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Author Topic: Gene England
Michael DelVecchio
Member # 2315

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Im just curious what the people here think of Gene England and his training services? Someone in my club just returned from one of his seminar and I want some opinions..


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Will Rambeau
Member # 2811

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For everyone's personal safety ( and I'm not kidding here in the least ) I'm going to suggest that ya'll PM Michael with your opinions about Gene, both good and bad.

Gene currently has a fan named Steve Leigh, who is severely mentally ill - if you speak poorly of Gene in any way, Leigh will actually start an entire web page on you, including personal information and pictures of your house and kennel. This has recently happened to a Nationally ranked SchH competitor that occasionally posts here. That's some scary crap, but that's exactly why he does it - he is one seriously disturbed person.
Unless you enjoy being Cyber-stalked by a nut job, you need to be careful here - and may I note what an effective method of quieting any dissenting opinion about someone that the nut job has put into place.
Of course, smart people may wonder why someone would be driven to such an extreme length and do a little research of their own - then they might uncover things in the past about said nut job that might have lead to those extremes of behavior...

And actually, if you just post long enough on this board, you'll end up mentioned on Leigh's site, simply for posting here. He's already sniping at Kevin Sheldahl and Karmen Byrd, along with the long list of people that he feels the need to attack. Lou Castle said it best when he commented that Leigh's website says a lot more about Leigh than it does about the people he attacks on it.


"It's a trick. Get an axe."
Ash from the movie "Army of Darkness"

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Steve Leigh says .... "The LEERKOPF™ message board is truly a GREAT place.

Now you know ALL ABOUT Gene England.

Will Rambeau sticks to the subject and provides the FACTS!"

Any questions?  Too bad, topic's closed. 

Another superb LEERKOPF™ "discussion" - as expected.

Rambeau has his OWN page.  You'll love it.