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"It's like a nightmare, isn't it?  It just keeps getting worse and worse." .... Keith McCready, in "The Color of Money"

"The only vaccine powerful enough to inoculate you from lies is the truth." .... Al Franken, famous author

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WHAT IS THIS WEBSITE ABOUT?  Some of this is a personal website containing REBUTTAL, REPLY, and COMMENT to (primarily) public statements and accusations made by various self proclaimed "internet dog training experts".  The majority of the statements and accusations are FALSE, and refer to me, personally.  The nucleus of this website is based on verbatim quotes of public messages, most of which are archived with their respective lists.  Unless noted, nothing has been altered, other than formatting line length to screen width and changing the font style.  Other parts of this site contain OPINIONS, HUMOR, PARODY, COMEDY, and SARCASM which reflect my own personal sense of humor and viewpoints.  The First Amendment of the Constitution adequately, particularly, and specifically provides these rights.  This site is for educational and entertainment purposes.  This is emphatically not a "hate" site.  There is no hate, and never was.  Profanity is kept to a minimum, but it does exist.  If this website seems offensive to you, in any way, please leave now.  Please do not subject yourself to being offended.

TO THOSE IN FEAR OF THIS WEBSITE:  Websites can be terrifying places.  If you're afraid, we'll never understand why, but what can WE do?  You're allowed to be frightened of webpages, or anything else.  This website contains NO THREATS of any nature - no direct, indirect, implied, supplied, or personified threats - it never did and never will.  There is a lot of SARCASM here.  If you're afraid, our heart goes out to you - we don't WANT you to be afraid.  We want you to get help.  Dial 911, and scream for help.  If you wind up in a straight jacket, that's your problem.  If you don't, that's your problem, too.

COPYRIGHT © is clearly acknowledged where, when, and if applicable.  It's even acknowledged where it's not applicableThe USCO website.  This link contains verbatim United States Copyright Law, which clearly allows for rebuttal, comment, criticism, etc.  United States Copyright Law specifically states "COPYRIGHT DOES NOT APPLY TO FACTUAL INFORMATION".  (Read the law - see for yourself.)  Rebutting falsified "factual information" is not a violation of copyright law.



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Frawley's Psychotic Phone Call
the threats roll on and on

Steve's message to LEERKOPF Frawley

The fun started in August, 2001, and it didn't stop!

This page is slightly out of order, so I could move LEERKOPF'S™ page capture up to the top.  I hope you can follow this, even though it's out of sequence.

Here is Frawley's recent pronouncement regarding the messages which I'm accused of writing.  I copied it right from his "web board" .... AND, (again) I noticed that little label "IP: Logged" is at the bottom of every message.  It doesn't take a genius to find out where the IP leads back to.  Unless your name is Frawley.  There are IP Trace websites all over the internet. 

You might notice that in the beginning of Frawley's pronouncement, he claims there are more than one "individuals" accused of writing these messages.  By the end of his message, it's miraculously changed to one person.  See how psychotic minds work?  The highlights are not part of the original page capture - they were done by me. 

Notice the date - January 31, 2002. 

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UBBFriend: Email this page to someone!  HOLD ON! What about that fraudulent COPYRIGHT?  
Author  Topic: New members now need to be pre-approved
Ed Frawley 
Member # 2 
posted January 31, 2002 12:40 PM Profile for Ed Frawley Email Ed FrawleySend New Private MessageEdit/Delete Post

Our web board has recently had a number of slanderous vulgar attacks by a couple of
obsessed indivudals with persecution complexes. These disturbed individuals have logged on our web board under fake or false names. While we have since blocked them from the board, these incidents have forced us to set up a screening procedure to verify that new members are who they say they are. 

Before you are granted permission to post to this board, you will need to reply to a email with your full name and address and phone number. This information will NOT be accessible to anyone else in any way. It's only purpose is to make sure that you are who you say you are. You can log onto the board under a pseudo name and use a different log-in name after being granted permission to post. 

Before we started screening all new people we had a person register as ED FRAWLEY (the owner of the Leerburg Video and Kennel) This individual used a Hotmail address. He then posted very disgusting and insulting emails on various board members posts. 

The day after Christmas we deleted this member. He then logged on board using the name of F#$#ER (You can figure out what the word is) and posted 20 of the most obscene emails you can imagine. I feel badly for any minors that may have been on the board before we realized what was going on and deleted then posts. 

