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"It's like a nightmare, isn't it?  It just keeps getting worse and worse." .... Keith McCready, in "The Color of Money"

"The only vaccine powerful enough to inoculate you from lies is the truth." .... Al Franken, famous author

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WHAT IS THIS WEBSITE ABOUT?  Some of this is a personal website containing REBUTTAL, REPLY, and COMMENT to (primarily) public statements and accusations made by various self proclaimed "internet dog training experts".  The majority of the statements and accusations are FALSE, and refer to me, personally.  The nucleus of this website is based on verbatim quotes of public messages, most of which are archived with their respective lists.  Unless noted, nothing has been altered, other than formatting line length to screen width and changing the font style.  Other parts of this site contain OPINIONS, HUMOR, PARODY, COMEDY, and SARCASM which reflect my own personal sense of humor and viewpoints.  The First Amendment of the Constitution adequately, particularly, and specifically provides these rights.  This site is for educational and entertainment purposes.  This is emphatically not a "hate" site.  There is no hate, and never was.  Profanity is kept to a minimum, but it does exist.  If this website seems offensive to you, in any way, please leave now.  Please do not subject yourself to being offended.

TO THOSE IN FEAR OF THIS WEBSITE:  Websites can be terrifying places.  If you're afraid, we'll never understand why, but what can WE do?  You're allowed to be frightened of webpages, or anything else.  This website contains NO THREATS of any nature - no direct, indirect, implied, supplied, or personified threats - it never did and never will.  There is a lot of SARCASM here.  If you're afraid, our heart goes out to you - we don't WANT you to be afraid.  We want you to get help.  Dial 911, and scream for help.  If you wind up in a straight jacket, that's your problem.  If you don't, that's your problem, too.

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My PROFESSIONAL RESUME is made up of five Chapters, because I've accomplished so much.  Each Chapter has a link to bring you back here, so you can read more about my amazing worldwide accomplishments. 

You should read each Chapter in the correct order so you don't get confused.  But before you begin .....

Our Healing Television Evangelist,

The Reverend Stephen Jackson Wilson Leigh, from

Our Church of Divine Canine Understanding Unity And Dignity,

seen every Sunday on the "Healing All Canines" show, 

and our Spiritual Canine Advisor, has a few inspirational words to share with you.

Y'know, Brothers 'n System, I'd like to say that yes, it's true - our "Healing All Canines" TV shows bring in millions of dollars each week.  Many people think I'm begging for donations.  This is not true.  I'm not begging - I'm providing a way for people to feel better, by sending us their donations. 

There's a very spiritual thing happening here. 

People send in their money, and their dog training problems are over.  This usually happens just as soon as their checks clear the banks.

We heal their dogs 

After all, what's a few hundred here or a few thousand there?  It's only money. 

Sometimes, we get cards and letters - sometimes people ask us, "Why are you begging for money on the TV every Sunday morning?  Why don't you sell some of your hotels, your yachts, your cars and limousines?"  They say, "Sell your gold, diamonds, and jewelry!" 

Well, that's very easy for them to say, because they don't have any of these things. 

To these people, I'd like to say, "Are you crazy??  Do you think we're fools??  We're not selling our hotels, the jets, or the yachts!!  How do you expect us to live without them?"

Recently, we've also gotten some calls asking for refunds. 

I'll have you know that I resent that, our staff resents that, the Angels resent that, and even the dogs resent that.  Surely you people could have sent us a larger donation for better results.  May I suggest you call in immediately and pledge at least a few thousand? 

And if there are any refunds, I will be the very first one in line.

Table Of Contents

Chapter I is updated information about our multi-billion dollar training facilities.

Chapter II is a section about FLUFFY, in which the truth is finally revealed after all these years.

Chapter III covers my career as a professional boxer.  Until now, this has been a well-kept secret.

Chapter IV is a very short resume about Germany.  My other Germany Page is located elsewhere.

Chapter V is my formal PROFESSIONAL RESUME, the very same one I send out every week to thousands of dog clubs, law enforcement agencies, the military, international corporations, and nude bars around the world.






























As I'm typing this page, the construction crews are outside, putting the finishing touches on our 2,750,000 square foot training stadium dome.  It's the largest dome on Earth.  To give you an idea of the size, we could put 10 Georgia Superdomes in there with plenty of room left over.

