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The WFFCW was created August 5, 2001 :: we're 17 YEARS OLD!

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"It's like a nightmare, isn't it?  It just keeps getting worse and worse." .... Keith McCready, in "The Color of Money"

"The only vaccine powerful enough to inoculate you from lies is the truth." .... Al Franken, famous author

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WHAT IS THIS WEBSITE ABOUT?  Some of this is a personal website containing REBUTTAL, REPLY, and COMMENT to (primarily) public statements and accusations made by various self proclaimed "internet dog training experts".  The majority of the statements and accusations are FALSE, and refer to me, personally.  The nucleus of this website is based on verbatim quotes of public messages, most of which are archived with their respective lists.  Unless noted, nothing has been altered, other than formatting line length to screen width and changing the font style.  Other parts of this site contain OPINIONS, HUMOR, PARODY, COMEDY, and SARCASM which reflect my own personal sense of humor and viewpoints.  The First Amendment of the Constitution adequately, particularly, and specifically provides these rights.  This site is for educational and entertainment purposes.  This is emphatically not a "hate" site.  There is no hate, and never was.  Profanity is kept to a minimum, but it does exist.  If this website seems offensive to you, in any way, please leave now.  Please do not subject yourself to being offended.

TO THOSE IN FEAR OF THIS WEBSITE:  Websites can be terrifying places.  If you're afraid, we'll never understand why, but what can WE do?  You're allowed to be frightened of webpages, or anything else.  This website contains NO THREATS of any nature - no direct, indirect, implied, supplied, or personified threats - it never did and never will.  There is a lot of SARCASM here.  If you're afraid, our heart goes out to you - we don't WANT you to be afraid.  We want you to get help.  Dial 911, and scream for help.  If you wind up in a straight jacket, that's your problem.  If you don't, that's your problem, too.

COPYRIGHT © is clearly acknowledged where, when, and if applicable.  It's even acknowledged where it's not applicableThe USCO website.  This link contains verbatim United States Copyright Law, which clearly allows for rebuttal, comment, criticism, etc.  United States Copyright Law specifically states "COPYRIGHT DOES NOT APPLY TO FACTUAL INFORMATION".  (Read the law - see for yourself.)  Rebutting falsified "factual information" is not a violation of copyright law.



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Here is an actual letter from one of Ed LEERKOPF™ Frawley's close Police K-9 Officer friends about wolf-dogs:


As usual, your perceptions are right on the mark. Horses (and cows for that matter) do kill and injure more people annually than all dogs combined. It's just another of the tactics used by proponents of BSL to further their agenda.

Ed Frawley... where do I start. We have crossed paths on the trainers circuit for many years and with each meeting it gets worse. First, Frawley is not, nor ever has he ever been a sworn police officer. What he WAS was a reserve officer for the WI State Police, an honorary position of convenience, since the rural county he was from could not afford to maintain a K9 force. Like us, he was on call when a narcotics interdiction dog was needed. Since he himself did not train drug dogs, he would "borrow" from either other LE sources or use an animal being boarded at Leersburg Kennels. He brags of recovering $100,000 worth of narcotics in his "career" a figure that here in FL would represent a weeks work for an average K9. He did enroll in the WI State Police Academy, but for whatever reason, never completed the course.

We first met in the early 90's at a 3 day training seminar in Oakland, CA. I was there with 3 of my crew to demonstrate scent discrimination protocols and the difference between using "faux" or imitation training aids and why they were inferior to the real thing. Ironically, he was in agreement with my position, and that evening at the hotel he came over to say how impressed he was with my "Huskies". When I told him their lineage, he got this strange look on his face and walked away.

The next day he was showing videos (I have never seen him with a live dog) of aggression training in which he was advocating a technique that we call "lynching". The video showed how to use a nylon choke collar and a lead, (which he happens to sell on his site), thrown over a tree branch to strangle a dog until it passed out as a method of showing "who was boss". Myself and several others were so outraged that we lodged a formal complaint with the event organizers. At the end of the presentation, Frawley bragged about Leersburg having produced over 350 litters in it's (at that time) 10 year period of operation and asked if anyone knew of another Kennel as prolific. Unable to resist I stood up and answered " yes, I know of several. We call them PUPPY MILLS!" Our relationship has gone downhill from there.

Luckily, people have started to catch on to his BS. He recently was added to England's Czhec. Wolfdog Assoc's "Hall of Shame". As to his "list" of wd attacks, I have been unable to document many on the list, and as you said, NONE were ever independently verified as being wolfdogs at all.

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A: Buy my DVD "Buying Your Dog His Own House" or remove the walls. A very good option is to have walls made of steel reinforced concrete. Let him chew on them for awhile. 

Q: I want to start my puppy right on raw, but heard that it can be detrimental to growing GSDs. Is this true? 

A: It's always best to try it. If he dies, buy one of my puppies.

Q: We have a 2 week old puppy that we are bottle feeding and would like to try your formula. Should the goat's milk be canned or in a carton? Do we have to add water? 

A: Buy my DVD "Putting Milk Into A Baby Bottle".

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