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On Thursday, August 21, 2003, at 2:45pm, my wife of 34 years, Rebecca, died in my arms in an emergency room.

The last words we spoke were in perfect synchronization: "I love you with all my heart."


We invented the LSCA-3


Please read ALL THREE LSCA pages.  Thank you.

Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3


An LSCA-3 Owner Speaks


email from a happy, satisfied LSCA-3 owner ....

and the insults and criticism which followed immediately


Steve Leigh's comments are in BLUE text

(Although Bud's spelling syntax is atrocious, I think his meaning comes through clearly)


Bud wrote a public message to the HAMTECH list. 

Then the SHIT hit the FAN.  The "stock freaks" lost their minds. 

I don't have the patience to include all the controversy - it's a waste of time.

X-Mailer: Mozilla 3.01C-FlashNet  (Win95; U)
Date:         Fri, 9 Jul 1999 20:38:53 -0500
Reply-To:     The Hammond Technical List <HAMTECH@HOME.EASE.LSOFT.COM>
Sender:       The Hammond Technical List <HAMTECH@HOME.EASE.LSOFT.COM>
From:         Bud <uleryb3@FLASH.NET>
Subject:      [HL] ATTENTION LSCA -3  IS WHERE IT'S AT !!!!!!! / LONG POST

To all list member's,

I don't post that much to the list, but I do follow it closely. After watching this list for almost a year and reading about all the different way's to hook up a leslie or any tone cabinet to your Hammond, I took the plunge and scrapped the Original Leslie Idea of their entire hook-up system as well as their idea of motor control in the leslie 122 amp's.

I talked to STEVE LEIGH and bought his LSCA-3 system and I'm here to tell you that there is not a better system out in the market place at this time.

You don't have to deal with what cable go's where, and which additional power feed box go's where. That problem is eliminated plain and simple period. It does not matter how many leslies or tone cabinet's you have. Any cable can be used on any leslie or tone cabinet period. There is no mistake's to make connecting up your rig to play a gig, because as I said any cable will work on any cabinet.

We all have read the long list of post's to the list about Volume Drop when switching from off position to tremolo to chorale and visa versa. With this incredible LSCA-3 system---you guessed it, Absolutely no volume drop of any kind. The only thing you notice with this system is the ease of connecting, the lack of switching noise and all the Original leslie hook up mess. Plus no more broken Amphenol connector's.

To all of the gigging player's out there, You do not need to be a certified throw down tech to install this system. I do the run of the mill work on my own rig such as drawbar wire repair and the all the little stuff. This system is not difficult at all to install. It took me about 2 hour's to do all the work that was needed to the hammond. It took about an hour each for the two leslie's and and hour for the HR40.

Do you want to have less down time because of Relay's and all the broken Amphenol's? Spend that down time into practice time and Contact Steve Leigh and get with the program and get that LSCA-3 system because it is the best.

If you want give me a call and I'll play it over the phone for you. It won't do the system justice but it's the best. STEVE Thank you so very much!!!

I'm waiting for his latest invention that cover's up the mistake's I make playing next!

Thank's again Steve.

Bud Ulery
(281) 342-7427

The Hammond-Leslie FAQ ...... - http://theatreorgans.com/hammond/faq/
Archives/Subscription Changes - http://home.ease.lsoft.com/archives/hamtech.html
The Hammond Tech List Charter .... - http://www.conknet.com/~hammondeggs/currentcharter.htm

Bud bought and installed LSCA-3 for 4 Leslies.  A few phone calls were required to help him get things exactly right, but Bud did the installation himself, without problems. 

It seems that Bud was a LITTLE TOO HAPPY with the LSCA-3 system he installed.  It worked perfectly.  It solved his problems.  It did WHAT BUD WANTED.




HARVEY OLSEN felt obligated to criticize and belittle him for solving his constant problems. 

HARVEY OLSEN can't mind his own business. 

I find this offensive, considering it's BUD'S HAMMOND HARVEY OLSEN has nothing to do with it. 

