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On Thursday, August 21, 2003, at 2:45pm, my wife of 34 years, Rebecca, died in my arms in an emergency room.

The last words we spoke were in perfect synchronization: "I love you with all my heart."





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including, but not limited to, Nigerian scammers.


It is possible that these tools may cause temporary or permanent injury, disability,

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Burn Down Nigerian Scammers Association

one of many internet cafe scam centers, located in beautiful Lagos, Nigeria

Scam Bait National Anthem


Scam Bait

 Scammers LOVE that money ...... SHOW 'EM THE MONEY!

Good Things Come to Those Who Bait

Now I'm the proud owner of 10,581 ounces of pure gold - about 661 pounds. 

Gold bullion is selling at ~$680.00 per ounce.

As you can see below, the gold has been legally shipped to me.


$18 Million - The Easy Way

Look at these ridiculous forgeries.  Sensible people would not believe this trash.

Logical people would realize they're not going to magically receive millions of dollars.



YOU can have her .... I don't want her!

Do a Google search for "dating scam" and read some of the links.  You'll be amazed.

Go to youtube.com, and search nigerian scam, and watch some of the videos.  You'll love 'em!

Some of the links are genuine horror stories.  There are just too many to put a whole list here.

Check this link, it's important - LEARN about scams.

Years ago, the internet was born.  It didn't take very long for dishonest people to discover how to scam and con the honest ones.

About 8 months ago, I signed up on MYSPACE.COM, and the scams began.  I started receiving mail from dozens of women.  They initiated contact with me - I didn't contact them first. 

I was naive - I didn't realize that almost all of them are located in Lagos, Nigeria, because they registered with a location in Alabama, New York, Texas, Florida, etc.  Laura Lynn Case, for example, claims she's from Montana.  She's probably never been in Montana in her life.

Every single one of them fell utterly, helplessly, desperately in love with me after seeing my gorgeous pictures, a few emails, and a few chats on Yahoo IM.  Then a pattern emerged.  I was naive alright!  But I wasn't stupid

After a few YIM chats, I learned they were all "stranded" in Nigeria, for reasons which range from "simply insane" to "utterly, unbelievably insane". 

The requests, and then demands, for MONEY began, so these women could fly here, end my loneliness forever, live with me, and maybe even marry me one day!  I had no idea that I was so attractive to so many women!  I've had over 15 "future wives" in the last 8 months!  I discovered these lonely, "truthful, honest, sincere" women can fall in love in 20 seconds - IN CHAT!  Actually meeting in person wasn't even needed ...... something far more important was coming up.         

The subject of MONEY was usually delayed for a day or two, maybe even three, until AFTER the women felt they "had me on the hook", and I actually believed that they were honest and sincere.  Emails were flying, my chat buzzer rarely stopped buzzing, I was trying to chat with 4 women at a time, and maintain my sanity, too.    

I was born in the morning, but it wasn't yesterday morning!  Did I fall for these scams?  Let's see .......

Laura Lynn Case is a perfect example of lies, scams, crimes,

constant contradictions, and non-stop begging for money.

If you like, you can download the chat logs from Laura Lynn Case, (laura_lc02@yahoo.com) saved directly from Yahoo IM. 

Nothing has been altered or edited - except - I did replace my street address and phone number with asterisks ******. 

These logs are small, but some are rather LONG, because Laura Lynn Case "loved" me so much, she could barely breathe!  Her emails are far, far better, but why use up the page space reprinting them?

The bad news is, I've frequently made a complete fool of myself in these logs.  I admit it, there's no point in denying it.  But at least I was an honest complete fool!

Fools just keep on hoping.  Fools want to believe, fools want to see the good qualities in people.  It's that hope that keeps you trapped as a fool.   

The good news is, although I've been a fool and an idiot, I've never sent any money to any of these scammers - not one dime.  And, though I've received plenty of phone calls, I've never made a call to any of these scammers.      

I'm sure you'll be too bored to read all of the logs, (I damn sure am!), but click here if you'd like to look at them.  The zipfile is tiny - about a 5 second download or less.  They're all standard, plain TEXT files.   

If you do read them, you'll soon discover Laura Lynn Case is a highly (un)skilled LIAR, and a very clumsy SCAMMER.  She can't remember her own lies from one chat to the next!  She literally forgets in 24 hours or less what she's been lying about.  So she invents MORE LIES, to try and cover the last ones.  She has a very nice smile, bleached hair, and doesn't know anything about how to put on makeup.  I almost lost lunch when I saw her fat, stubby, sausage fingers.  (One thing that's always turned me off is a woman with hands like a bricklayer.)

THIS IS WHERE IT GETS GOOD - check this part carefully:

Laura Lynn Case was so madly in love with me, that she had someone in Texas send me an overnight UPS, containing the following two items.  Her plans were for me to quickly - upon arrival - go cash these at my bank, and immediately send her the money via Western Union, which would have taken approximately 45 minutes altogether.  She would have had the cash in her hand within approximately an hour or so.  Then she could pay her airfare, and rush here to me, with love overflowing and marriage on her mind.  It sounds like a relationship made in heaven!

However, I didn't exactly follow her schedule, as I had a few "stops" to make beforehand. 

