missing this whole thing.)

Notice the plywood with the semicircle cut out of it?  Is it scrap from building a round table?  In fact, that's exactly what it is.  If you look at this and the next picture very closely, you'll probably recognize there are TWO sheets of scrap - two halves of the round table top.  Notice the "training room floor" is nothing but framing?

The training room isn't built yet.  At least it now has a floor, and 3 coats of waterproof deck coating.  But the tables sure are built, and being used every day.  They're out on the field, covered with tarps, getting wrecked every time it rains.  And it rains in Florida.  At least it rains on my property.  Maybe the rest of Florida gets no rain.

Notice the grey long table?  It's outdoors.  That's the one we carried back and forth from the covered porch to the training field every day.  It took at least 3 people to move it - better with 4.  This went on for months, as the construction continued.  The tarps kept tearing off the tables due to wind and rain.

The training room still has no roof - and the long table is still outdoors.  So are the square table and round table.  Why didn't I think (in 1991) to take pictures of the tables out on the training field so I could prove that they were really there in 1991? 

The round table found its way into the training room with no roof.  Did it rain during this construction period?  Yes, it did.  Many, many times.  It rained so much, we actually had to cut drain areas in the floor, to squeegee the standing water out.  Note that the window areas aren't even cut out yet. 

The round table is "inside" - with no roof.  Unfortunately, the rain wrecked it, and another one had to be built within a few weeks.  Which came first, the tables or the training room?  Ask Voodoo Louie Castle - the Voodoo mindreader who knows what I did, when I did it, AND why - 10 years before I ever heard of him.

Here we have an (almost) rainproof room, with lighting, and months of inside work left to do.  And we have the tables.  Super classified, top secret - so the public cannot see what happens in that secret room.  Unless they happened to watch it on about 12 local TV news stations .... there are only about 4 million viewers in the Tampa Bay area.

Note: construction of the training room began in April, 1991.  I know this because of the "construction crew", who were all training clients, donating free time on weekends.  The roof was shingled in August, 1991.  I know this because I went to the hospital for heat stroke, while putting shingles on the roof.

Thomas Barriano wrote:

Gene England has trained more Police and sport dogs (to V scores) than Mr. Castle has seen.

And THAT is a FACT. 

***MOD EDIT***/Woody


Lou Castle, Los Angeles, CA




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