A 36 lane driveway, and our multi-level parking facility for 125,000 vehicles are already completed.  Our fully enclosed, climate controlled dog stadium features comfortable, reclining leather seating for 875,000 dog training enthusiasts.  Every seat has 4 private phone lines, fold-down laptop computer, full internet access, and complete video functions. 

On Thursday, we're adding 36 drive-thru teller windows for our client's financial convenience.  Each lane has a credit card machine, audio and video capability.  We also provide 24 hour banking, loans, and various other services.  

"Is that it?", you ask.  NO - it's just the beginning. 

Work has already begun at our 2,800,000 acre, fully enclosed tracking area.  That's right - 2,800,000 acres - fully enclosed!  That's 4,375 square miles, just slightly smaller than Connecticut, and about 4 times the size of Rhode Island.

Thanks to computers, we make the rain, sun, snow, clouds, wind, grass, weeds, and ice.  We completely control the weather, humidity, and temperature in any way we want.  Thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, avalanches, terrain changes, elevation, standing water, dirt, sand, gravel, and plant growth are completely adjustable, using simple commands on a wireless laptop computer.  Our new facility is so advanced, we're even able to program a hurricane in one location, and an earthquake 100' away.  This is technology at its best, baby.   

2,000 robotic tracklayers are our newest invention.  They, too, are completely wireless, remotely controlled with a laptop and joystick.  They're programmed for any possible variation of SchHII, III, and FH tracks.  Unlike any other robots, ours wear normal clothing and shoes - no treads, tracks, wheels, or rollers.  They're completely undistinguishable from a live human.  Just yesterday, one of our visitors asked a robot for a date.      

Our robotic staff members are also programmed to plow dirt, cut grass, plant weeds, place rocks, trees, and obstacles in the tracking area, and do all maintenance.  They wear special color coordinated "K9" uniforms for easy, immediate recognition.  This is all done with computers and several enormous battery chargers.  Our own power plant is nearby, and is powerful enough to supply a city the size of Atlanta.      

Thousands of video cameras are located in the training stadium and the tracking area, allowing instant projection to 50,000 television screens, each 100' wide, strategically suspended throughout the entire training and tracking compounds.  Even the parking garage has video broadcast. 

Our private underground subways will transport the dogs and handlers at over 180 mph to and from the tracking facilities from our new 590,000 square foot subway station below the training stadium. 

Our subway stations includes bars, restaurants, billiard rooms, game rooms, and dedicated transportation to our future "Schaferhund Hotel", which is now in the planning stages.

The best part of this project is the wonderful impact it will have on our planet.  Government studies have shown that a dome of this size, and the enclosed tracking field, will slightly change the rotation of Earth.  Global warming and other associated problems - toxic gas, rampant crime, drugs, prostitution, cancer, AIDS, etc. - will cease to exist.  We are especially grateful to Congress for the generous funding they provided to make this dream come true.    

All this - thanks to a simple resume

Table Of Contents





























click the pictures and see for yourself


Many people don't know it, but I'm the Greatest Dog Trainer Of All Time.  Who else but ME could possibly train their dogs and Fluffy, our 3 year old male polar bear mix, to play together peacefully? 


Fluffy was definitely a mix breed:  half Malinois, half polar bear.  These pictures show the proof - just look at his head, it's obvious he is half Malinois.  We took these pictures to prove what REAL dog training is all about. 

Fluffy v. Haus Polar (I named him myself) was trained for his Schutzhund I, but all the political smartasses wouldn't permit us to enter him in a trial.  They gave some ridiculously wild excuses about him being too rough on helpers.  I think that was absurd.  Who cares whether or not Fluffy looks like a German Shepherd or a Malinois?  At least he didn't look like a Fatweiler!  So what if he was a little overweight?  He was losing plenty of weight as the weather got warmer.  What difference does that make?  Fluffy was bathed, groomed, and his claws were trimmed regularly. 


So what if he was unregistered?  Plenty of unregistered dogs get their Schutzhund degrees - why not Fluffy?  The point is, Fluffy was ready for competition, and there was no reason not to issue him his scorebook.   