(click for full size view)

Being cautious, my first "stop" was to call the FBI, who put me in touch with the U.S. Secret Service.  Speaking on the phone with an agent of the U.S. Secret Service, he instructed me to open the (still sealed) UPS envelope, and describe the contents.  He then suggested I scan the contents, and advised me that, in his opinion, they were fraudulent checks.  In further conversation, we discussed contacting the bank which allegedly issued the checks.  I immediately did a search, found several numbers, and spoke to someone in the bank's Legal department.  I was called back within 20 minutes by the General Manager of Field Risk of CIBC, the bank upon which these forgeries were drawn.  While on the phone, I emailed the scan (above) and he examined it.  Within seconds, he advised me they were forged checks, and thanked me for contacting the U.S. Secret Service, and for not letting these checks circulate.  He also called me back approximately 2 hours later, after having checked with the actual branch bank that allegedly "issued" these checks, and confirmed, again, they were frauds.

Typically, my own bank would have accepted these checks immediately, and handed me cash.  Of course, within a week or two, I would receive notification that these checks were forgeries, and my bank would demand immediate reimbursement for the entire amount - plus whatever penalties they impose.  As anyone can figure out, that simply equates to me losing over $1900 - if I had fallen into this scam.  Obviously, Laura Lynn Case underestimated me slightly.  Additionally, I would have also been exposed to intense questioning and interviews by more than one Federal agency. 

Naturally, these checks will never see the inside of my bank or any other bank.  I believe I'm far too intelligent to become involved in any crime of any kind.  I prefer to live an honest life, unlike Laura Lynn Case, that enjoys victimizing people.

At this point, Laura Lynn Case has committed International, Federal, interstate, and state crimes.

She's just the kind of woman a sane person would consider marrying!

Several days after these checks arrived, Laura Lynn Case, who had been tracking the UPS number, contacted me via Yahoo IM.  Here is what she had to say to me (at ~4 am, while I was fast asleep):

Laura Lynn ` Case (3/17/2007 4:15:42 AM): You are a Theif
Laura Lynn ` Case (3/17/2007 4:15:48 AM): You stole my Money
Laura Lynn ` Case (3/17/2007 4:16:01 AM): I knew it at the Begining
Laura Lynn ` Case (3/17/2007 4:16:17 AM): You Lieing son of a Bitch
Laura Lynn ` Case (3/17/2007 4:17:34 AM): You will Forever regret this act you have Commited
Laura Lynn ` Case (3/17/2007 4:20:01 AM): You are nothing but a DEAD ASHOLE
Laura Lynn ` Case (3/17/2007 4:20:22 AM): i have your address and Your name,I will Ruin yOUR LIFE FOR THIS
Laura Lynn ` Case (3/17/2007 4:20:28 AM): i promise
Laura Lynn ` Case (3/17/2007 4:20:34 AM): Bastard
Laura Lynn ` Case (3/17/2007 4:20:43 AM): You will never Find Love again

Although her spelling is atrocious, the threats are quite clear.  If Laura Lynn Case or her criminal friends has the courage to attempt to kill me (I see the word "dead" above) or cause me great bodily harm, they'll quickly discover that Florida's laws provide adequate recourse for me to defend my home, my property, and, especially, my life. 

Following this (and further) threats, I emailed the legal department of Yahoo, Inc.  They will be receiving a re-send of the email until such time as they communicate their commitment to act on this situation.

I hope this page has served as a warning. 



The amusing part of these scammers is how they are utterly fixated - totally OBSESSED - with getting you to SEND MONEY.  They don't actually want to fly to the US - all they want is the CASH. 

So - just to see what would happen (with Ashley Greninger - a different scammer/future wife) - I asked a friend if he would charge a one way plane ticket to his credit card.  And he agreed!  (Keep in mind, the ticket is non-refundable.  Nobody can exchange it for CASH.)  When I communicated that to Ashley the scammer, that she would have a prepaid ticket, all details taken care of - she REFUSED!  She just wanted my friend to send her the money so SHE could "buy the ticket"!  Naturally, my friend didn't charge a damn thing to his credit card.  We saw through that one in less than 1 second.  (Sorry, Ashley.  No cash.  Maybe you can take a bus or a train?  Or just ship YOURSELF on UPS!  If the situation becomes truly critical - SWIM.)    



Thank you very, very much, ELIZABETH FOX, for your thoughtful, generous check! 

I don't even know who the hell Elizabeth Fox IS!

This check arrived in U.S. Mail, in a plain white envelope.  It took a whopping 5 minutes (1 scan, 1 phone call, 1 email) to determine that it was fraudulent.  Naturally, this check won't ever see the inside of a bank, either. 

You moron forgers really need to get your shit together!  These fraudulent checks contain about EIGHTEEN different "indicator points" showing that they are forgeries, without anyone ever seeing the actual checks themselves - only scans!    I could do you forgers a favor, and TELL you about some of the indicator points, but that won't be happening anytime in the next 100 years! 

If scammers can't talk you into sending money, they try the guilt trip routine, then the anger routine, then the accusations.  "If you cared and trusted me ..... "  "You just don't want to help me even when I'm starving."  "I'll just die here." 


Organizations such as Hotmail and Yahoo.  With these type of organizations, it only takes a minute to become somebody else instantly.  You can just register with any name you choose, making TRACING and ACCOUNTABILITY nearly impossible.  Men can pose as women, women can pose as men - the bottom line is you don't REALLY know. 

Here Are Just Some Of My Honest Internet "Loves"


Bless these wonderful honest women!  They use so many different names, I'd need a week to print them all.