If Bud wants to cut it in half with a chainsaw, it's BUD'S HAMMOND - it's his choice.   

HARVEY OLSEN'S text is REDIt appears this was a private email, initiated by HARVEY OLSEN Steve's comments are BLUE.

Message-ID: <37883A10.3B47@flash.net>
Date: Sun, 11 Jul 1999 01:30:40 -0500
From: Bud <uleryb3@flash.net>
Reply-To: uleryb3@flash.net
X-Mailer: Mozilla 3.01C-FlashNet  (Win95; U)
MIME-Version: 1.0
To: HOlsen5629@aol.com
References: <7a393e41.24b989e6@aol.com>
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

HOlsen5629@aol.com wrote:

I don't know if your post was a blessing or a curse!  Ha ha.  You have no idea how much private mail this one generated!  Look for my "Mutant Leslie Hookups" post in the next day or so for the DOWNSIDE.  In the meantime, you have just reduced the trade-in value of your organ by $400.00, more if the organ's outlet box and/or Leslie amp chassis has been mutilated for non-standard connectors.

Steve's first rebuttal comments:


I don't know if your message was a blessing or a curse.  HA HA


Pardon me, Harvey.  You actually wrote "mutilated"?


On the Hammond chassis box, two (2) mounting holes for each AMP-CPC connector hardly qualify as "mutilated" by anybody's standards.  

(And if they were ever removed, 1/8", black oxide, button head, Allen socket screws would make the "mutilated" chassis box look beautiful.)


On the Leslie amp, the two (2) mounting holes already exist - no drilling is needed.  Look at the pictures.  See for yourself.  The AMP-CPC 9C connector mounts right into the same two holes that the Amphenol did. 

Our decision to use a smaller, four (4) conductor AMP-CPC connector for motors required two (2) 1/8" (one eighth inch = .125") mounting holes. 

Sometimes, I used all four (4) screws and nuts to mount the connector. 


If we ever "mutilated" anything at all, our CUSTOM BUILT Leslie amps were "mutilated"!  But they were OUR AMPS

I honestly believe we had the right to rebuild them in our own way. 

Our PC boards were 100% exact copies of a stock 122 amp - directly from the 122 amp schematic to the PC board design.      

The only difference was eliminating any components regarding motor control.     

We made the choice to improve our equipment the way we wanted.  Read the "Custom Leslie Amps" page - look at the pictures.


I truly believe this is quality work to be proud of. 

We spent more time and money on OUR amps than anyone would ever understand.

And we did this for LOVENot for PROFIT.


Our equipment was very important to us.  Some people will understand - others won't.  For many years, our Hammonds and Leslies kept food in the refrigerator.  Spending TIME and MONEY to improve our instruments was - for us - a natural part of life.  We never owned a Cadillac or Lincoln, we never took a vacation to Hawaii or the Bahamas, but we always had the best Hammonds and Leslies - in our opinion, and in the opinion of the hundreds of players who used our equipment.  We were DEDICATED.


You brought up "TRADE-IN VALUE", Harvey - nobody else did.  That implies somebody wants to "trade-in" something. 

I must have missed something very important: WHO wants to "trade-in" WHAT


I'll respond to you as if I wanted to "trade-in" one of my Hammonds.


First, why the hell would I even DREAM of "trading-in" ANY of my vintage Hammonds?  When I wrote this, I had twelve (12) Hammonds with their "mutilated" chassis boxes. 


Second, what would I want to "trade" one FOR?  A synthesizer?  Maybe one of those "NEW" Suzuki "B3"s?

Not me, Harvey.  They aren't even real tonewheel Hammonds - they're DIGITAL SYNTHESIZERS.  I wouldn't own one if somebody GAVE it to me.

There's nothing I need or want in a music store, so I won't be going there with my "mutilated" "trade-in".  I already have more musical equipment than I need.


Now here I am - in a world of trouble - with my "mutilated" Hammonds.

