The WFFCW Philosophy

"The only vaccine powerful enough to inoculate you from lies is the truth." .... Al Franken, famous author


So much of the world we live in is BLACK and WHITE - TRUE and FALSE.  It didn't start with the internet, it's been that way for a long, long time.


If someone said you were using a computer right now, it would most likely be TRUE.  (Unless you have some other way of reading this webpage?)  If someone said you were 14 feet tall, it would probably be FALSE.

The internet opens up new horizons in which truth becomes lies, lies become truth.  Messages move around from person to person, group to group, stories change, exaggerations are added, details are omitted.  The truth gets lost quickly in messages.  There's no accountability.  This happens millions of times every day.

But the TRUTH doesn't get lost quite so easily on a website which stays in one place, year after year.

Personally, I feel very comfortable with TRUTH.  I actually LIKE TRUE, as opposed to FALSETRUE attracts my sensibilities - FALSE offends them.  Maybe I'm just weird, part of a dying breed.


The WFFCW is my own creation.  My name is Steve Leigh.  I don't use FALSE names.  I use my TRUE name.  In creating this website, I've made absolutely certain that the vast majority of the contents can be verified.  Beginning in June, 2001, I began to save original messages and screen captures of webpages.  Since August, 2001, the WFFCW has been online, available to everyone, every day.  (Unless my webhost was experiencing problems.)

One day there was no WFFCW, and then it suddenly appeared.  Why did that happen?

"Why" is essentially BLACK and WHITE - TRUE and FALSE.  After being subjected to numerous public and private accusations and falsification of facts, I began with two webpages.  I ran out of tolerance for being the subject of so many lies, defamations, character assassinations, ad nauseum.  The WFFCW has, since its inception, expanded to over 100 public pages, plus a couple of very well protected "secret" pages.  Many of these pages have nothing to do with  BLACK and WHITE - TRUE and FALSE.  There are plenty of pages of humor, parody, and sarcasm, construction plans for a round table, etc.

Your willingness to actually read through almost any of the pages contained here will have a direct impact on your own perception of BLACK and WHITE - TRUE and FALSE.  If your patience allows, watching the videos contained here will do the same.

The more you read, the easier it will be to realize: