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The Days of Bonnie and Clyde

Visit the BEST Bonnie and Clyde website you'll ever find!

recognition and thanks to Frank Ballinger, who has worked for years creating his Bonnie and Clyde website



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Clyde Barrow - dead at 25 years, 1 month, and 29 days

Bonnie Parker - dead at 23 years, 7 months, and 22 days

The six "brave men" who hid in the woods overnight, waiting to ambush and murder Bonnie and Clyde
Rear, left to right: Ted Hinton, Prentiss Oakley, Manny Gault 
Front, left to right: Bob Alcorn, Henderson Jordan, Frank Hamer
Legend has it that no order to surrender was spoken.  But no one will ever know the real facts,
because members of the posse have made conflicting statements at various times to numerous people. 
At approximately 9:15 am, from about 25 feet away, they all opened fire, and murdered Bonnie and Clyde.
Several medical reports indicate Bonnie and Clyde were murdered with approximately 50 bullets each.
Legend also reflects 187 rounds of ammo from machineguns, rifles, shotguns, and pistols hit their vehicle.
It must have been just like shooting fish in a barrel
As shown in these pictures, I was personally at the site in 1975.  Factually, the road was barely wide enough for one vehicle.

Bonnie and Clyde Chronology

March 24, 1909:  Clyde Chestnut ("Champion") Barrow born, Telice, TX.

October 01, 1910:  Bonnie Parker born, Rowena, TX.


March 02, 1930:  Buck Barrow escaped Eastham Prison Farm, TX.
March 11, 1930:  Bonnie smuggled .32 Colt to Clyde in Waco jail. Clyde escaped.
March 18, 1930:  Clyde recaptured, Middleton, OH, and returned to jail, Waco, TX.
April 21, 1930:  Clyde transferred from Waco jail to Huntsville Penitentiary, TX.


July 01, 1931:  Buck Barrow married Blanche Caldwell.
December 27, 1931:  Buck Barrow surrendered himself at Huntsville Penitentiary.


February 02, 1932:  Clyde paroled from Eastham Prison Farm.
March 22, 1932:  Bonnie arrested, Kaufman, TX, robbery and car theft, Clyde escaped.
March 25, 1932:  Clyde and Ray Hamilton robbed Sims Oil Co., Dallas, TX, for $300.
April 27, 1932:  Clyde robbed and killed grocer and jeweler John Bucher, Hillsboro, TX.
May 05, 1932:  Clyde robbed and kidnapped owners of 2 service stations, Lufkin, TX.
May 12, 1932:  Clyde robbed a Dallas, TX liquor store for $76.
June 16, 1932:  Bonnie arrested, Kaufman, TX, for burglary.
June 17, 1932:  Bonnie released, lack of evidence, Kaufman, TX.
July 31, 1932:  Clyde and Ray Hamilton robbed Neuhoff Packing Co., West Dallas, TX, for $1,100., escaping to Oklahoma.
August 05, 1932:  Clyde and Ray Hamilton brought Bonnie back to her mother's house, Dallas, TX, and left for Oklahoma.  In Atoka, OK, they shot and killed Sheriff Maxwell and Deputy Moore, escaping to Grapevine, TX.
August 06, 1932:  Bonnie rejoined Clyde near Grand Prairie, TX.
August 13, 1932:  Bonnie and Clyde took Sheriff Joe Johns of Carlsbad, NM, hostage.
August 14, 1932:  Bonnie and Clyde released Sheriff Joe Johns, San Antonio, TX, stole another car in Victoria, TX, and escaped a police trap at the Colorado River Bridge, Wharton, TX.
October 08, 1932:  Clyde and Ray Hamilton robbed bank in Cedar Hill, TX, for $1,401.
October 11, 1932:  Clyde robbed and killed grocer Howard Hall, Sherman TX.
November 09, 1932:  Bonnie and Clyde robbed Oronogo Bank, Oronogo, MO, for $200.
December 01, 1932:  Bonnie and Clyde joined by W.D. Jones, Dallas, TX.
December 06, 1932:  Bonnie and Clyde's accomplices, Ray Hamilton and Gene O'Dare, arrested Bay City, MI, taken to Texas for trial.

December 25, 1932:  Clyde and W.D. Jones stole car and killed Doyle Johnson, Temple, TX.


