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Steve's message to LEERKOPF Frawley

Read LEERKOPF'S™ "discussion" all about Gene England

Germany has always provided the world with "Schutzhund heroes".  That's natural and appropriate, thanks to the biggest annual Schutzhund event on earth: Bundessieger Prufung.  Many very well known names have competed in and won Bundessieger, some have attained that remarkable accomplishment more than once.  These people truly deserve respect for their dedication and outstanding accomplishments.

I've attended Bundessieger 4 or 5 times, and it's far and away the most incredible 3 day event imaginable.  Typically, Bundessieger draws 60,000 paid admissions per day.  In the years that I went, only one or two points separated the first and fifth place competitors - this gives you an idea of how strictly the judging takes place.

Apparently, TABLE TRAINING (invented by a brilliant man in Kentucky) has spread around the world, and everyone seems to be climbing aboard - in one form or another.  Some of these "forms" are not only funny - they're ridiculous, too! 

When I discovered these pictures on the internet, I nearly choked with laughter.  I was hysterical. 

Herr Fritz Biehler - who has won Bundessieger Prufung multiple times - (I've seen him compete - and he's excellent) - shows the Americans how table training is done in 2003! 

This picture shows a lot of things.  A careful look at the quality of the "table" shows it's tied together with strings or ropes, and should be plenty of advance warning that any strong dog will make that "table" collapse in about 3 seconds.  The Fatweiler being "worked" in this picture shows some incredible intensity, however it isn't completely certain if the dog is alive or dead.  Take note of that special agitation harness and the sturdy leash used to tie the dog to the "post" of this "table".  This may be the "post to heaven", since it appears to be about 12' high.  Logic dictates that with so much leverage, any dog could tilt the "table" over with one lunge.  But maybe this is the "sit table"?  Also note the leash in Fritz's right hand.
In this picture, a highly skilled (completely terrified) "helper" demonstrates the "overbark" on the "table".  As anyone can easily see, the "helper" has on his professional trial sleeve and protection pants (just in case), because when working a dog on a table, the "helper" must watch out for those dangerous front paws.  This is brutally hazardous work, and people must never forget it.  If the "helper" got any further away from the dog, he'd be in Detroit or Seattle.  The "table cover" is obviously courtesy of UHaul - it's known as a "moving blanket".  It's possible that UHaul also supplied the "post" in the form of a scrapped bumper hitch.  Maybe someone can figure out why the dog has a leash on him?  (Note Fritz's left hand.)
Baby, look-a-here!  We're working on the grip, huh?  And making the dog's eyes close!  And his ears lay back!  Except for one thing - putting some pull on the dog is where the grip increases.  But if the pulls start, this "table" will self-destruct, the whole contraption is going over right on top of that well-protected "helper".  VIDEOTAPE IT!  And don't miss the leash underneath the sleeve - maybe this exercise "draws" the dog into the bite?  Another top secret technique for "table work"?  These spectacular new "table exercises" might end up being something very useful - just picture it:  What happens when this contraption falls apart?  Naturally, everybody will run, so the "table" doesn't collapse on them!  In this way, the dog wins!  He has successfully driven off an entire pack of humans, and this can do nothing but add self confidence, right?  Right!
Herr Fritz Biehler explains the "magic trick" - a sleeve that will compress, far softer than a barrel or bitebar sleeve.  This type of sleeve actually allows the "helper" to determine bite pressure (or lack thereof) during a bite.  Obviously, this "magic sleeve" is a new concept to the "professional helpers" at this club, although hundreds of helpers worldwide have been using sleeves that will compress since the 1970's.  (My personal collection consisted of about 60 sleeves - about 55 of them were soft, compressible sleeves, the remainder were bitebars.)  There will undoubtedly be an industry run on soft sleeves in a matter of days.

Yo - if this is "table training", Herr Fritz Biehler would do well and learn a LOT by taking a trip to Kentucky.  Whoever built that "table" would certainly do better mowing the grass or washing cars - he won't get rich building training tables! 

(If you want to see what TABLES look like, just click here or here.)