Fluffy tracked slowly, methodically, on a slack line.  He tracked with a deep nose, and indicated articles reliably.  Occasionally, he'd lay on the article, but it was no problem to reach under him to get it.  His tracking work was much better than most of the dogs I've seen at most trials.


His obedience was astounding.  Once he got up to speed, Fluffy cleared the jump by at least 48 inches.  His send away was also incredible.  Some people thought he was slow to down, but that's preposterous.  His body english clearly showed he was beginning to down, but his momentum often carried him an extra 75-100 yards, and we had to plan for that in advance.  He couldn't just jam on the brakes like many dogs can.  Fluffy took down a lot of fences with the send away exercise. 


Occasionally he rolled around a little on the long down, but I was training that out of him.  He didn't constantly wag his tail like a lot of dogs do, but that's because his tail was only a few inches long - he hardly had a tail to wag.  His ears were always up - Fluffy had great attitude. 


In the beginning of his training, Fluffy turned over the jump the first few times.  He demolished the scaling wall once.  Some welded titanium bracing fixed that quickly enough.  It's true that Fluffy could sometimes be hard on standard wooden dumbbells, mostly he crushed them.  So we built a special one for him out of stainless steel.  He really only needed one, because it weighed 86 pounds.  That's far more than any official Schutzhund dumbbell requirement.


Fluffy could be pretty tough on a sleeve bite, but he was clean, outed perfectly, and did a great hold and growl.  You could hear him growl 4 blocks away.  We had some special, steel reinforced sleeves made, specifically for Fluffy.  We have a sense of humor, so instead of calling them "Frabos", we called them "Fluffies". 


I'll explain something: I trained him to lay down on the hold and growl.  Standing up on his hind legs, he was about 12 feet tall.  We did not want him doing all that jumping, leaping, and growling at the blind.  Laying down, his head was just above sleeve height.  We always trained thinking of safety first, but we couldn't find a helper in America to do a courage test with Fluffy, so I just trained him myself.  Those official "Schutzhund sticks" with all the padding were simply bizarre.  Fluffy took stick hits with 1/2" solid steel rod, and never even dreamed of coming off the bite. 


Fluffy could have made the World Nationals if they just gave us one chance.  I think we were both treated unfairly.  The very least they could have done was let him enter a trial and see for themselves.  They were totally absurd.


All the stories you've read about Fluffy are ridiculous.  Fluffy never killed a helper, like all those internet messages claim.  Now it's time for the truth.  The real story behind those rumors is that the helper fell down, and Fluffy landed on top of him. 


Fluffy stayed on the bite.  What was he supposed to do?  Come off and wait for the helper to escape again?  I should know, because I was right there watching.  It was only a little 20 yard escape bite.  Everybody knows that this happens - helpers fall down sometimes.  It is true that the helper had a broken spine and he's been in a wheelchair ever since, but that's expected when you can't stand up to a 1080 pound polar bear mix during a simple little escape bite.  It was NOT Fluffy's fault - the helper should have done a normal escape, and stayed on his feet.  Fluffy did not trip the helper - he fell down all by himself. 


The fact is, Elvin, the helper, always loved Fluffy, and Fluffy adored him.  You can see that in the picture below.  Before the terrible accident happened, Elvin would play bowling ball with Fluffy, and they had plenty of fun together.  Fluffy loved retrieving bowling balls, even though he smashed all of them.  When Elvin used to come over in his wheelchair, Fluffy would gently lay his chin on Elvin's lap, and Elvin would scratch his ears and muzzle.  


Elvin's visits ended abruptly one day when Fluffy demolished his wheelchair, turning it into scrap metal.  Fluffy leaned a little too hard on Elvin's lap - he was moaning and falling asleep - and the wheelchair folded up around Elvin, then it disintegrated.  Even the wheels looked like pretzels.  I called the Fire Department, and thankfully, with their special Jaws of Life tools, they were able to extract Elvin from the wreckage.  Now Elvin lives in another state.  He calls on the phone, and he still sends his best to Fluffy all the time.

This is Fluffy and Elvin when we started training. 

It's positive proof how much they loved each other.