We cannot take the chance of allowing a repeat of this happening again. We are pursuing legal action against this
person. We know who he is

Posts: 243 | From: | Registered: Jul 2001  |  IP: Logged  << IP is LOGGED!

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"We are pursuing legal action against this person. We know who he is."  My, my, my!

Obviously, "who he is", isn't me, although Frawley sends out mountains of private mail directly accusing me.  There has been no legal action - and it's now been OVER FOUR YEARS since the accusations.  I wonder why?  The answers are right here.  And right here.

On to LEERKOPF™ Frawley's Phone Call

Now we have to back up in time to December 27, 2001.  Sorry about that.

December 27, 2001 .... A most unusual thing happened today ....

At about 1:20 pm, Frawley called me on the telephone.  Here comes the story:

Frawley communicated to me that he wanted the World Famous Frawley Castle Website to totally disappear from the internet. 

He wants me to erase this website - completely remove it from existence.  He stated he "wants to end it, walk away, and put it all to rest".  He spoke like a controlled person, and didn't resort to name calling, threats of bodily injury, or profanity. 

However, he did threaten me repeatedly with injunctions, restraining orders, indictments, and assorted other legal actions.  He left out speeding tickets, but he may have been in a hurry. 

He generously stated he's "holding back", "giving me a final last chance", "even though Don Yarnell wants to go ahead with it".

"It" wasn't defined, as Frawley enjoys an old, well known police tactic of threatening in vague, non-specific, uncertain terms.  Throwing around the "injunction, indictment, federal court" kinds of threats seemed to make Frawley happy.

It's really good to have a protective friend like Frawley, isn't it?  Stepping in at the very last second and saving me from "it"

According to Frawley, he's going to file some kind of Federal "law suite" against me in the Western District, allegedly in Wisconsin.  He never said exactly what the "law suite" was about, but Federal jurisdiction probably doesn't apply to anything except my rebuttal of his alleged "copyright material". 

At least I know where it's going to be held, so I can make hotel reservations, charter a jet, rent a limo, and hire 6 "escorts" for the big event.

It looks like the entire U.S. Justice Department is going to be working time and a half now, investigating and filing all those charges against me.  (FBI?  If you're reading this, please ask Special Agent Clarisse Starling to give me a call.  I like trailer trash.  If she agrees, she can stay in my hotel suite, and guard my body.  I'd like that, if it isn't asking too much.)

Frawley repeatedly accused me of doing "something" to his "web board" last night, and wouldn't specify what the "something" was.  I tried to politely tell him I have never written anything on his board, (what else could I possibly "do" to it?), but Frawley would not believe that.  He repeated these accusations dozens and dozens of times. 

I don't like Frawley, and he doesn't like me.  I have never written anything on his "web board".  I have read his defamation and attack messages there, captured pages, but I never registered, and I never posted.  I have no idea what was written or who wrote it, but even someone as stupid as Frawley should be able to examine the IP address to find out who did whatever he claims was done. 

While on the phone, I offered to register as he watched, so he could see what my IP address is - and so he could block me at the same time - but he remained solidly convinced that I was guilty, and refused my offer.

Then he further accused me of tricking the computers in some way, so that I could write messages, but get around leaving behind my IP!  When I laughed in his face at that, he went further, and accused me of having my "buddies" do whatever "something" was that he claims was done. 

Of course, THAT indicates that I didn't do "something" - somebody ELSE did "something". 

I have no clue what he's referring to, and he didn't bother explaining.  "Something" is about as close as he got to explaining.  "You know what you did, we know what you did, we have the proof, there's no use denying it." 

Yeah, right.  Whatever you say, Frawley.  You have the "proof" - but I have the TRUTH.

Further into this phone conversation, Frawley accused me of stealing his son's "copyrighted graphic image", which was a picture I modified and used for about 2 days on my own message board.  I believe that picture (of a helper and a dog bite) is commonly found all over the internet, and is not the copyrighted property of Frawley, his son, or anyone else.  However, I'm a very nice guy.  Right there, while on the phone, I removed the picture from my message board, while Frawley was busily accusing me of further thefts.  It's no longer on the message board, and I made a new picture, which is not "copyrighted", so go ahead and "steal" it if you like.  I won't call the FBI - really.