Do Mercedes-Benz dealers take them as "trade-ins"?  I don't think so, Harvey.

Maybe the mortgage company would allow me to pay off the balance on my home if I "traded-in" all my "mutilated" Hammonds?  I don't think so, Harvey.

So-called "heavy-duty Leslie hookups" have been around since the mid-60s. I've never seen a single one (including the many I did!) that can be justified cost and time-wise since they do absolutely nothing to improve the overall performance of the speaker.

I think you really need to get your miscomprehensions under control.

Harvey Olsen

Steve's next rebuttal comments:

Part of Harvey's last sentence states, "they do absolutely nothing to improve the overall performance of the speaker."  (Bold added by me.)




RE-READ Bud's email.  Apparently, something was not performing correctly.

If the Leslie relay and adapter DID perform motor control properly and consistently, why would anybody waste any time or any money on any option?

What is the point in building something to replace something that works perfectly? 

Would anybody in their right mind replace a run motor, a start motor, or a reverb unit if they worked perfectly?


The stone age Leslie relays and adapters DO NOT work properly or consistently. 

Hundreds (thousands?) of Hammond players have known this since the early 1960s - it's no secret, and never was. 

If they did work properly, WE NEVER WOULD HAVE HAD THE NEED TO DEVELOP LSCA.  We could have spent our time, and a LOT of money, elsewhere.


Bud also mentions BROKEN Amphenol connectors.  Broken connectors can prevent you from working.  Broken connectors "perform" correctly?


LSCA-3 WORKS - ALL the time.  That's why we designed it.


Harvey compares "heavy-duty Leslie hookups" with LSCA. 

LSCA-3 is NOT a "heavy-duty Leslie hookup" - it's a reliable motor control with very high quality components and connectors.


Harvey's mind apparently revolves around TIME, MONEY, and PROFIT MARGIN.

Our minds revolved around our love for Hammonds, improvements, and logical solutions to problems. 


Unlike Harvey, who probably can't play at all, I played Hammonds to put food on our table. 

According to Harvey, Harvey is a piano salesman and a former high school shop teacher. 



I don't think Harvey is realistic when it comes to working Hammond players. 

Our Hammonds do not sit in a living room. 

Our problems can't be solved with furniture polish and a dust rag.

Our problems can't wait until next week, or the week after, when a Hammond tech is available.


Bud Ulery replied:

Harvey, First let me state that 400.00 less on a trade in is not really in the scope of thing's because the 1972 B3 I own I bought new in 1972. The value of a B3 has only gone up! At the present time it is only worth about 3000.00 more then I paid for it, and beside's when I'm dead it will be my casket, so I don't care if you or anyone else think's it take's away from it's value.


On the issue of butchering up the chassis box then you obviously are not well acquainted with Steve Leigh's work.

Steve's comments:

Nothing is "butchered" or "mutilated" with LSCA-3. 

The AMP-CPC connectors fit into the pre-punched chassis holes better and tighter than Amphenols. And, they don't use that "Amphenol chassis retainer ring". 

They use two (2) stainless screws and nuts.  They're mounted to prevent problems, not cause them.  


click picture for fullsize view

THE PICTURES DON'T LIE, HARVEY Look around, and you'll find plenty more pictures.

A local metal shop built about 10 chassis boxes for me.  They were almost exact duplicates of the originals.  They cost $40.00 each.  They were unfinished steel.

I had to paint them black.  Being BLACK, not STOCK BROWN, probably decreased the value of the Hammonds by at least $8,000.00.


Steve's work would pass the most critical examination to give and it did because it passed my examination and I'm not easily pleased.

As far as not worth the time or the money,
1-How much giging do you actually DO?  This system is designed for the serious player who play's out and move's his equipment 3 to 4 time's a week.
2- the old style plug's are not easily accessible anymore.
3- the old 6 wire cable is gettig hard to find because I tried to buy it from a list member who is in the business and he had to make a cable.
4- As knowledgeable and as helpfull as you are you know that leslie did not do the best design possible as far as AC motor control.

