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On Thursday, August 21, 2003, at 2:45pm, my wife of 34 years, Rebecca, died in my arms in an emergency room.

The last words we spoke were in perfect synchronization: "I love you with all my heart."



How Much R&B Can You Take?

For what it's worth, this page was created to HONOR and SHOW RESPECT to the writers, artists, and musicians that recorded these great songs. 

All the songs are copyrighted, and my hope is that I'm not violating anyone's rights in any way. 

Please note that these songs are only here to LISTEN to - (most, if not all, are also on YouTube and other websites).  They're not here to copy or distribute. 

I wanted to share some genuine R&B with people who may never have heard it before.

Maybe I could write an encyclopedia about R&B.  There's something about R&B music that either "hits" you or it doesn't. 

Real R&B "hits" me, and I love it. 


What I'm about to write isn't racial - it's MUSIC.  I'm pretty well known for not liking "white music" - but there are some strange exceptions. 

Mostly, I think "white music" is lacking.  I feel no punch, no groove, no funk - there's just no SOUL.  It doesn't "hit" me - it seems empty in a way. 


Too much guitars, solos, synthesizers, too busy, too much shit going on - not enough basic, simple groove. 


That's itI'm struggling to clarify myself, and not doing very well. 


What I'm trying to say is that the BOTTOM is missing - but I don't mean "BASS".  It seems to be all TOP, and far too busy.


R&B music requires a solid BOTTOM - a rhythm track.  The rhythm section is drums, bass, guitar and keyboards.  Everything else "lives" on top of that foundation. 


When there's no foundation, the song just collapses.  The world's greatest R&B singers would sound like a joke without solid rhythm tracks under them.  


I put this page together just for you.  How much R&B can you take?  I hope this music "HITS" you. 

Gettin' "HIT" feels good - if we're talking about R&B music.

Let's try on some R&B.  I think I could easily put 15,000 songs here, just to get started. 

Get Out My Life Woman Boogaloo Down Broadway I Play Dirty You Can Make It If You Try

Twenty Five Miles Barefootin' (original) Baby, I Love You Before The Bullets Fly Deborah Mojo Woman

He's So Fine Barefootin' One Fine Day Stir It Up Nutbush Get It On

I have the feeling this is all synthesized, but I like it anyway. 


If the above R&B hit you, this will too.  Can you figure out who it is?

Encouraging Words My Sweet Lord All That I Got

This is "white music", but I easily hear how funky it really is.

The groove is right there, in the bottom, the rhythm section carries the songs, makes the foundation for the singers to sing. 

I feel these songs really have SOUL.

Right Time Of The Night Love Letter My Boyfriend's Back 

You Won't See Me Long Run Uptown Girl Fins


The One That I Want

(please completely ignore Travolta - Olivia is singing this)

BUT ...

This link will show you the most spectacular white singer/group of all time.

I don't believe he's a "ROCK 'N ROLL" singer.

Instead - in my opinion, he's the best "LOVE SONG" singer of all time.

NOBODY could even come close.


The combination of Frankie Valli, Bob Crewe, Bob Gaudio, plus a few others, including Sandy Linzer

TOTALLY DOMINATED the white music scene with record sales of over 100 million.

Click the link  - you won't believe your eyes and ears.     


Time and space limited what's on this page.  Maybe I'll add to it some day, but it would take years to list all the awesome R&B songs - I have hundreds, probably thousands, of serious R&B songs.

You might also find some interesting songs here

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