During this conversation, Frawley mentioned that he has been complaining to everyone that my website is connected to, and he will continue to complain.  This exciting news encouraged me to (again) contact TampaBay Roadrunner, my ISP (internet service provider), where the World Famous Frawley Castle Website is located, and (again) request a thorough examination of the website by Roadrunner's Security supervisor.

This examination was done while I was on the phone with him, and, again, it was determined that nothing improper is contained anywhere on this website.  The supervisor I spoke with today stated that he was advised of the numerous (over 30) complaints last week, by Roadrunner's legal department, who had also (again) examined the website carefully.  No action was taken, and no entry was filed into my account information regarding these complaints. 

The reason, as explained by the supervisor, is that neither department bothers logging meaningless complaints once they have determined there is no cause.  Their word is "UNFOUNDED".  Apparently, Ed Frawley and Voodoo Louie Castle are the only ones who think this website contains anything wrong.  And apparently, my service provider's legal and security supervisors don't think this website contains anything wrong.

The supervisor explained that copyright law requires proof of copyright.  The supervisor stated that Frawley must have actual proof, issued by the United States Copyright Office, Library of Congress, for each and every specific copyrighted item which he claims is "stolen".  Without proof, the claim of "theft" is ridiculous. 

The example scenario the supervisor used:

The supervisor has a new BMW, parked at his workplace.  I call the police, point at the BMW, and accuse the supervisor of stealing it, claiming I own it.  The police will require me to PROVE that (1) I own the BMW, and (2) the supervisor STOLE the BMW from me.  Without PROOF, the police can do nothing.  The BMW might really be mine - but I might have ALLOWED the supervisor to drive it.  The police don't know - and the burden of PROOF is on the accuser.  

Therefore, until Frawley produces physical proof, it is understood that the "Table Training" article - which I obviously REBUTTED, and did not "steal" - is not copyrighted.  It's something he might have (or might not have) written.  I also learned that copyright certificates are dated when they're issued - they're not retroactive.  Frawley can't turn back time, no matter how he tries.

Further research disclosed that there is an entire procedure required to obtain a copyright:  it must be applied for, forms properly submitted, fees paid, sample submitted, research performed, and finally, a legal copyright certificate may be issued.

As this discussion continued, I also learned that commenting on and rebutting publicly available written material does not require ANY permission from the (alleged) author, especially if it is visible who the (alleged) author is!  Within this website, I'm not violating any copyright, public or private use laws.
There is no question that I've maintained plenty of visibility regarding "who wrote what" throughout the entire World Famous Frawley Castle Website.  That fact is obvious on EVERY page.  To keep everything absolutely clear, I even color code ORIGINAL statements, and use a different color for my REBUTTAL statements!

I also learned when public accusations are directed at an individual, the individual certainly has the right to rebut and dispute those accusations publicly.  That's covered pretty well in the United States Constitution.   

In a conversation with a local FBI agent, we discussed this:  "Frawley placed this information out on the internet so people would agree or disagree with him".  Seems sensible to me.  The FBI agent very clearly stated, "you have every right to deny, rebut, dispute, and comment on ANYTHING."  That seemed pretty clear to me.   

As mentioned above, Frawley was fairly civilized during this conversation.  He had ample opportunity to apologize for his attacks on me, but did not choose to do so.  He also had opportunity to extend public acknowledgement (via his "web board" and messages) that he had made false statements about me, but chose not to do this, either. 

In summation, his conversation revolved around endless accusations regarding his "web board", threats, theft of his "copyright material", and all the Federal charges he intends to file.  At no point in the conversation did Frawley choose to accept that this website is a direct, proximate result of his own behaviors.

Frawley made himself perfectly clear to me.  I'm completely wrong - he's completely right.  That's why this website will stay right where it is.

HOW ABOUT IT, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN?  Are you guilty of "IT"?  Did you do "SOMETHING", too? 

LATER THAT DAY, I received a private email indicating what I was accused of doing - this message was forwarded to me from Thomas Barriano.

Below:  Here's Frawley beating up on Thomas (again) for having an opinion.  Now I get to read what Frawley thinks I did on his "web board".  It's pretty odd that the information had to come from a third person.  As I stated above, I have never written anything on Frawley's "web board".  The proof of that is right here.  And right here.

Frawley's text is RED

Steve Leigh's text is BLUE

From: "Ed Frawley" <>
To: <>
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2001 11:18:05 -0600

The last I heard from you - you were not going to post to my board. Now you are back.

I don't care for your attitude. Either change it or don't post.