5- As far as the AO 28 pre amp you don't have a clue about Steve's LSCA-3 system because if you did you absolutely could not make that statement.

Steve's comments:

LSCA-3 has NOTHING to do with the AO28 preamp. 

The AO28 signal output is soldered directly to the AMP-CPC Hammond chassis connector from the AO28 output terminals: G (red) G (black) and BRN (ground).

Consider it, Harvey.  It's the same as wiring a Hammond Tone Cabinet: AO28 signal output DIRECTLY to Leslie amp signal input.        


6- No Relay switching noise//AND No Volume Drop at All.

Let me state very clearly that as a list member I respect you and appreciate all the advice that you freely give to me as well as to the list member's and I certainly thank you. However until you have seen in person Steve Leigh's LSCA-3 system then you should not knock something you obviously have failed to see or to try.

7- I work for my money and I spend it the way I like and to me this was more then worth the price.

The old saying was look before you leap--well look before you speek!

Proud Owner Of The New LSCA-3 System by Steve Leigh.
Thank's again Steve it is a wonderful system.


Steve Really Needs A Minute Of Sarcasm

One day, I decided to sell a Hammond B3 and one Leslie.  About 10 potential buyers came to see and play it. 

When they discovered it had NON-STANDARD CONNECTORS, they all ran out of here, screaming.  Apparently, they contacted the FBI.

The FBI's SCEG, (Standard Connector Enforcement Group), part of their Mutant Leslie Hookups Division, arrived immediately. 

Federal task forces were everywhere, with SWAT teams and helicopters surrounding my home. 

I was served with a Federal subpoena later that day.


I was convicted of USE OF NON-STANDARD CONNECTORS.  I didn't even know it was a Federal offense.  I was so confused, I just pled "guilty". 

Fortunately, the Judge did not sentence me to imprisonment, but did impose a $10,000,000.00 (ten million dollar) fine. 

I should be able to pay off the fine by about 2260. 

Although I'll be over 300 years old when it's fully paid, I'm making monthly payments and reducing my debt to the government and society.

Searching through my old archives, I found Bud's original July, 1999 invoice. 

Bud initially wanted LSCA-3 for two (2) Leslies, and one (1) Hammond Tone Cabinet.

And, he wanted several spares, in case he decided to use three (3) Leslies


If you take a minute and look, Bud got a hell of a deal for this system! (try researching these prices today) 

The total price includes EVERYTHING: LSCA-3, prewired hand switch, 3 brand new Leslie cables with connectors, all chassis connectors, motor connectors, and spares.

Our PROFIT MARGIN on this LSCA-3 was $0.00.  We didn't charge for any wiring or fabricating - we only charged for the parts used to build it.

Normally, we charged 20% profit for building our LSCA-3s.  Our world wasn't based on TIME, MONEY, and PROFIT MARGIN.

Bud Ulery
1510 Rainbarrel Court
Richmond, Texas 77469

No labor or fabrication charges on this order
Hammond B3
3 Leslies - 2 Leslies plus one spare interface
1 Hammond Tone Cabinet interface

1 - LSCA-3 Control Box   149.00

1 - 3 position hand switch w/ 6' prewired harness   14.00

3 - 25' Leslie Cables @ 76.72   230.16

75' - 9c H/S cable @ 1.50 per foot / 112.50
3 - AMP-CPC 211767-1 receptacle @ 4.98 / 14.94
3 - AMP-CPC 211766-1 plug @ 5.24 / 15.72
6 - AMP-CPC 54011-1 heat shrink cable clamp @ 9.64 / 57.84
27 - AMP-CPC 66180-1 pin contacts @ .50 / 13.50
27 - AMP-CPC 66181-1 socket contacts @ .58 / 15.66

