There be's plenty of dogs - but there be's only one
Lotsa sarcasm, people bashin', profanity, 'n breed bashin' .... Heiko don't take no prisoners!


Introduction to Heiko


Heiko's Story Begins

this is where the insanity starts

Heiko Tells The Truth

Heiko Speaks Out

Violent Ex-Husbands

Heiko LIVE in Bowling Green
Gene only needed 4 months to recover

Heiko Be's TALKIN' to Ya

Heiko REARRANGES Leerburg

expert ed frawley learns - and never recovers

Voodoo Louie Tries Heiko On For Size

there's no recoverin' from this

Link to the World Famous
Frawley Castle Website
this is whatchoo want!  laugh till ya faint!

  every word herein be's copyright 1924-2298 by Steve Leigh (as if it makes any difference at all)