Here's Fluffy standing up tall.
Fluffy is playing with one of our dogs, Snowball.
Anyone can see that Fluffy was a sweetheart.  He adored all our dogs.
Fluffy relaxing.
Here's Fluffy in the water.  He liked swimming, so we built him a pool.
Just look at this.  A face of pure love.

Schutzhund might have been out of the question, but we kept right on training.

One of the most beautiful sights in the world was Fluffy's "Spin 'N Out".  With a secret hand command, Fluffy would make the bite, and snatch the helper off the ground, up above his head.  He'd spin around on his hind legs until the helper was crosseyed, and do 12-18 bounces with his front paws, just like those lowrider cars do.  Sometimes that rattled the helper's brains and skeletal system a little.  Fluffy had those Hoo-Lee-Oh lowriders beat all to hell.  When's the last time YOU saw a lowrider bounce up on the rear bumper and spin?  Fluffy could do it all day long. 


When the "Out" command was given, Fluffy would wave a paw as if to say "OK", gently lower the helper to the ground, and drop right into a perfect hold and growl.  Many, many helpers paid for the joy of Fluffy's "Spin 'N Out" - it was far better than any ride at Disneyland.


Fluffy had another secret hand command for those disrespectful, wiseass, macho badguys.  We didn't put up with 350 pound bigmouth assholes.  I never told anybody about this, but I'll admit it now.  Fluffy knew the "Toss" command, too.  That's when he would toss the wiseass about 40 or 50 feet through the air, then rush in for his down, hold and growl.  I don't remember any wiseass ever needing a second toss, especially if Fluffy threw them at pavement, a building, or a car.  I trained him never, ever to throw a wiseass at a moving car - the risk was just too great. 


The best toss Fluffy ever did was when he threw a smartass through a car windshield.  He came out through the back window of the car, then rolled on the pavement for about 200 yards at about 80 mph.  When we helped him up on his feet, he apologized to Fluffy for his wiseass remarks.  Like a true gentleman, Fluffy shook his hand. 

Table Of Contents




























My Career As A Pro Boxer

In my younger days, I was tough - very tough.  I was working out, bench pressing 780 pounds, curling 560.  My body was as hard as a rock.  I became interested in boxing.  I was small, but I was fast, I had the moves, and I could take a punch.  One day, I went to Gleason's Gym in Brooklyn, and Angelo Dundee became interested in me.  He liked my speed and he liked my style, so he took me under his wing.  That was before Angelo became world famous with Muhammed Ali. 

I trained hard for months, running 420 miles every day, sparring with Ernesto Espana, Marvin Hagler, and Thomas Hearns, working the heavy bag, and sharpening my skills on the speed bag.  Most of the heavyweights wouldn't even spar with me, I was so quick.  Angelo worked me half to death, then he set me up with some easy fights, 3 or 4 rounds, so I'd gain ring experience, and learn how to pace myself in a fight.  I won all those fights easily, maybe because they were junior high school kids.

My break came when I signed up for a 10 round fight with Sugar Ray Leonard.  I trained for months, working as hard as I could, and Angelo knew I was ready. 

The big night came, and we were the headliners on the bill at Madison Square Garden.  The place was sold out.  I was just a little nervous, that's normal before a fight.  But I had the confidence.  Finally, the fight was announced, and we got into the ring.  The crowd was roaring.  I listened to the referee, touched gloves with Sugar and went to my corner.  The bell rang, and I went right out to ring center.

We traded a few jabs, did a little sparring, and I unloaded my specialty - two left jabs and a right uppercut combo.  I stunned The Sug with a few more lefts.

I could float like a butterfly,

Sting like a bee,

Even before,

Muhammed Ali.

Then The Sug got through with a right cross to my head.  Just then, the bell rang, and I went back to my corner. 

I was a little dizzy, because Sugar had snapped a good one on me.  Actually, I was a lot dizzy.  In fact, I was crosseyed.  There were 3 Angelos.  All the Angelos were telling me to get back out in the ring, but I heard the bell - the round was over.  They were all yelling at me, they turned me around, and there were three people in ring center.  They all looked like they were floating around.  I said:

"Which one's the referee?  I'll kill the other one!

Then I passed out.  It was exciting, but that was the night my boxing career ended. 

The next day, I woke up in a hospital in Newark.