4 - Hammond Chassis Interface @ 26.24   104.96

1 - 6' 9c harness @ 10.00 / 10.00
3 - 1' 9c harness @ 6.00 / 18.00
4 - AMP-CPC 211766-1 plug @ 5.24 / 20.96
4 - AMP-CPC 207299-3 panel mount flange @ 8.78 / 35.12
36 - AMP-CPC 66181-1 socket contacts @ .58 / 20.88

4 - Leslie Chassis Interface @ 14.48   57.92

4 - 1' 9c harness @ 6.00 / 24.00
4 - AMP-CPC 211767-1 receptacle @ 3.98 / 15.92
36 - AMP-CPC 66180-1 pin contacts @ .50 / 18.00

3 - Leslie Motor Interface @ 17.22   51.66

3 - 2' 4c motor harness @ 2.50 / 7.50
3 - AMP-CPC 206061-1 receptacle @ 2.32 / 6.96
3 - AMP-CPC 206060-1 plug @ 2.94 / 8.82
3 - AMP-CPC 207490-1 cable clamp @ 2.68 / 8.04
3 - AMP-CPC 207489-1 cable boot @ 2.46 / 7.38
12 - AMP-CPC 66181-1 socket contacts @ .58 / 6.96
12 - AMP-CPC 66180-1 pin contacts @ .50 / 6.00

TOTAL:   607.70

Back in the public group, SAL AZZ contributes his own remark.  SAL'S text is RED.

April 2, 2016

I just learned that Sal has passed away.  Although we were friends for a long time, we had some different opinions about some things.

With all respect, I offer sincere condolences to Sal's family, friends, and the many, many people he helped on the mail lists.

Sal was "Hammond-Brilliant".

X-Mailer: Mozilla 3.01C-FlashNet  (Win95; U)
Date:         Sun, 11 Jul 1999 15:39:35 -0500
Reply-To:     The Hammond Technical List <HAMTECH@HOME.EASE.LSOFT.COM>
Sender:       The Hammond Technical List <HAMTECH@HOME.EASE.LSOFT.COM>
From:         Bud <uleryb3@FLASH.NET>
Subject:      Re: [HL] ATTENTION LSCA -3  IS WHERE IT'S AT !!!!!!! / LONG POST

Sal Azz wrote:
I don't agree.  It makes the purists LOL and LOLOL at people that can't fix Leslie amplifiers right the first time, or at all.

Bud Ulery publicly replied:  (highlights by me)

So your telling me that the Purists are laughing out loud at the person who may not be as qualified as you are. Well then what about the issue of the after market relay's from Bob, and the Goff shock mount kit's. Are you saying that that stuff get's jerked because it is not stock. Well then since the original stuff is so good why was this stuff dreamed up in the first place. Because it didn't do the job,either because of premature break/down or noise or toooo complicated to try and repair yourself.


Steve's comments:


I did a little research about "after market relays" - particularly solid state replacements. 

I helped Peter Abrams design his RTCLogic solid state replacement relay. 


Bob Schleicher, a West Coast tech, developed a solid state replacement relay for Leslies. 

I believe the relay is being distributed by TrekII, who manufacture many parts for Hammonds and Leslies. 

I also believe that TrekII prices are beyond exorbitant.


However - during my searching, I discovered that these replacement relays are model-specific - meaning a 122 Leslie relay will not function with a 147 Leslie. 

You must buy separate relays for different Leslies, and if I recall, the price was over $90.00 per relay. (I think I did see some for $88.00 on another website) 




Further reading indicated that the TrekII relays do not have a STOP position, without modifications and parts removal/changes. 

And they don't include the three (3) position Leslie hand switch with a 6' prewired harness, either. 



LSCA-3 was designed with STOP from Day One!

It comes complete with the wired hand switch, too!


I'm not degrading Bob Schleicher.  Or TrekII.  Or anyone. 

I'm clearly stating that I believe these parts are unbelievably overpriced, and LSCA-3 is a far better option with many more features.


