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On Thursday, August 21, 2003, at 2:45pm, my wife of 34 years, Rebecca, died in my arms in an emergency room.

The last words we spoke were in perfect synchronization: "I love you with all my heart."


The STAX Pages

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These STAX pages were written by me, and online in early 1996.

Some minor editing and additions have been made since that time.

please read the first four chapters in order

Chapter 1 - Memories of STAX  -  Soulsville USA

Chapter 2 - In The STAX Studio
Chapter 3 - Building STAX
Chapter 4 - Powerful Opinions
Music and R&B Birthdays
The Souls Of STAX
Session Checks
Willie Hall
STAX pictures
Soul Links
Live Steve Cropper Show  -  October 14, 2002, Memphis
On Safari With Eddie Floyd

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