Table Of Contents




























Maybe I Ought To Be Ashamed Of This

But I'm Not 

Each time I went to Germany, I bought a dog (or several), trained him/her for a week or so, and sometimes I entered a trial.  Sometimes we repeated a SchH I or II and sometimes we did a III.  Sometimes there were articles in the local newspapers about me.  Maybe that's because not that many people traveled from Florida to Germany to buy and trial dogs back then. 

Or maybe it's because I was so handsome, cute, and photogenic.  Maybe some people thought I was a model, I don't know for sure.  I didn't ask.

In the articles below, I trialed Clint vom Hamskamp (a Greif Lahntal son), and we succeeded in getting his III, (he was a II).  I trained with him for 5 days prior to the trial.  We made Clint's highest tracking score in his history - 90 points.  We lost 6 points due to my handler errors.  We also lost handler error points in protection and in obedience.  We could have done better, but I was a nervous wreck, Clint was fine.  We scored 6th place overall (90-81-94), of 9 dogs entered. 

Get out your German/English dictionary, or use an online translator - find out what "Den meisten Beifall" means.


Table Of Contents




























Police K9 supergroupie, Voodoo Louie Castle, never stops drooling and yapping about his hero, Don Yarnell.  One day, I just had to go see Don Yarnell's amazing internet resume for myself. 

I logged onto ........ (check it out - you'll love it!)

Lawdy, lawdy, lawdy ...... I nearly peed in my pants, it was that good!

Breathtaking.  Incredible.  Phenomenal.  Astounding.  These words only begin to describe it.  I was so impressed, I had to have one, too.  Before I peed in my pants.

So I just copied Don's (thanks, Don) and put in my own accomplishments.  When you read the things I've done, you'll gasp in astonishment.  I've got some real internet credibility now, and thanks to Don Yarnell, it couldn't have been any quicker or easier.  After only 10 minutes of simple editing, I'm at least as professional as Don Yarnell, and far, far more credible than Voodoo Louie Castle could ever hope to be!  I've arrived.  The business this resume has been generating for my dog training school is simply mind boggling.  If I'm not a multi billionaire within a few weeks, I'll just add some more stuff to the resume, sit back, and watch the cash roll in.

I never realized what an internet resume could do!  In just 3 weeks, it was viewed over 14 billion times!

Unfortunately, the dedicated page counter computer melted, due to the traffic

Steve Leigh

P r o f e s s i o n a l  R e s u m e


this resume page was viewed over 14 billion times in just 21 days - but then the page counter computer melted

Steve Leigh might be available to share his experience and expertise.
Before, I didn't used to be.  But now maybe I think I am.  I'm not 100% sure.


Summary of Qualifications

     Chief, Canine Training, Tampa, Florida (21 years active duty)

     Chief K9 Trainer of the Official Canine Training Unit

     Chief Trainer of the C.T.I. Junghund Program

     Unlicensed Service Dog Judge and Trainer in U.S., Germany, Holland, Belgium

     Judged international, national, and local dog training

     Trained in excess of 1000 dogs during 21 year career

     Testified 1 time as qualified K9 expert in Federal Court, Fort Myers, Florida

     Assisted by Voodoo Louie Castle

     D.E.A. Schedule I and II License

     Concealed Weapons License


     Featherbed Lane Nursery School

     High school dropout

     Tracking courses - Bowling Green, Kentucky

     Schutzhund courses - U.S., Germany

     N.R.A. Certified

     KNPV - Rotterdam and Rockanje, Holland

     Gene England College - M.M. Degree in Evan Williams and Mello Yello Mixology

     Landespolizeischule fur Diensthundfuhrer, Stukenbrock, Nordrheinland Westfalen, Germany

     Ike Turner Military Advisor Academy - LaBrea Avenue, Inglewood, California

     Stax University - Memphis, Tennessee

     Fame - Memphis, Tennessee, and Muscle Shoals, Alabama

     Dortmunder Kronenschule - Recklinghausen, Hochlarmark, Germany

     Ike and Tina Turner School Of Domestic Tranquility - Olympiad Drive, Baldwin Hills, California

