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Author  Topic: training progress
Ed Frawely 
posted December 26, 2001 10:13 AM Edit/Delete PostReply With Quote

Vince, Look there is something you should know starting out. handling a gron dog is notgoing o make you a good pupp trainer. its two different worlds. Please dont be a dumb ass. Use common sense. It seems that you dont have any but listen to me when I say LEARN SOMETHING about wha youre doing before attempting it. if therewere any competenttrainers or handlers on this page they would have toldyou that by now. i recomend you watch my video titled "Bite training for Puppies". Pay no attention to the stupidity seen on thi forrum. Get the video o find a new hobby lik a normal loser. 

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Ed Frawley 
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The above post was not done by me - it is being done by a very sick disturbed and
pitiful individual who goes on lists like this and posts under other peoples names. 

My member number on my own list is not 1061 as this persons is. 

If anyone would like the name of this individual they can contact me on a private email. 

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