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In Honor Of Ike Turner

November 5, 1931 - December 12, 2007

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Ike Turner Discography


As I've already written, Ike controlled every aspect of his show.  Every note played, every dance step, everyone's stage clothing, lighting effects - everything was Ike's idea.  Everything was done exactly the way Ike wanted it, down to Tina's facial expressions, hand movements, the precise way the girls moved, threw their hair around - everything. 

In 1971, Ike toured Europe for about one month.  I didn't go on that tour, although Ike argued with me about it, and offered me a small fortune.  I mentioned earlier that I was working at STAX in Memphis, and couldn't just leave for one month.  I would have lost my staff position at STAX - and I didn't want that.  I really would have enjoyed going, but I was committed to STAX.

This is a video you have to see 

It will educate you, with your own eyes and ears, how good Ike was at putting together a super-show. 


And it's also one of the worst shows I ever remember I&TT doing. 

The audience was far too conservative - they acted like they were comatose.

Maybe they weren't allowed to make some racket?  Do some yelling and hollering? 

They gave very little feedback to the group, and that makes things very hard on the group.

Suits and ties?  What the hell is this?  Symphony orchestra night? 

I guess that's "Normal In Norway". 


Watch it anyway.  Ike pretty much stays in the background and directs the group - but it will kick your ass.


1971 I&TT Europe video

.flv format - 55 minutes play time


Expect a long download time - I can't control this. 


I hope you're on a high-speed internet connection - if not, you might be waiting a long time.

You can believe me - the wait will be worth seeing this.


As you watch this video, keep in mind that ONE MAN designed everything you're about to see. 




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Ike Turner Discography

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