If you associate with guys like Leigh then you are not welcome. He has been going on my list and others posting under my name. Yesterday he posted a bunch of real shit when he logged on under my name (number 1061) I deleted most of them because they were so bad. Last night he logged on as FUCKER and posted 20 of the most disgusting posts you can imagine - calling people NIGGERS and FUCKING PEOPLE IN THE ASS etc etc etc. If there were kids on the board I feel sorry for them. I have deleted them and changed the way people can register - I now verify who people are before they post.

You need to be careful of who you chose to talk about here. Fred Hassen chose to post Leigh's web sites on Myself, Castle and Yarnell on the PP-L - that was a big mistake on Hassen's part.

Leigh is a very pathetic, sick person. Have a look at his photo here.

So - the last time I tell you - drop the attitude or go away. If you don't I will drop you from the board.

Best Regards

Ed Frawley

Frawley apparently feels I'm a very pathetic, sick person.  He's got the proof, too: a picture of me playing with a grey fox.  Maybe it's his way of getting even, I don't know.  Psychos do very weird things. 

The interesting part of what Frawley has to say is that now he verifies people before they post messages.  He conveniently leaves out the fact that all of these internet message boards clearly show which IP used the board, who posted what, and when - whether they're verified or not.  It's all logged, and visible to the message board administrator.  Maybe Frawley should examine his own messages and logs, and learn the truth.  But that's not Frawley's style - it's a lot better to accuse me.  I'm a convenient whipping post - except that I whip back.   

Trying to be a gentleman, I wrote the following private email message to Frawley on December 28, 2001, with completely sincerity.

As I tried to explain politely to you when you called, I did not write any messages on your board.  I have viewed messages on your board, and have rebutted them on my own, personal webpage.  I have never, at any time, written a message on your board.  It's pretty ridiculous that you have accused me of "something" which you would not explain, and I have discovered what the "something" is via a message from somebody else.

I realize you are very stubborn and hard headed about this, and you are convinced in your mind that I actually did do this.  I suggest to you that you examine the logs which your board creates, and contact your own webpage provider and my service provider to ascertain exactly where these messages came from.  You will discover that although you despise me, I am completely honest.  If I did write anything on your board, I'd cheerfully admit it.  I don't know - or care - how to prove my innocence in this specific issue, and don't think I need to prove anything.  I think you need to prove, at least for yourself, who actually did write those messages.  I don't expect an apology, because I don't think you're mature enough to admit you're wrong if it concerns me.

I also realize how your unsuccessful complaints to Roadrunner must frustrate you.  I spent time on the phone with their legal and security supervisors, and it has been determined without question that my website is not in violation of any rules or laws.  While you may feel it is, that is only your opinion.

Ed, I'm communicating with you as an adult right now.  Your entire approach to and about me is wrong.  If you'd try being less judgmental, and limit your accusations to actual facts, you'd discover I am quite easy to deal with.  I don't respond to your threats and discrediting statements as your subordinate, because you have no influence in my life.  I'm not subordinate to you in any way.  You tend to treat people as if you have influence and power, this is evident in your writing.  You continually threaten, directly and indirectly, and often include some "Follow-The-Frawley" names who will help you to discredit or badmouth someone.  If you haven't learned yet that this approach doesn't work on some people, maybe you never will learn.  When you started this entire battle, I told you your attitude wouldn't work on me.  I was sincere then, I'm sincere now.

If my website disturbs you so much, maybe you need to consider why it exists at all.  It wasn't there until August, after your attacks on me.

The photo of me playing with the grey fox is on my ProKeys site, and anyone who cares to can save it to disk.  If playing with a fox makes me "pathetic" and "sick", that logic escapes me.  Want to explain?

Unlike you, I'm not going to threaten you about "my copyright material".  If you want to copy pictures from the 'net and send them to people, then do so.  I think your connection to "pathetic" and "sick" in conjunction with that picture just illustrate again how much you despise me, and how you thrive on belittling me to other people.  As long as you want to keep it up, I do too.

Steve Leigh

Besides falsely accusing me on the telephone, Frawley also sends private mail to other people, as shown in his message to Thomas Barriano (above) and in three messages, below, from a lady who asked that her MESSAGES be added to this page, but that her EMAIL address be removed, so she wouldn't be getting further threats from Frawley.  Below, I highlighted a few words - the highlights are not part of the originals.