LSCA-3 is a hell of a lot more than a relay


If I'm correct - if each TrekII relay does cost over $90.00 - I would be extremely foolish to buy or use them.

If I'm wrong about the price, I really apologize.


Let's not forget I'd still be dependant on those "1940-designed Leslie adapters". 


But if I am correct, relays for just six (6) of my Leslies would cost over $500.00.  What about future Leslies? 

At one time, we owned twelve (12) Leslies, and were always rebuilding more - for myself and for Hammond friends.

(most of my Hammond friends (about 60-70) use LSCA-3, too)


OUR solution makes more sense to me. 

I can build an LSCA-3 for four (4) Leslies - including EVERYTHING - ALL parts, wiring, terminals, relays, Hammond chassis connectors, Leslie amp chassis connectors, Leslie hand switch, AND four (4) brand new 25' Leslie cables - for just over $600.00


PLUS, the STOP position is included, no Amphenols to break, ultra-quality connectors and cable clamps, no volume drop, no "1940-designed Leslie adapters", and, best of all, LSCA-3 has positively proven itself since 1990


Why would I buy ONE replacement relay for $90.00?  It just doesn't make sense to me.


Reading this page carefully will clarify a lot of details.


Back to Bud's public reply:


Not everyone has a Harvey, Goff, Sal, or Bob living next door or in the general area. I have been down that road so many time's on trying to get service that it is pathetic! End of story. The LSCA-3 system WORK'S and further more you don't have to be a certified Throw/Down 33rd degree blackbelt electronic's engineer to install it or maintain it. It is maintenance free. What else is there to say. NO service period. What is that worth to the player that has a problem and can't get h!elp Now? I have posted to the list and half the time I get an answer and the other half of the time it is as though my question was invisible. Answer that when you have a down rig and need to play that night. What about the fact I was told by a servicer on the list that you can't get the 6 wire leslie cable anymore. Well seem's funny to me Steve can get it. Further more he told me how to get it.

I'm taking such a strong stand here because like I said I've been lied to and am very tired of getting the run/around from the so called service tech's that are in business. I for one have the LSCA-3 System and say thank god for it. For once there is something on the market place that work's and eliminate's the service company's chance to gouge me again.

My B3 rig has been almost bullet/proof since I bought it in 1972. The only real problem's that kept coming up was the leslie Switching issue. Now that my LSCA-3 System is in there I Won't have to address that issue again period.

Hammond B3-145-142-HR40& LSCA-3

PS-And Steve thank you for this Fantastic LSCA-3 System.

The Hammond-Leslie FAQ ...... - http://theatreorgans.com/hammond/faq/
Archives/Subscription Changes - http://home.ease.lsoft.com/archives/hamtech.html
The Hammond Tech List Charter .... - http://www.conknet.com/~hammondeggs/currentcharter.htm

This is only a small example of what infects "Hammond organ message groups". 

It shouldn't be surprising that I DROPPED OUT of participating in this kind of backstabbing "communication". 

All the SUPER-PRO-TECHS are welcome to it.


.... just most of it.  Keep reading ....


My comments are in BLUE text.

Some text is highlighted.  The highlights were done by me. 

From: The Hammond Technical List [mailto:HAMTECH@MAIL.HAMTECH.ORG] On Behalf Of Colin Cooper
Sent: Wednesday, May 25, 2011 9:39 AM
Subject: Re: [HL] Steve Leigh
Old Doug in BC,
Thanks for your mail. No ones getting anyones backs up here, i just read some of his site and it was a little hard to know what to make of all of it, so I asked the group... I had
no idea id get such varied and sometimes emotional responses about him.

Some people like (and understand) me.  Others don't.  I've helped many, and I've insulted my share of (what I consider to be) fools and idiots. 

Based on what I've been told in many of the responses off list, Steve has probably forgotten more than most will ever learn about the hammond organ and leslie speaker,
however he has some quirks that unfortunately make him difficult to do business with - and thats a shame as it sounds like if things were different he would be a tremendous resource for the hammond tech community as a whole.