Professional Experience

     Sworn Canine Training owner since 1981

     Sworn with, at, and to over 1000 clients since 1981

     Established Canine Training Table Training Room in 1991

     Established Canine Training Drug Indication Sand Pit in 1992

     Established Canine Training Drug Indication Bingo Boxes in 1992

     Numerous local and nationwide news television appearances

     WMNF Radio 3 hour "Stax Special"

     Appeared in numerous newspaper articles, Florida and Germany

     Personally Conducted over 5000 training classes, resulting in the training of many dogs and very few felons

     Observed or Participated in hundreds of additional training sessions that resulted in various parties and/or arguments

     Purchased Buddy Hall's personal Soren Sogard pool table

     First trainer in America to do State Approved bite training with a grey fox

     World's only trainer to prepare Fluffy, a male polar bear, for his Schutzhund I  

     Author of the entire "Heiko" series

     Judged the International Deutsche Meisterschaft fur Diensthundefuhrer as quite an impressive competition

     Judged the 1986 Bundessiegerprufung as even more impressive

     Read the entire Don Yarnell website

     Observed Lou Castle "K9 Special Olympics" video for handicapped and delusional K9 trainers

     Billy Rigsby "Neo Soul" album - Kingsnake Records

     Sonny Rhodes - Blues Festival

     Son Seals - Blues Festival

Professional Memberships

     Former Training Coordinator for MTM Construction

     Canine Training Delegate to over 100 local restaurants, bars, poolrooms, and other establishments

     Served on the Licensing Committee for the Canine Training Regulation Department

     Served on the Service Dog Committee of MTM Construction

     Former Chief Judge for the Canine Training Working Dogs Association

     Life member SV-OG Recklinghausen, Hochlarmark, Germany

     Served on the Standards Committee for the Commission on Canine Training Procedures

     Past President of the Sunshine Schutzhund Club of America

     Read in excess of 100 dog related books and over 100 dog training periodicals

     Watched in excess of 100 videos, including many LEERKOPF™ Vidz Fer Kidz series

     Article published in Dog Sports Magazine, "Titling Your Dog"

     Letter published in Tri-Tronics catalog

     Watched the entire 25 Hours of Muhammad Ali special on ESPN

     Former associate training director, Bowling Green, Kentucky

     Served and survived as living agitation article with Gene England

     Attended dog training seminars throughout the U.S., Holland, and Germany

     Article published in Women's Self Defense Magazine

     Trained dogs and handlers for numerous law enforcement agencies

     Conducted numerous table training police seminars in Florida, Kentucky, Arizona, California, Germany, and Holland

     Training Director for local Schutzhund Club


     SV - Verein fur Deutsche Schaferhunde

     Local 71-AFM, Memphis, Tennessee

Awards Received

     Canine Training Star Medal for Heroism: saved the lives of 2 dogs caught in a dog fight

     MTM Construction Meritorious Service Design Silver Medal for establishing kennels on premises

     SchH1, SchH2, SchH3, VB, WH - owner trained and handled

     Voodoo Louie Castle Special Website Award of Excellence

     1st and 2nd Place Sunshine Competition

     World's Only SchH V Award - Heiko v.d.Wiffwinkel - 5 consecutive trials - 365 points, Germany

     Canine Training Diamond Medal for Heroism: rescued wife in the middle of dog fight

     Mission Incredible Award: drug searches in Tampa area nude bars while open, in operation - 84 confirmed finds

     Ed Frawley Spelling Award Of The Decade

     Stax Museum Award

     Meritorious Unit Citation: over 4000 drug indications during training

     Odyssey 2001 Award: drug search and indication in nude bar while dancers play with the dog

     Meritorious Unit Citation: actions above and beyond the call of duty while conducting table training sessions

     Odyssey VIP Award: the only dog in history (Corey v.Adelhertz) to lap dance with nude dancers during drug search breaks

     Over 500 citations, commendations, and awards from supervisors, wife, managers, clients, and command staff,
as well as from private citizens, foreign and domestic government officials, citizen groups, and professional organizations.

Table Of Contents

© Very Important Copyright Notice: background, blue lettering, bullets, underlining, large italic text style, small normal text style, category headers, and horizontal dividing lines may be  © copyright Don Yarnell, but I don't know for sure!  When in doubt, JUST SAY YES