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On Thursday, August 21, 2003, at 2:45pm, my wife of 34 years, Rebecca, died in my arms in an emergency room.

The last words we spoke were in perfect synchronization: "I love you with all my heart."



Bulls Have Balls

Plenty of email is arriving in my mail program.  Rodeo cowboys are writing to me. 

Most of them are polite, sensible, and present themselves like gentlemen.  A few aren't very polite, and they're probably illiterate, too. 

They're trying to convince me of several things:

1)  I'm not seeing what I'm seeing

2)  The owner of the SHARK website is all wrong - the videos and facts are not accurate

3)  Rodeo is unquestionably a kind, humane, caring sport

4)  I'm not seeing what I'm seeing

In English vernacular, "balls" often equates to "courage". 

It's time to write about the courage - the "balls" which nobody - NOT EVEN ONE PERSON - in the entire rodeo cowboy community possesses.


What can you say about an entire rodeo cowboy industry - thousands of members and supporters - dozens, if not hundreds of administrators - that WILL NOT stand up to a public, videotaped debate with ONE man? 


With my limited knowledge of technical details: dates, times, names, cities, names of livestock, and all my other limitations - I'll pass the buck right over to the man who DOES know these things.


Mr. Steve Hindi - president of SHARK - has been trying for years to have a factual debate with ANYONE with ANY position in the rodeo cowboy world. 


Steve Hindi has publicly - and consistently - offered to debate and prove the issues of rodeo animal abuse. 

He recently sent me a letter reaffirming that offer.


ONE MAN - a simple request for the truth in the form of a videotaped debate - and no takers! 


If the rodeo people are HONEST, they ought to be lining up in crowds across the country

to make Steve Hindi look like a fool!



Not even ONE spokesperson is willing to go on record and have a civilized debate. 

I find this beyond incredible. 


It's time for at least ONE HONEST cowboy to step forward and "COWBOY UP!" to a legitimate debate. 

The debate will be videotaped, and publicly available on internet locations for anyone to see. 

I'll even offer to present the video here, on my website.


Surely SOMEBODY, among thousands of rodeo cowboys, can step up to the plate, and present the TRUTH - once and for all.


To me, this is utterly amazing.  Hell - I'D even debate Steve Hindi publicly - on video. 

I'd be happy to debate him on dog training - I know enough about it to hold my ground. 

Anytime Mr. Hindi is ready, so am I - let's get the tape rolling, and put the results out in public. 

YouTube, MyTube, AnyTube - I don't care. 


Unlike the rodeo cowboys, I have the courage to stand up to Steve Hindi's questions.

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