Undeniably, I have "quirks".  Under most circumstances, I'm very easy to get along with.  But there are exceptions.

For many years, my phone rang constantly with Hammond/Leslie problems.  Rebecca and I helped hundreds (or thousands) of people solve their problems. 

We gave away mountains of parts (keys, scanners, start motors, bussbars, keycombs, run motors, etc.) to help other Hammond lovers - all over the US, Canada, and overseas.


I've been out of "business" (it was a hobby for Rebecca and me, not a business) for many years.   

Im just a hobbyist with a b-3 that needs some TWG work, and wanted to know about Steve who knows everything there is to know about TWG's.

I'll never know everything there is to know about anything.  I've done plenty of generators (Rebecca did just as many as me), and we always learned something.

***Had I know that my questions about him would have "stirred up the pot" so much here on the list I wouldn't have asked about him at all. ***I had no idea*** that there was so

much "History" in-between him and the other members of this list.***
Im just trying to fix a b-3 with a busted TWG....


On May 25, 2011, at 11:49 AM, Doug Irvine wrote:

Let me give you a small piece of advice, my YOUNG friend, from the oldest member of this Hamtech list and probably the most elder of any Hammond list as I began selling Hammond organs in 1957. 

Get your back up at me all you wish, but do NOT try to be a smart ass with Steve.  He IS one of the most intelligent and creative Hammond technical people around, and he and I have been back and forth by phone many many times. 

Thank you very much, Doug.  I've always enjoyed our conversations.  My best wishes to you and Marie.

Steve is still in deep mourning for Rebecca, and will be until he joins her.  As XXX XXXX said, I also am proud to be his friendThis gentleman is one of the legends of the Hammond Organ business.

Thank you again, Doug.  I really don't deserve your description. 

I've played and worked on Hammonds since approximately 1962, and I've tried my best.

Sometimes my thinking has been wrong, sometimes it's been right.

I'm not foolish enough to ever think I know it all about anything.

However, I would suggest that you go look in the archives or even google for the help you wish.  I do believe Steve monitors this list periodically and if and when he does, given the remarks you have made, I would venture to guess you will never get an answer.

Actually, I unsubscribed from this list about the time Rebecca died - probably over a month before she was hospitalized - so I can't "monitor" it, or read archives - I'm not a member.  Occasionally, list members send me copies of some of the messages. 

Just the OLD guys 2 Cdn cents!

Old Doug on Vancouver Island BC
All List Related Links and Descriptions:



The above public messages were followed several months later by this private message from Colin Cooper

Colin Cooper's text is PURPLE, my responses are BLUE.

X-AVG: Scanning
Delivered-To: steve at sl-prokeys dot com
From: Colin Cooper <evinruding@yahoo.com>
Subject: Hammtech Ass Clowns
Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2011 21:47:04 -0500
To: Steve Leigh <steve at sl-prokeys dot com>

Steve pardon my french but it didn't take long for me to figure out that most of the people on hamtech are a bunch of cheap ass, self-righteous, jealous fucks with little musical originality or technical talent.


Different strokes for different folks.

The "stock freaks" believe that any deviation from "stock" is a criminal act.  I believe differently.

Probably not one of them has ever been paid a penny in their lives for playing anything with keys much less made a living as a touring or session musician.


I don't know.  I really don't care.

They do their things.  I've done mine


I keep a lot of things to myself.  More facts are private than public.  That's how I prefer it. 

I've been involved in hundreds, if not thousands, of music projects with some real heavyweights.  I don't mention them to anyone.


NOBODY on these lists has my musical background and experience. 

There is no way to ever get the background or experience anymore. 

History has closed many doors, both figuratively and literally.


I was playing sessions with Ike and Tina, the MGs, Bar-Kays, Albert, Rufus, Eddie, William, Mavis, and the entire STAX family in 1969.  (check the link - public facts.)

Most of Hamtech's "kiddy-kindergarten wannabes" weren't even born yet.