From: "Ed Frawley" <>
To: "xxyyzz" <> (name removed by request)
Subject: RE: query
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2001 16:16:46 -0600

The guys name is Steve Leigh. A very very sick pathetic individual - go to and type in Steve Leigh - he also owns a piano store. They hate him on piano chat lists too.

But this may very well end up in federal court now that he has done this on my WI board and he lives in FL.

I will send you his IP address  later

Best Regards

Ed Frawley

FEDERAL COURT!!  What could be funnier than to meet Frawley in FEDERAL COURT?  It's not enough that he chronically makes an idiot of himself on the internet, he wants more.  I'd really LOVE to see him try and prove his idiotic allegations in a courtroom.  Unlike the games he plays on his "my back yard web board", a court isn't about to tolerate his ridiculous bullshit claims and stories. 

Illustrating inbred stupidity (again), Frawley thinks I own a piano store!  Frawley has really got to work on his English and comprehension skills.

From: "Ed Frawley" <>
To: "xxyyzz" <> (name removed by request)
Subject: RE: query
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2001 08:41:34 -0600

Did some checking and he comes in under different IP addresses. As I understand it some computers get a new IP address every time they log onto the web.

This guy is a sick SOB - he came onto my board last night and registered as FUCKER and made some of the most disgusting posts I have seen. I erased them all and had to change the way people register on my board - we now have to pre-approve every new person to keep him out and off the board.

He has a number of email addresses. I may have to do an article on the guy - either than a file a law suite against him.

Best Regards

Ed Frawley

FILE A LAW SUITE!!  Here come Frawley's fabrications again ..... now I "comes in under different IP addresses".  Frawley is too stupid to accept the fact that I have never written anything on his kindergarten "web board".  This idiot is going to try and FORCE a square peg to fit in a round hole, no matter what it takes. 

Fact:  I've been on Roadrunner since they went into business.  My IP changes about once every 8 months - I never get a "new IP" unless Roadrunner rotates IPs during their maintenance.  And THAT'S easy enough to check on.   

As for an "article" .... it will only take seconds to have Frawley ripping out his hair when he sees what I have to say to his "article".  Here's a link to FRAWLEY'S FEDERAL LAW SUITE!  You'll LOVE this page.

From: "Ed Frawley" <>
To: "xxyyzz" <> (name removed by request)
Subject: RE: query
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2001 08:56:06 -0600

When you see a photo of this guy - he looks like an old Charles Manson doper.

Best Regards

Ed Frawley

An "old Charles Manson doper"?  Well we can't have THAT! 

If I can close the "piano store" for an hour, I'll run out and get my hair done just like Ed Frawley.

One of the most important things in my life is that Frawley approves of what I look like.  

Here we have an "expert" word from Frawley's "computer expert", determining my latest IP number.

From: "Kris Bjarnason" <>
To: <> (name removed by request)
Subject: IP Address
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2001 22:14:59 -0600

Hello, I am Ed Frawley's (Leerburg's) computer guy. The latest IP address I have gotten off of this Steve Leigh is

Hey, Mr. Computer Expert Guy?  You'd do better teaching Frawley how to use a spell checker.  That's not my IP number.  5 seconds of research showed that it's an AOL account.  I have never been an AOL customer.  Feel free to contact AOL, and find out for yourself if I ever was an AOL subscriber.

In fact - let me HELP you.  Call AOL, and get a Security Supervisor on the phone.  Complain about me.  The Supervisor will check my account.  Then he'll tell you AOL HAS no account for me.  See?  It's as easy as that!

Or even better - use just one drop of intelligence - and trace the IP numbers on my own emails to Frawley!  You'll be amazed: they all go back to TampaBay Roadrunner, don't they!  What a big surprise!    

Shown above: Mr. and Mrs. Ed Frawley happily tracing IP numbers.  They all lead to Steve Leigh.

"There is no marital infidelity, cheating, or domestic violence in our happy household!", stated Frawley.  "The guys name is Steve Leigh", Frawley declared.  "He also owns a piano store.  This is an ideal time to file a law suite."  Shown in the background, Voodoo Louie Castle and Don Yarnell are enjoying the festivities with Frawley's whiskey.  Will Rambeau is also providing his Expert Skilled Research service.

This is the exact photo supplied to my hair stylist so I can get rid of the old Charles Manson doper look,
and move up to the modern "Frawley LEERKOPF™ Look".