January 06, 1933:  Clyde escaped ambush, killing investigators Malcom Davis and Fred Bradbury, Dallas, TX.
January 09, 1933:  Bonnie and Clyde held policeman Thomas Persell hostage.
March 22, 1933:  Buck Barrow received pardon from Huntsville Penitentiary.
April 13, 1933:  Bonnie, Clyde, W.D. Jones, Buck, and Blanche escaped police trap, Joplin, MO, Clyde wounded, killing officers Wes Harryman and Harry McGinnis.
April 27, 1933:  Bonnie, Clyde, W.D. Jones, Buck, and Blanche stole a car, kidnapped undertaker, H.D. Darby and his fiance Sophie Stone, later releasing them unharmed, Rustin, LA.
May 08, 1933:  Bonnie and Clyde and the Barrow Gang robbed Lucerne State Bank, Indiana, for $300.
May 15, 1933:  Bonnie and Clyde and the Barrow Gang robbed First State Bank of Okabena, MN, for $1,500.
June 11, 1933:  Clyde wrecked car, Bonnie severely burned, Sheriff Dick Corey and Marshal Paul Hardy kidnapped, Wellington, TX, taken to Erick, OK, left wired to tree. Bonnie, Clyde, and W.D. Jones rejoined by Buck and Blanche.
June 19, 1933:  Clyde left Ft. Smith, AR, to pick up Bonnie's sister, Billie Parker, in Dallas, TX.
June 23, 1933:  Buck and W.D. Jones robbed Piggly Wiggly store, Fayetteville, AR, escaped police trap, Alma, AR, killing Marshal Henry Humphrey, stealing his car.
June 25, 1933:  Clyde and W.D. Jones stole car, Enid, OK, and robbed National Guard Armory of automatic weapons and ammunition.
June 26, 1933:  Bonnie, Clyde, W.D. Jones, Buck, and Blanche return Billie Parker to Sherman, TX, traveling to Oklahoma, then to Great Bend, KS.
July 18, 1933:  The Barrow Gang held up 3 gas stations, Ft. Dodge, IA. That night, at Red Crown Tavern, Platte City, escaped police raid led by armored car, Buck seriously wounded, Blanche injured.
July 24, 1933:  The Barrow Gang surrounded by posse, Dexter, IA, Bonnie, Clyde, and W.D. Jones escaped with bullet wounds, Buck, shot 6 times, captured with Blanche.
July 29, 1933:  Buck Barrow died of gunshot wounds, Perry, Iowa.
August 08, 1933:  Ray Hamilton transferred to Huntsville Penitentiary, sentenced to a total of 263 years imprisonment.
September 07, 1933:  Bonnie and Clyde returned to Dallas to visit Bonnie's family.
November 08, 1933:  Bonnie and Clyde robbed MacMurray Refinery, Dallas, TX.
November 15, 1933:  W.D. Jones arrested, Houston, TX, gave full confession.

November 21, 1933. A failed ambush of Bonnie and Clyde in which they were wounded.

November 22, 1933:  Bonnie and Clyde, wounded, escaped posse, Grand Prairie, Texas.
December 21, 1933:  Bonnie and Clyde robbed citizen, Shreveport, LA.


January 16, 1934:  Bonnie and Clyde broke Ray Hamilton, Joe Palmer, Hilton Bybee, J.B. French, and Henry Methvin out of Eastham Prison Farm, killing a guard, Major Crowson.
January 20, 1934:  Bonnie and Clyde robbed bank, Lancaster, TX.
February 01, 1934:  Frank Hamer, ex-Texas Ranger, hired to hunt Bonnie and Clyde for $180./month. Gave up $500./month employment to do so.
February 17, 1934:  Bonnie and Clyde escaped police and National Guard dragnet, Cookson Hills, OK.
February 19, 1934:  Bonnie, Clyde, Mary O'Dare, Ray Hamilton, Henry Methvin, and James Mullen robbed the National Guard Armory, Ranger, TX.
March 06, 1934:  Barrow Gang members Ray Hamilton and Mary O'Dare left for Texas.
March 10, 1934:  Bonnie, Clyde, Joe Palmer, and Henry Methvin returned to Dallas for a family reunion, escaping police chase.
April 01, 1934:  Bonnie, Clyde, and Henry Methvin killed 2 State Police, Grapevine, TX, escaping to Oklahoma.
April 04, 1934:  Bonnie, Clyde, and Henry Methvin sighted in Duvant, OK, by Frank Hamer, Manny Gault, Bob Alcorn, and Ted Hinton.
April 06, 1934:  Bonnie, Clyde, and Henry Methvin shot and killed Officer Cal Campbell, wounded and kidnapped Police Chief Percy Boyd, Commerce, OK, releasing him unharmed the next day near Ft. Scott, KS.
April 19, 1934:  Clyde wrote famous letter to Henry Ford, from Tulsa, OK.
April 25, 1934:  Ray Hamilton surrendered to police, Sherman, TX.
May 21, 1934:  Bonnie and Clyde sighted at Black Lake, LA.
May 22, 1934:  Ambush posse, Frank Hamer, Manny Gault, Prentiss Oakley, Henderson Jordan, Bob Alcorn, and Ted Hinton, hid overnight in woods and trees, waiting for Bonnie and Clyde, Arcadia, LA.
May 23, 1934:  Bonnie and Clyde murdered by Frank Hamer, Manny Gault, Prentiss Oakley, Henderson Jordan, Bob Alcorn, and Ted Hinton, with 187 rounds from machineguns, rifles, shotguns, and pistols - at a distance of approximately 25 feet. Bonnie and Clyde did not fire a single shot. 

Bonnie and Clyde were slaughtered by these "brave men" with approximately 50 bullets each.     

May 25, 1934:  Clyde Barrow buried next to Buck, West Dallas Cemetery, TX.
May 26, 1934:  Bonnie Parker buried Fishtrap Cemetery, West Dallas, TX.

Corrections, updates, and additions to this page are both welcome and requested.  The majority of research for this page came from Mr. Jay Robert Nash's publications: "Bloodletters and Badmen", a series of 3 extraordinary paperback books, and his "Crime Chronology 1900-1983".  More research was done with Bryan Burrough's "Public Enemies".


If you can possibly find it, the most astounding book I've ever read is Mr. Nash's "Dillinger: Dead or Alive?"  This book is literally priceless.  Use Google to find these books - I believe they will become permanent parts of your collection.

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