Very few have worked on a Hammond to the extent or depth that we have. 

The majority care about the condition of the cabinet.  For them, appearance and cosmetics are more important than function. 

Our thinking was exactly opposite - we were more concerned with function and sound. 

I named them "The Dust Rag Group". 


Maybe the Hamtech "super-pros" are jealous - I don't know. 

It surprises me that they're still degrading and belittling me - about 10 years after I unsubscribed from their "kiddy-kindergarten wannabe group".


I owned a dog training school for 21 years (1981-2002).   

Very few of my training clients ever knew that I played keyboards at all, until about 1995, when I began inviting some of them to my gigs. 

My reasoning was simple: they came here for dog training - not to hear about my life in music. 


I recall the first invitation.  One of my training clients told me he had tickets to a very, very large Blues Festival. 

I mentioned to him that I would be playing there on all three days. 

I arranged backstage passes for him and his wife, and we all had a great time.


Similarly, very few music people had any idea that I owned a dog training business, worked with dogs, or went to Germany annually.

I led two separate lives.  Dogs and music.  And that's the way I preferred it. 

And what fucking right do those no talent ass clowns have to judge you anyway?

Theoretically, they have no right. 


I dropped out.  They talk and criticize me behind my back

It's the only way where the writer CAN'T be directly contradicted or rebutted. 

Said a different way, it's very easy to win an argument when your opponent isn't present.

If they don’t like your "tech" so what, its not like they have to buy it or do it your way….

THAT'S absolutely right. 

Nobody has to buy anything from me.  Nobody ever did. 

They do NOT have to do ANYTHING "my way".

At this stage of life (it's 2011), I DON'T CARE anymore.

I gave more than enough for many years.


It's astounding how many HAVE done generator rebuilds, manual foam removal, scanner rebuilds, and hundreds of other projects MY WAY. 


(My error here is failure to credit my love, Rebecca.  She could, and did, rebuild Hammonds and Leslies just as well, and just as often, as me.) 

There was a time I would help almost anybody - for hours - for free.  Now I'm just too tired.


What are they contributing? Nothing.


Many years ago, there was a higher level of quality. 

Those days are long gone.  Adrianne runs the "message group", and it's gone down the toilet. 

Adrianne also invents "facts" .... (LSCA)

I read just about your whole site. The soul survivors was a rough patch for you

It was a miserable time. 

That chapter of my life is what sent me to STAX and to Rebecca. 

You're right, but in a perverse way, it was one of the best things that ever happened. 

I went home.  I went where I belonged, musically. 

STAX, Memphis - and especially Rebecca - was my destiny.  It took awhile for me to understand that.   

but I especially liked your stories about Stax music. After reading it all It seemed like that time period was your "Golden Age".

STAX always had a powerful impact on me musically - long before I went to Memphis. 

I've been the most fortunate Hammond player I could ever dream of.  And I'm grateful to many people for the opportunities. 

I wish you had more of your session music online to listen to.

Look around - you'll find hours of it.

I originally asked about you because I needed some help with a 70 something b3 with a locked TG... Eventually i just bit the bullet pulled the TG and soaked it in kerosene for a few days. It did unlock it and worked like a charm after I got it all put back together. I did a fairly good refinish on the case and sold it with a ugly 7oo series leslie (that I hated) for $4500

I AM PROUD OF YOU (and I've never even spoken with you). 

For YEARS, I've always encouraged (sometimes not very politely) Hammond owners to tackle their own problems, dive in, and "get their hands dirty". 

There's no reason that I can do something like this but you can't. 

CONGRATULATIONS!  You should be PROUD - with good reason. 

A couple of my projects attached below. A really beat to snot 145 getting a new bottom and a few amps that I've been working on in my spare time. I bought a like new d152 out of a baptist church here for $400 with 2 PR40 tone cabs and a 31h tallboy so I was pretty excited about that.

Hope you had a good thanksgiving,


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